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Current Student NPC's
Here's a list of the other students currently in the Labyrinth.

Bruce 'Beetle' Miller- Self-proclaimed cybernetics expert, Bruce is an adrenalyn junkie with a cybernetic right arm that holds various gadgets. When not tearing about on his motorcycle, Bruce puts himself in 'deep space', which apparently means websurfing endlessly.

Linda Cole- A 12-year-old amnesiac who has shown slight mental powers in the past, mainly in the causing-great-headaches variety. She is far from in control of this ability, and is rather insecure about it, as she tends to hurt people indiscriminately when stressed.

Adam 'Stutter' Willis- Stutter has an odd problem. His stammer seems to be indicitive of a 'hiccough' in time-space. When stressed, Adam's stammer becomes much more pronounced, and as he stammers, more and more duplicates of him appear. The duplicates vanish only when Adam's stress goes down, and they are usually as stressed as he is.

Hector 'Agua' Ruiz- Hector was born a thalidomide baby- he had no arms or legs. He made up for this by having an odd telekinetic control over water that touched him. Since then, he has learned to make 'arms' and 'legs' out of water. He's a jovial young man, and occasionally allows the school's fish to swim around in his limbs.

Pietor (No last name known)- Pietor was a foundling after the Freedom League fought a number of villains in the Soviet Union. It's joked that Pietor has the metahuman ability of invisibility, but it's really that he's just very quiet and barely socializes at all. He has a strange, haunted look about him, and pretty much refuses to make eye contact with anyone. Pietor has one metahuman ability that has surfaced: He's good at everything. Anything that a person can be skilled at, he's skilled at. He knows he hasn't trained in these things, and he's not good at them until he tries to do them (for instance, he's never tried to speak japanese, so he can't, but should he try to, he'd be completely fluent in it.)

Brittany Lance- Brittany is often taken as a 'poster child' for the school. She's pretty and has an excellent command of language, as well as being very physically skilled; she's not an Olympic-level athlete, but it's obvious it's only a matter of time before she is. It's an open secret that Brittany's power is subconscious subsonics. When she talks to people, they find themselves agreeing with her. She uses this to her advantage a lot; she's no villain, but she knows very well how to manipulate people to get what she wants.

Fer Deery- A young girl from Ireland, Fer claims to be at least part 'seelie'. She excells in the magical studies that Siren offers, and has mastered certain elemental spells. She's a practical joker of the highest order, and it's rumored that she actually is physically unable of taking anything truly seriously. Beyond this, she gets tragically homesick every few weeks. Storms usually follow until Siren stops them.

Mel Soul- Mel's not human. Mel is a robot, and an alien to boot. He was abandoned in Freedom City after an abortive invasion back in 1999. Mel is a weapons platform of sorts, but most, if not all, of his hardware is burnt out. There's a rumor he has a 'doomsday bomb' in him that could destroy the planet, but he doesn't like to talk about it. Mel has an awful sense of humor and timing, and it's pretty apparent he wants to be more human, but isn't sure quite how to go about it.

Louette "Light fingers" Le Beau- Louette is a telekinetic.  She has had the ability to pick things up literally since the day she was born.  Rumor has it she was rescued as an infant from some southern religious 'exorcism' in an attempt to cleanse her of the demons that posessed her.  She now has control of her powers.  Louette is from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent. Has a thing for spicey food, and often challenges people to hot-food-eating challenges. No one has beaten her jalapeno record except Mel.

Jeffrey "inferno" Martingale- Jeffrey was a normal spoiled rich kid until a tantrum caused a fireball in a counselor's office.  He adamantly denied having anything to do with it and refused to admit he was some sort of freak.  He hates his powers and hates even more the fact that they make him different and took him from a very prestigeous private school to this backwater hole where he has to deal with freaks on a regular basis.  He is rude and unpleasant to any of the other students who look anything but normal.  Most of the other students avoid him when possible because when he blows up, he blows up. He's gotten into Minotaur's face before, and doesn't seem to realize it's only Minotaur's preternatural level of restraint that has saved him.

"Bruce" Lee Carter- Lee's father was a famous thrill thief named Fox.  Fox fell in love with and eventually married the female detective who had made catching him her focus.  (Well, married after he was parolled.)  Fox is rather ashamed of all the dumb things he did and didn't want his son taking after him so enrolled him in martial arts to make sure he had a good sense of honor and discipline.  Lee inherited his father's unnatural quickness and dexterity and excelled in martial arts.  After the first time his mother caught him researching security systems and locks, he was sent to Deadalus' academy in the hope that he would not follow his father's youthful footsteps.  Lee is a clever and skillful young man with an aptitude for locks and great skill in martial arts.  He's also a big fan of Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee, and bad martial arts movies.  He's been known to try to pull off some of the more outlandish movie stunts.