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All-seeing Eye
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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Scene 3.3: Interlude
So, the trip to the city had been both informative and adventurous. Word quickly spread amongst the students about Dot and Tommy and the role the heroes played in their re-uniting. There were a few 'pat on the back' moments, as well as some minor jealousy over being in the center of some 'actual heroing'.

As the next few weeks roll on, the weather starts getting rather cold and rainy. A few students' tempers get short over little things, but it's mainly chalked up to being cooped up inside. This being said, the outdoor rec center is still protected by force-field, and is temperate and available.

There's a short bit of insanity when someone's pet ferret steals peoples' cell phones and builds a 'phone henge' in the ductwork of the school. It's later learned that said ferret had been possessed by a tiny demon trying to create a confusion ritual. The pet had the fiend exercised from it, but is now being kept under observation.

Pretty much a thread for social RP for a couple of days until I kick off the next set of things.
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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Re: Scene 3.3: Interlude
Aki was sitting down the cafeteria, staring at her plate.  She hadn't done much as of late, and her mind was off wondering about the events that had taken place.  The world was so strange....
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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Re: Scene 3.3: Interlude
In reply to All-seeing Eye (msg #1):

Chuck moved around the cafeteria, trying to not look like he was following Riel around. He was failing of course, but he was trying. He held a tray of food he seemed to have piled on at random, and just looked at her. He opened his mouth, as if about to say something...only to close it and sit down.

He then suddenly noticed the food he had picked for the first time, and blinked at it. Then he sighed to himself.

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Karl Grimmson
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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Re: Scene 3.3: Interlude
The weather called to him... something about it brought back many memories of a land not his own. He had been working hard with trying to isolate and understand his problems over the last few weeks and that had led to quite a bit of solitary time... and he had been told this antisocial response was burying him. While he understood this he had to explain... days ago there was the bird that crashed into his window, and days before that there was the black cat that sounded like it was speaking when it meowed at his window.

Karl sat at the table, eyes on his tray in order to focus in the here and now. Coming back to people after all this time was so awkward, he thought as he looked around.