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Game Information & Rules
These are some points that players should take note of when playing this game (I'll add to it if anything else comes up):

Location - Primarily Ferelden, in the South Reach region.
Timeline - 8:99 Blessed. So none of the events from the computer game series have happened yet.
Character Goals - Players are required to submit via Private Message a short-term goal that they wish their characters to achieve. Achieving character goals earns characters extra EXP. The amount earned is based on GM's discretion.
Character Portrait - Please pick a character portrait and I would like to keep to the feel of the game, so no anime images please.
Mature Rating - Dragon Age is known to be a dark fantasy, so it's gritty, it will have adult themes and coarse language but all XXX material will be conducted as fade-to-black scenarios.
Character Death - Warning! This is a very real possibility.


Game Book(s) - Currently using the DARPG CORE
Character Creation - All characters start at lvl 1. 10 ability points to distribute points, nothing more than 3 and nothing less than 0. OR use the 3d6 random rolls as described in the rulebook.
Writing - All posts should be written in 3rd person. No 1st person please. The story should read like a novel, not a diary.
Posting - This is tailored to each player's ability to post. But it's mandatory to post at least once every 2 days when in combat.
Rolling die - When rolling 3d6, remember to check the Record Each Die option under the General section.
Dragon Die - The Dragon die is the first die.

20:28, Today: The Game Master rolled 13 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,3,6. Fighting.
The Dragon die is 4.


Combat - At the start of combat i.e. Round 1, all players are to roll for (1)Initiative, and list out a major action + minor action or minor action + minor action.

If your major action is a melee or ranged attack, also do a (2)Attack Roll, and (3)Damage Roll.

And list it as such:

20:47, Today: The Game Master rolled 12 using 3d6+2 with rolls of 2,2,6. Initiative.

Minor Action: Move to Enemy 1
Major Action: Melee Attack Enemy 1 (Please indicate where (head, torso, leg etc) you're hitting the enemy in your writing)

20:50, Today: The Game Master rolled 15 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,4,5. Attack Enemy 1.
20:53, Today: The Game Master rolled 12 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 5,3,1. Damage from axe.

All subsequent combat rounds do not need initiative rolls and please also do the same, indicate your action and if attacking is involved, roll both attack and damage rolls.

Casting Spells - For spellcasters, besides rolling your Casting Roll, please also make a Spellpower roll, regardless of whether it is needed or not. Just in case it IS needed, we can speed the game along instead of waiting around.

Performing Stunts - If your character scores a double in your die score, you earn Stunt Points equal to your Dragon Die. In a PbP game, it basically gives you more reason to make your post more "flowery" and adds to the enjoyment of reading.

Bob scored 5,1,1. He has earned 5 Stunt Points and decides to perform 3 stunts. This is how stunt points should be indicated:

Bob sized up the Bronto and gripped his sword tightly, a deep fury rising from within. With a loud battle cry, he dashed towards the Bronto closing the distance between him and the animal quickly (1). Bringing his sword high above his head, he sends it crashing down on the animal.(2) and without pausing for breath, he makes a quick slice at the beast, sword cutting through the Bronto's thick hide sending spurts of blood gushing from the fresh wound.(3)

1) Skirmish
2) Mighty Blow.
21:08, Today: The Game Master rolled 1 using 1d6 with rolls of 1. 
3) Lightning Attack.
20:50, Today: The Game Master rolled 15 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,4,5. Attack Bronto
20:53, Today: The Game Master rolled 12 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 5,3,1. Damage from axe.

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Re: Game Information & Rules
DARPG does not have encumbrance rules. So here are the rules we will be using in this game. Encumbrance affects Defense & primarily movement based skills e.g. Dexterity (Acrobatics), Strength (Climbing), Constitution (Swimming) etc. Speed has already been affected by Armor Penalties and as such, we will not be including Speed into the list of penalties.

Base Encumbrance of 5 + (Str Modifier X 2 unless negative mod.) + Background Str Modifier (if any) = Total Encumbrance

Any negative Str modifier is counted as 0. i.e. a Str-1 or Str-3 is counted as 0 when calculating encumbrance.

If you are a Ferelden Freeman, with a Str of 0, your encumbrance is:
5 +0 + 0 = 5

If you are a Ferelden Freeman, with a Str of -2, your encumbrance is:
5 - 2 + 0 = 3

If  you are a High-born Dwarf, with a Str of 2, and racial of +1 Str, your encumbrance is:
5 + 4 + 1 = 10

Encumbrance Penalties

Penalties apply to Skills which the GM deem are affected by a character's encumbrance.

Negative modifiers are calculated by dividing a character's current encumbrance with his total encumbrance, rounded down.

Current Encumbrance / Total Encumbrance = -X modifier to be applied to Defense & skill checks.

e.g. A High-born Dwarf with a total encumbrance of 10 currently has 13 encumbrance. 13/10 = 1.3 His defense & skill checks are at -1.

e.g. A Ferelden Freeman with a total encumbrance of 5 currently has 14 encumbrance. 14/5 = 2.8 His defense & skill checks are at -2.

When a character has triple encumbrance rating, he is over-encumbered and cannot move.

e.g. A High-born Dwarf with a total encumbrance of 10 currently has 30 encumbrance. He is over-encumbered and cannot move.

Items with Encumbrance

Backpack - Weighs 1 encumbrance (unless empty), and a full backpack (contains up to 20 items) weighs 2 encumbrance.

Beltpouch - Weighs .5 encumbrance (unless empty), and a full beltpouch (contains up to 10 small items no larger than a potion flask), weighs 1 encumbrance.

Bag - Weighs 1 encumbrance (unless empty), and a full bag(contains up to 20 items of reasonable size) weighs 2 encumbrance.

Saddlebags (Pair) - Weighs 1 encumbrance together(unless empty), and two full bags(contains up to 20-40 items) weighs 4 encumbrance.

Large Sack - Weighs 1 encumbrance(unless empty), a half full sack weighs 3 encumbrance, a full sack(contains up to 50-80 items) can weigh up to 5 encumbrance.

Armour, shields, weapons - encumbrance applied to wielded/worn items. Not loot.

Light Leather - 1 point
Heavy Leather/Light Mail - 2 points
Heavy Mail/Light Plate - 3 points
Heavy Plate - 4 points

*Armour of Drakeskin, Veridium & Red Steel make - -1 point

Light shield - 1 point
Medium shield - 2 points
Heavy shield - 3 points

All weapons of min -1 or 0 Str - 0 point
All weapons of min. 1 Str - 1 points
All weapons of min. 2 Str & above - 2 points

* Weapons of Veridium, Silverite, Whitewood, Ironbark make - -1 point


Healer's Kit - 5 uses. Can replenish 1 use for 5 sp before kit is expended.

Lock picks - 20 uses. Each failed attempt destroys 1 pick

Groups of 5 - items such as throwing knives, throwing axes, scrolls & potions can be grouped into 5 to count as 1 item/weight.

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