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Neala Nathaira
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Thu 22 Jan 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Nathaira wasn't all that concerned about getting wet, from where she stood, the sooner they got what they needed the better. If they needed to swim across to save time then so be it, the only problem was the potential strength of the current but she had virtually nothing to lose at this point. Her personal choice would had been the bluffs though, she didn't feel one bit intimidated by them but as much as the idea of Jareik falling and getting crushed amused her, the fact that they were bound by the crone's intervention made up her mind as to what was most convenient.

"Lets get to it then." She said pointing the raven. "I know what she said but as far as i know thats just a bird, and its our only guide, rather not trust that it won't somehow just fly away if we delay  the trip."
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Sat 24 Jan 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Unfortunately, to even swim across the river, the party would first have to reach the river! And from where they are standing, the river is far below, beyond the bluffs that they must descend.

However, as time is of the essense, Jariek makes a call to have every climb down the bluff. Jareik takes the lead and soon he is climbing down the steep cliffs followed by Talia and Neala.

The trio descend carefully, hands and feet finding the best foot and hand holds along the ridge. There were a few close shaves during the climb, but Jariek managed to find his way down safely and so does Neala although she did miss her footing at the end and landed unceremoniously on her bum. Talia too was making fine progress until a foothold she found gave way and as she scrambled to gain purchase with her other feet, she scratched up her her hands and fingers as she struggled to cling on.

Still, all in all the party descended the ridge safely and are now standing at the bottom of the ridge beside the fast moving Sundrand River. The raven is perched up high on a tree overlooking the same river, waiting patiently for their arrival.

OOC: I apologize. I should have indicated where I left the map (it's in the MAP thread) so that it's clearer for you guys to visualize what's going on.

The Sundrand is extremely fast moving. To swim across, make a Constitution(Swimming) check. The check is -1 for every 2 points of encumbrance you have.

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Sat 24 Jan 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Talia considers the face moving river with trepidation. It certainly looked dangerous and while she wasn't exactly a bad swimmer, she wasn't a particularly strong one either. Talia dreaded walking around in wet clothes too. But it can't be helped if they wanted to cross to the other side quickly after the raven.

She stepped close to the river and started strapping all her belongings close to her body. Once ready, she begins to attempt to cross the river...

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Knight Corporal Jareik
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Wed 28 Jan 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
OOC: Omg I feel so silly for missing the map thread, I will be more dilligent in the future.

"Well..That wasn't too bad." said a panting Jareik after the group had successfully climbed down the bluffs. "Good thing none of us were afraid of heights." None the less he was grateful to have solid ground under his feet once again.

Allowing a moment for the group to catch their breath, he walked over to the river and tossed a branch to gauge the strength of the current if it wasn't already well obvious. "Drat. The river looked far more placid from the fortress." he said in a disappointed tone.

"But too late to go back now. If we had a rope we could tie ourselves to something just in case..."
he trailed off as he saw Talia was already getting ready "...but we didn't bring any so it doesn't matter anyways. Right let's just get this over with."

OOC: Does what we are wearing affect these tests btw? Since I see my current armor gives a penalty and in D n D armor penalties make it more difficult to do things like swimming. Will roll normally for now but let me know if this is the case!

21:52, Today: Secret Roll: Knight Corporal Jareik rolled 14 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 3,5,3. Swim check.
Am at 9/10 encumberance so -4, end result is 10.

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Thu 5 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
At the mention of rope, Neala digs into her pack and retrieves a coil. "Perhaps this should help us so that we won't get separated. And also we can use this to secure it to a rock and guide ourselves across the river. I'll go first."

While Talia and Jareik secure their belongings, Neala proceeds to lash her rope around a large boulder before securing the other end to her waist.

The ford is murky and about fifty yards across with a few reeds jutting out of the water which indicates the shallower parts of the river.  Neala steps into the water and winces, commenting how cold it is but still, she remains undeterred and after struggling through a few deeper parts of the river, she swims across safely!

She then unties the rope around her waist and ties it around the trunk of a tree.

Come on across! One by one!" Yells Neala.

Next to cross is Talia. With the help of the rope and given the fact that she isn't carrying much, she manages to swim across easily. And now it was Jariek's turn. Weighed down by his armour and belongings, Jareik's chief worry was drowning. He untied the rope around the boulder and attached it to his waist. After whispering a quick prayer to the Maker, the Templar proceeds to swim across. Despite swallowing water and hitting some rocks during the swim, Jareik makes it across generally unscathed.

Drenched to the bone and shivering from the cold, the party has made it safely across on the other side of the Ford where the raven waits and now face a daunting trek that would eventually lead them to the dank murkiness of the Korcari Wilds.

* * * *

Following the raven's lead, the hilly range that separates them from the forest looms ever closer. The party has been trekking for about five hours in uncomfortably wet clothes and in the afternoon heat. Tired and hungry, the scent of cooked food makes their mouths water and when they round the bend, they see a wagon with a large man dressed in furs stoking the embers beneath a hunk of roasting meat. With him are two large dogs with grey and white coats who alert him of the party's presence.

The man looks up and says, "Bog! Ipa! Be quiet!" A hand reaches for his weapon as he calls out, "Hoy there! Friend or foe?"

OOC: Time: 12:30PM
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Sat 14 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Jareik stepped forward and shouted out an answer: "Friend! We are just passing through."

He couldn't help but glance at the roasting meat, it looked rather appetizing...
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Sun 15 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
The large man smiles at the party and notices the hunger in Jareik's eyes. "Come on over by my fire! We can fast together, I have more roast than I can finish, even with Bog and Ipa helping."

The man introduces himself as Branik, and his long brown hair melds into his long mustache and bear, making it appear as though he has a mane. Though he appears to be  Chasind from a distance, when the party closes in, it has become fairly obvious that he is a Ferelden who has spent far more time in the wilds than even at the frontier towns of Ferelden.

The party also notes the wagon full of dead animals by Branik's campfire.
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Sun 15 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Jareik hesistated "A gracious offer but we are kind of in a hurry...Though seeing how we were going to camp soon anyways.."

He turned to his companions to see how they felt about stopping here for the night.
If no one opposes, then he comes to take a seat by the fire.
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Sun 1 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Accepting Branik's offer, the party gathers around his fire and the trapper promptly offers them his roasting meat and some ryott beer. The mystical raven which had been guiding their way flies to the tree above them and perches there, waiting.

"Things are strange these days in the Korcari Wilds," Branik comments, throwing his dogs a slab of meat which the animals promptly fight over. "Many would be keen to avoid the wilds these days and now, here you three planning to go in. What are you up to if you don't mind me asking."
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Wed 4 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
"We seek an herb to help people afflicted with a terrible condition." Talia said as she warmed her hands by the fire and accepted Branik's offer of roasted meat and beer.
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Fri 6 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Jareik hadn't had a chance to eat in the festivities before the violence broke out and only ate rations in their journey since, so he found the meat particularly delicious and gorged himself fully, nodding at Talia's words
In between mouthfuls he adds "Chasind attacked Sothmere, the wounded are infected with some sort of..rot. We have been led to believe this herb could cure the rot."

Though his Templar training might have made him suspicious of strangers in the wilds, anyone who would share their delicious meat surely couldn't be too bad.
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Sun 8 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Branik sighs when he hears about the attack on Sothmere, "I knew something is wrong. I passed an abandoned Chasind village this morning and saw stalkers running in the forest nearby, hunting each other. One of them even attacked me! But I managed to pin him to a tree trunk with my cross bow. Wild and sickly all at once, he was. His weapon was also coated with some sort of poison. I've got no room for poison in my line of work, it ruins the meat I hunt."

When he hears talk about a herb that can possible cure the disease, Branik offers a small smile, "That's good. I know nothing about such a thing, herbalism is something I leave to the healers. Perhaps at Dosov, the Chasind village just a few miles ahead, the people can tell you more about the herb you seek."
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Sun 8 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
"Dosov in the Chasind village," Talia repeated.  "Thank you, Branik." She said with a grateful smile.
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Mon 9 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
"Yeah that sounds like the ones that attacked Sothmere, poisoned weapons and looking a bit ill." confirmed Jareik at Branik's description before sinking his teeth into more meat.

He alternated looking at Talia and Branik as their latest exchange confused him a bit, asking Chasind for directions seemed foolhardy to him.

"Wouldn't the Chasind attack us on sight?" he asked quizzically with a raised eyebrow. Like most Fereldeners, Jareik's view of the Chasind was mostly based on wild stories and recent events did little to make him think the stories werent' true.

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Wed 11 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Branik grins at Jareik's question, "They arn't all stalkers, you know. Most of them just want to be left alone. Lately, the Chasind have been nervous and even the more aggressive clans have been moving northwards and away from the wilds. Between the Chasind and the animals, its like something deep in the Wilds is flushing them out."

Finishing up his dinner, Branik tosses the remaining bits of meat to his hungry dogs before picking up a wineskin, taking a swig and offering it to Talia, Neala and Jareik. "It's Chasind wine. Tastes like crap, but it sure does help keep you warm. When you reach Dosov, don't tell Zorya I said that about her wine. The Dosov is a Chasind village that distills wildwine.

Anyway, they are a friendly people and you should be able to resupply and get what you need there, just tell them I sent you if they are suspicious."

The trapper rises and wipes his oily hands on his pants before making his way to his wagon and pulling out a bed roll, "Will you be making camp here tonight? You are welcome to share the fire."

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Knight Corporal Jareik
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Sun 22 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Jareik said nothing as he considered this new information whilst finishing the last of his meat.

He gratefully accepted the wine and tasted it like a fine delicacy despite the taste, to say Templars weren't usually allowed such treats, at least not unless you're a senior, would be an understatement.

Smiling at the trapper, Jareik glanced at his companions before nodding "If you're offering then sure. Never figured I'd find this sort of hospitality, let alone in the wilds. Guess in keeping with the spirit of things I'll try to keep an open mind when we encounter the Chasind."
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Thu 26 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Warmed by Branik's fire and his meal, the party decides to accept Branik's offer to make camp by his wagon for the night. The ladies quickly help pitch the tent while Jareik helps Branik create a sound-trap around their camp.

"This will help alert us if anyone or anything steps into the vicinity," the trapper explains, "It helped me more than once. But of course, Bog and Ipa are good deterrents against anyone who wants to try anything."

When the rough work is finally done, the party observe the sun sinking behind the rocky terrain and mist-shrouded forest. A few drops of rain begin to fall on their traveling clothes, indicating an approaching storm. Branik calls for his dogs into his tent and bids the party goodnight.

OOC: Only Neala has a small one man tent. So, everyone needs to decide if you guys are going to take turns sleeping inside, or rest outside. You estimate it is about 8 hours till day break.

The fire of the camp is still going but with the coming rain, it is going to be difficult. Each character post what you are going to do during this 8 hours, if not I will make the assumption that your character is going to sleep.

Also, make a perception (seeing) and a perception (hearing) check.

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Fri 27 Mar 2015
at 03:29
Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Talia slept outside, willing to make that choice to avoid conflict with the others.  And close proximity.  She bundled herself up as tightly as she could to ward off the chill of the night air and the rain she smelled.
Neala Nathaira
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Sat 28 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Neala didn't seem all that much willing to share her tent, in fact she refused any help in setting it up, she was more than used to doing such things on her own or living in the wilderness. Once in the tent she drank the foul contents of one vial as she examined her wound with concern.The words of the stranger echoing in her head, "its like something deep in the Wilds is flushing them out", they had to succeed, she had to succeed no matter the cost or at whose expense...

00:06, Today: Neala Nathaira rolled 18 using 3d6+1 with rolls of 6,6,5. Perception Hearing.
00:06, Today: Neala Nathaira rolled 11 using 3d6+1 with rolls of 5,4,1. Perception Seeing.

Knight Corporal Jareik
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
After finishing his tasks, Jareik wished a good night to the trapper and to his party members.

Taking the hint from the two women, Jareik rested outside on the opposite end from Talia, giving them both the most distance possible.

Despite the lack of comfortable sleeping accommodations and the lest then accommodating night air, Jareik found sleep easy enough, the good food in his belly helped a lot.

15:04, Today: Knight Corporal Jareik rolled 8 using 3d6+1 with rolls of 5,1,1. Perception.
15:03, Today: Secret Roll: Knight Corporal Jareik rolled 14 using 3d6+1 with rolls of 3,5,5. Perception.

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Thu 9 Apr 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
The party found their respective resting spots and settled in for the night with Brannik's fire crackling comfortingly in the dark, chilly forest.

* * * *


Neala opened her eyes. Brannik's fire had long died out and there was nothing to illuminate her surroundings safe for the moon. But even then, it seemed like their only source of natural lighting decided to remain shrouded. It is pitch black and she can hardly make out her own hand.

However, Neala had spent a good deal of her life in the wilderness and she is particularly sensitive to noise in the night. And she definintely hears something moving about in the forest outside her tent...

Meanwhile, outside Jareik had been sleeping very soundly and dreaming. The church of Andraste had been a source of comfort for most of his life and Jareik found himself dreaming about his old life back in Denerim when suddenly a rude

snap ...

woke him up. It seemed terribly loud to him but now that he is awake, he hears nothing. Not even the sound of crickets. Eerie...

Sleeping across from him was Talia, but the elf now too is awake and sitting up it would seem. Jariek can hardly make out her form in the night mist that descended on the forest. A chill causes the hairs on his neck to stand and the Templar can't help but feel uneasy...

Then, Brannik's dogs Bog and Ipa being to growl lowly, rousing their master. From over the fog, the party hears Brannik whisper, "What is it Bog... Ipa? Go to sleep..."

OOC: It's dark and foggy. Only Talia with elven sight can see in the dark and due to the fog, only up to 30 ft. Jariek and Neala, you are effectively "blind"

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Knight Corporal Jareik
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Tue 14 Apr 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Jareik shot up with a hand on the pommel of his sword out of reflex, then looked around in sleepy confusion, he couldn't see or hear anything, did he have a bad dream?

Feeling himself on edge and with hairs on his back prickling, Jareik couldn't help but be very nervous for some reason,and whispered to what he hoped was the form of the elf: "Talia...Talia... Talia!" He hoped he wasn't waking her up for no reason, if she wasn't already awake, but he would apologize in the morning if that's the case.

His hand was still on his sword and he looked around in all directions despite not being able to see anything.

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Wed 15 Apr 2015
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Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
"I see two, but I do not know them." Talia said in a voice a hair above a whisper.

The elf sat with her blanket huddled around her form, knees tucked to her chest as she stared out into the darkness of night with her elfsight.

"Be ready..."
Neala Nathaira
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Thu 16 Apr 2015
at 22:23
Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
Neala tightly crouched inside her tent, quietly picked her spear with one hand, as she rubbed her eyes with the other in a pitiable attempt to wake herself up and see something. A good deal of time living in the woods let her know when a situation demanded attention and this sure looked like one, getting worked up about small things at night could get you exhausted and dead before long but ignoring those worthy of attention could get you killed, knowing the difference between the two was the thing thread one had to walk on.
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Fri 17 Apr 2015
at 17:04
Re: Chapter Twenty Four - Amber Rage
"Two...? Aw Maker, I can't see a bloody thing." Jareik answered and looked around even more frantically for these hypothetical unknowns, pivoting in every direction.

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