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    * Annum: First Day
    * First Month: Wintermarch (Verimensis)

    * Annum: Wintersend
    * Second Month: Guardian (Pluitanis)
    * Third Month: Drakonis (Nubulis)
    * Fourth Month: Cloudreach (Eluviesta)

    * Annum: Summerday
    * Fifth Month: Bloomingtide (Molioris)
    * Sixth Month: Justinian (Ferventis)
    * Seventh Month: Solace (Solis)

    * Annum: Funalis
    * Eighth Month: August (Matrinalis)
    * Ninth Month: Kingsway (Parvulis)
    * Tenth Month: Harvestmere (Frumentum)

    * Annum: Satinalia
    * Eleventh Month: Firstfall (Umbralis)
    * Twelfth Month: Haring (Cassus)


First Day

The traditional start of the year, this holiday involves visits to neighbors and family (in remote areas, this was once an annual check to ensure everyone was alive), as well as a town gathering to commemorate the year past, accompanied by drinking and merriment.


Once called “Urthalis” and dedicated to Urthemiel, the Old God of Beauty, this holiday has now become a celebration of the Maker. It stands for the end of winter in many lands and coincides with tourneys and contests at the Proving Grounds in Minrathous. In southern lands, this holiday has become a day of gathering for trade, theater, and, in some areas, the arrangement of marriages. It is celebrated at the beginning of Pluitanis.


Once called “Andoralis” and dedicated to Andoral, the Old God of Unity, this holiday is universally celebrated as the beginning of summer, a time for joy and, commonly, marriage. Boys and girls ready to come of age don white tunics and gowns. They then join a grand procession that crosses the settlement to the local Chantry, where they are taught the responsibilities of adulthood. Summerday is a particularly holy occasion in Orlais. It is celebrated at the beginning of Molioris.

All Soul’s Day

Once called “Funalis” and dedicated to Dumat, the Old God of Silence. However, since Dumat’s rise during the First Blight, Thedosians turn a blind eye to any old ties between the day and the dragon. The holiday is now known across Thedas as All Soul’s Day and spent in somber remembrance of the dead. In some northern lands, the people dress as spirits and walk the streets in parade after midnight. The Chantry uses the holiday to remember the death of Andraste, with public fires that mark her immolation and plays that depict her death. It is celebrated at the beginning of Matrinalis.


Once dedicated to the Old Goddess of Freedom, Zazikel —but now attributed more to the second moon, Satina— this holiday is accompanied by wild celebration, the wearing of masks, and naming the town fool as ruler for a day. In Antiva, Satinalia lasts for a week or more, while a week of fasting follows. In more pious areas, large feasts and the giving of gifts mark the holiday. Satinalia is celebrated at the beginning of Umbralis.

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Part One - Apostate
Blessed Age - 8:99

3rd Guardian
A young mage-ling is brought to Kinloch Hold and Mother Bronach approaches First Enchanter with a proposal.

5th Guardian
After passing the Harrowing, Mira realizes that not all is well with her and confides with fellow mage, Jessamy, about her predicament.

10th Guardian
Gimshar, Gilraen, Royce, Helena and Nikolas save Sherey from Templars at Gherlen's Rest.

10th - 11th Guardian
The party makes camp in the forest and learns that Sherey stole a phylactery and intends to destroy it in the fires of Orzammar. The party agrees to help her reach Orzammar.

12th Guardian
Mira discovers that her frequent "waking" nightmares are due to two spirits who escaped the Fade by possessing her during the Harrowing. Fearing repercussions from the Chantry, she plots to escape the Circle Tower, and is surprised that her ticket to freedom comes in the form of First Enchanter Kilthire. Kithire reveals his plan to aid the Ferelden rebels and enlists Mira to help warn the rebels of the impending ambush at Orzammar.

13th Guardian
In an effort to avoid the Templar's, the party strays from Gherlen's pass and become lost in the frigid Frostback Mountains.

There, they run into a traveling Avvar, Asgeir, and are attacked by a rampaging werewolf. The battle left Helena paralyzed and the party is saved from death by an Avvarian hunting party.

14th Guardian
The party awake to find themselves in the Avvarian Bear tribe. Distrustful of outsiders, the chief holds Sherey hostage while Gimshar, Gilraen and Royce agree to investigate the kidnapping of the Avvarian children and other "werewolves" problem.

Across Ferelden in the bustling city of Denerim, Devran, the mercenary is approached by an Orlesian who promises to pay him handsomely to find Sherey and take the stolen phylactery from her.

15th Guardian
The party investigate and find a wolf cave. There, they come face to face with a rage demon that escaped the Fade and is the source of the Bear Tribe's problems. Royce sacrifices himself to save the rest and is suspected to be trapped in the Fade.

17th Guardian
With Gilraen and Helena injured and Royce gone, Gimshar and Sherey set off for Orzammar on their own. Before Gimshar leaves, she promises to search for the Bear Chief's kidnapped son on her journey.

19th Guardian
Gimshar and Sherey stop by the Caravan Circle Grounds to hire Jaycen, Tara and a merchant caravan to escort them through the dangerous Frostback Mountain Pass which are rumoured to be crawling with bandits.

20th Guardian
Mira escapes her Templar escorts and is saved by Berrian when she is confronted by a pair of wolves.

21st Guardian
The party run into Devran and are ambushed by Antivan Crows, Rey & Davis, and their employer, Vicento Nuncio, the adopted son of Ignacio Nuncio, a powerful merchant prince who owns one of Antiva's largest trading company and is also a key patron to the Churches in Antiva.

Their motives are revealed to be Sherey's phylactery, and the party faces near death only to be saved by another ambush of forest rebels.

22nd Guardian
The party is recuperating at the Rebel camp. Sherey's contact, Zane, finally catches up with her and meets up with party, revealing his mission of escorting her to Orzammar.

23rd Guardian
The party, now including the Antivan Crow, Davis, head off from the Rebel Camp and make their way towards Orzammar.

Devran, after his ordeal with the party and Antivans decide that this is not worth his time or life and decides to forgo the contract, bids the party farewell and returns to Denerim with Queen.

The gang make it to Orzammar and finally meet up with Sherey's contact, Garith. A ranger in the Ferelden Rebellion. The group is paid for their efforts and Sherey, the phylactery and Garith leave.

Entire Scenario: 20 Days
Entire Journey: 14 Days
Party Members: Nikolas, Helena, Gilraen, Royce, Gimshar, Asgeir, Jaycen, Jessamy, Mira, Berrian, Devlin, Devran, Rey, Davis, Zane
Current Party: Gimshar, Jaycen, Mira, Berrian, Davis, Zane

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Part Two
25th Cloudreach
A mysterious cargo arrives at the Port of Denerim.

30th Cloudreach
Gimshar, Mira,Jaycen, Davis & Zane arrive at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim & word of the Summerday Tourney reaches them. Gimshar, Jaycen & Mira sign up for matches in the Summerday Tourney.

1st Bloomingtide

Summerday Tourney Festival Begins!

2nd Bloomingtide

Gimshar, Jaycen & Mira are ready to fight! However, they all suffered defeats while Mira suffered cold feet and decided not to take part.

Having been defeated in their respective tourneys Gimshar and Jaycen are joined by Mira and Zane. While they are having a short meal on the Tourney Grounds they witness the bullying of a young man who dropped a pouch containing lyrium dust.

Further investigation brought them to meet up with Kern, the dockmaster, who revealed his son is causing trouble with a girl named Miller who works at The Pearl. While at The Pearl investigating Miller, the four are ambushed by mysterious men and kidnapped!

On the Month of Bloomingtide

Zane and Gimshar find themselves at the mercy of "Miller", a bandit smuggler who asks them to work for him in exchange for the lives of Jaycen and Mira. Zane and Gimshar go to work by searching for a suitable warehouse for Miller to conduct his smuggling activities. Inadvertently, the pair find a secret cult's altar and could have sparked a series of unforeseen circumstances through their discovery.

Meanwhile Jaycen and Mira, finding themselves unwilling captives, work to free themselves and to their luck, they were released from captivity just as they escaped!

Coincidentally, a Qunari, far away from home, Balasar who had come to Denerim to observe the ways of non-believers, finds himself involved in Miller's smuggling operation after being employed to move crates of lyrium aboard The Red Devil.

Halfway across the continent, young Unathe is a runaway slave who braves the Tevinter wilderness for weeks as she heads south towards freedom. Death almost takes her when she takes a perilous plunge into the icy river that seperates Tevinter and Nevarra, but she is saved by two wandering Grey Wardens, Pieter and Rilralien, who had been tracking signs of the impending return of the Blight in the Tevinter Wilderness.

Closer to Denerim, a young bandit and her friends trick their tyrannical leader, Bloody, into giving up his treasure through bravery, stealth and theft. Though they got away with the treasure, they inevitably had to hurt a young sentry during their escape. With Bloody on their heels, Marissil, Cera and Pouch now must run and hide.

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