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Armor for this game(
Please use only this list of armor, other armors can be used with GM permission and editing to fit into game
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Re: Armor for this game(


      Purchase DC

      DR/AC Bonus


      30 ft/20 ft

Light Armor       
Heavy Clothes6+1/1+6010%30/2010 lb
Flight Suit6+2/1+80-30/206 lb
Armor Vest8+2/1+505 %30/208 lb
Combat Fatigues9+4/2+6-110%30/2010 lb
Ship suit10+2/14-2 30/2012 LB
Protective Inserts10+1/2+4-2 30/205 lb
Medium Armor       
Patrol Armor12+5/2+4-2 30/1515
Battle Suit14+7/2+4-210%30/1515 lb
Battle Armor15+8/2+3-215%30/1520 lb
Combat Armor16+9/2+3-320%25/1525 lb
Heavy Armor       
Medium Combat Armor18+8/2+2-4 25/1525 lb
Shock Armor20+10/3+2-425%20/1530 lb
Combat Exoskeleton22+11/3+2-530%20/1540 lb
Assault Exoskeleton23+12/3+2-535%20/1550 lb
Powered Armor       
Combat Hardsuit25+14/4+1-740%40/30250 lb
Assault Hardsuit17+16/40-740%30/20350 lb
Energy Shields Bonus HP-------- 
Plasma Screen2115    4 Lb
Plasma Shield2325    6 Lb
Barrier Shield2540   +2AC    8 Lb
Plasma Barricade(immobile)25150    25lb

   Combat Exoskeleton: Lighter than the assault variant,
features similar reinforced polymer plates over a form
fitting carbon fiber frame. Interior is lined with gel
padding and is generally worn over combat fatigues.

Combat Fatigues: Standard military fatigues feature durable
composite fiber interwoven with high strength polymer threads.

   Combat Hard suit: Effectively a heavier version of the
assault exoskeleton. Full-body armor with integral helmet
providing digi-binocs, personal comm, and   laser sight.
 The servos provide Str 18. Standard heavy cell provides
48 hours of operation. Hustle 12 hours w/o rest. Cannot be
fitted with integral weapons, but gauntlet is fully
articulated for use of normal weapons. Self
contained for 3 hours.

      Energy Shields: Energy shield create a dense field of
 low energy Plasma around a person or object deflecting
or absorbing incoming attacks. energy shield are weakened
by each successful attack causing them to weaken and
collapse unless allowed to recharge for a short period
of time. While very useful Shield technology is not
capable of complete invulnerability. A well placed shot,
 or a lucky one may strike the shield during a power
 fluctuation or during a short period of time that shield
 is recycling. these intervals are usually measured in
 micro seconds but they are sufficient to allow a bullet,
 or energy discharge through unimpeded.</pre><Pre>

 On a critical
    hit the shield collapses and the damage passes through
    directly to the wearer. the shield must be recharged for
    1 minute before it can be reactivated. Also, when the
    Bonus hit points provided by a shield are depleted the
    shield collapses and must be allowed to recharge for 1
    minute. .

  Flight Suit: Jumpsuit commonly worn by pilots. Light,
non-restrictive, ery effective as a form of pretection
from the environment and light weapons.

  Heavy Clothes: Includes any reinforced, durable clothing.
Including leathers, heavy dusters, and overcoats.

  Protective Inserts: Panels of rigid ballistic material
    and woven ballistic cloth inserts placed in normal
    clothing to provide protection from knives, bullets and
    environmental damage when full armor is impractical or
    discouraged. since they can not be as well placed or balanced
    as a purpose designed suit of armor they are slightly
    restricting and sometimes uncomfortable to wear for long
    periods of time.

  Ship Suit, A light reinforced jumpsuit equipped with
    sealed helmet and gloves as well as a short duration life-support
    pack and heating units to protect crewmen on space ships
    from the effects of unexpected loss of atmosphere. the
    Suit takes a full round action to seal and power up,
    provoking an attack of opportunity.

      Shock Armor: Full body composite weave suit lined with
energy-absorbent gel. Rigid polymer armor--heavier and more
extensive than that used in combat or battle armor protects
as much as possible, while still
allowing full range of movement.
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Re: Armor for this game
Medium Size Mecha;

An advance over powered armor Medium Sized Mecha, Usually referred to as Hardsuits are on the cutting edge of technology. Combining advances in robotics, cybernetics, and materials the hardsuit turns a soldier into something approaching superhuman.  While wearing a Hardsuit the Character receives an equipment based +4 to his strength and suffers no dexterity penalties due to the armor His maximum Dex and armor penalties are determined by the tech level of the armor.
           Hard suits are first practical at the mid stage of PL5, without jump jet capability but can theoretically be built as early as lat PL4 However such early suit can not jump, move at half speed, and have penalties double that of a PL 5 hardsuit. By Pl 8 the suits have become lightweight, and incorporate nerve induction controls, anti-grav boosters and advanced feedback controls that allow the wearer to move with complete freedom in the armor.

PL 5 max dex 0 armor Penalty -8, skills with hands -4                Purchase DC -4
PL6 Max Dex 0   Armor penalty -4 , skill checks using hands -2 Purchase DC -1
PL 7 Max Dex +1 Armor penalty 2, skill check using hands +0   Purchase DC +0
PL 8 no modifiers                                                                        Purchase DC +3
        Hardsuits can use any Mecha device or weapon however they have only 2 locations slots. The shoulder and back. The pilots body take up the slots for the torso, belt, arms and legs, as well as the helmet.  However a Medium Size Mecha may use any robotic , or personal weapon or component that an armature class robot can accept.  The Mecha’s onboard computer, and helmet HUD will also support any piece of electronic equipment scanner devices, or computer program/components available to the player.
         When wearing a Hardsuit the machines musculature and internal supports support and negate the affects of it’s own weight. The Mecha’s weight is not added in for determining encumbrance

Medium Mecha Statistic

Size modifier 0
Equipment slots: 4: Rt Shoulder, Lft Shoulder  Back , Helmet
Hit points: 50
Defense: 6 base ( + pilots Dex and Defense bonus)
Hardness: 10 base
Base Speed 30ft running 60ft Jump jets
Height: 6 ˝ - 8  feet
Weight: 250 - 450 Lbs
Fighting space 5ftx5ft
Reach 5ft
Purchase DC  28
Gun Pods: Can carry Heavy Weapons, as ‘rifle‘  Long arms as ‘pistol’ increase Purchase DC by 2 for modification Gunpods have ammo same as magazine capacity of normal weapon x10

Vehicle scale movement:
Max speed in flight 200MPH  maneuver -2 , Hover capable max altitude 80,000ft
Max Speed Ground effects mode      180 MPH maneuver -1 , max altitude 10ft

Environmental Seals:
May operate in any pressurized environment, and at depths up to 30 ft in liquids. Protects from dust, pollen, gasses and airborne toxins and diseases unless armor is breached.  Offers full protection against nuisance, and light radiation hazards as ell as offers full protection against normal heat and cold.

HUD/suit computer: all suits come with an integrated HUD which accepts all scanner and HUD upgrades and gadgets. The suit also contains a fully functional computer equivalent to a desktop computer with cellular modem.