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Psionics: Telpathy
Telepathy is the ability to directly contact, influence or dominate, the mind of another sentient being. Telepaths are born with innate psionic abilities that defy many laws of physics and biology. When properly trained a telepath can radically alter the course of events around him, influence actions taken by others, determine the truthfulness of an individual or alter the perceptions of another.

Telepaths are far less common than telekinetic in most species making them an oddity even among large populations. Less than 1 in 1000 people have any active telepathic abilities, although low level passive abilities, such as intuition, and enhanced empathy are fairly common in all sentient species. Few races have been able to enhance the number of telepaths in their population by means similar to those used with Kinetics, which has led to commercial and military telepaths being in high demand.

Unlike TK which usually manifests at birth, a telepath might begin to gain access to his powers at any age. Even individuals who previously had no sign of telepathic ability have spontaneously manifest abilities without any obvious cause.  Those individuals who do show signs of telepathic ability are often identified early on, and receive extensive education and training, often subsidized by a government or corporation, to fully harness their abilities, usually in exchange for a contracted term of service after their training is complete.

In general telepaths are distrusted by the general population, even more so than heavily armed soldiers, known criminals, and Kinetics. The fear of having anyone access a persons deepest secrets or being mentally influenced or controlled against their will still pervades most non telepathic species. In a response to social stigma and mistrust many telepaths go to great lengths to conceal their abilities. When employed as a telepath many individuals will obscure their identity, alter eye/hair color, wear concealing clothing or a face mask, or simply remain out of direct line of sight if at all possible.

In response to people fears some governing agencies have required all telepaths to wear identifying insignia or clothing when in public and monitor the activities of known telepaths closely. Direct persecution or harassment of a telepath is in most cases illegal but cases of such are known to occur.

Point of view:
Any information gained from another’s mind is strictly from their point of view. While the telepath may notice details the individual missed or can not consciously recall, he can not sense anything that the target could not, and his point of view is always the subjects.

A telepath can not discern the accuracy of statements made to the subject. If the subject believes them to be true then they will read as truthful. If the subject believes the facts to be inaccurate the facts read as inaccurate or deceptive. A telepath may attempt to determine for himself the veracity of statements or facts contained in a subjects memories with sense motive or spot checks and draw his own conclusions.

Being able to review the memories of a subject does not allow the telepath to hear or see anything it was impossible for the subject to hear or see. If there was too much noise for a subject to hear a conversation, or he was physically unable to see actions taking place outside his range of vision the telepath is limited to only that viewpoint. If the subject did not see a reflection in a window he can not remember its details, if he simply did not consciously notice them then the telepath might be able to, such details are at the discretion of the GM and his decisions are final.

Once gained, the memories images or thoughts of a subject are a permanent part of the telepaths own memories. While they are distinct from his own and can not be confused for his own, they can be accessed, altered, or erased, by another telepath at a later date.

Telepathic contact with Alien, and Animals
Despite the common contact with alien minds by the average trained telepath, there are alien races who have such a completely different mind that telepaths have great difficulty in reading and interpreting them. Species which share a similar biology, environment and social structure but are previously unknown to a telepath pose little problem, the telepath suffers only minor penalties when attempting to communicate, aces their minds or use a telepathic technique on them. More divergent species, of different biological types, extremely different environments or completely alien social structures offer more of a challenge making even simple communications tricky and access to memories and thoughts difficult. They are also highly resistant to telepathic techniques in general. Creature with no similarities to the telepath, of radically different environments or of social structures that are completely different from anything the telepath has encountered are nearly impossible to contact, read, or attack with telepathic techniques.

Physical Proximity
With eye contact, and Physical contact, otherwise range penalties also apply
Similar but Unknown:
 -2 to all telepathic related skill checks, target receives +1 to all will saves vs. mind effecting techniques.
Dissimilar Species:
-4 to all checks  +4 to all saves versus mind effecting techniques.
Totally alien to telepath:
-8 to all skill checks, +6 to all will saves vs. mind effecting techniques

Mammals and near mammals:
-2 to skill checks, immune to techniques targeting sentient creatures.
Reptilian, piscine, aquatic creatures:
-4 to skill checks immune to sentient affecting techniques
Insectoid, Arthropod, or Arachnid:
-4 to all skill checks, Immune to sentient, and animal affecting techniques.
Hive or Group minds:
all saves made by creature at +5, all skill checks -4

New Feat: Xeno-Path:
Telepath has an innate gift for understanding alien minds and working with creatures of different mindsets and social structures. Penalties are halved for telepath when dealing with a xenon-species

Telepathic ranges, proximity and contact.
While effectively unlimited, proximity to an individual greatly increases the effectiveness of a telepathic ability. Within 10ft the telepaths ability to sense an individuals thoughts or use an active Technique is greatly improved.  Within 10ft a telepath receive +1 to all skill checks involving his telepathic powers.

Eye contact is long rumored to allow greater mental contact with an individual. Telepaths have theorized that this is due more to the targets own mind than to some ability of their own, citing that a pair of dark sunglasses is enough to eliminate any advantage a telepath might have when making eye contact with an individual   A peculiar mental trait has also been observed that once eye contact with a telepath has been established many people have a hard time breaking it.

When making unobstructed eye contact with a telepath a sentient creature suffers a -1 penalty on any opposed skill checks involving telepathy. A pair of dark sunglasses, a tinted window or even a veil is sufficient to negate this effect.

If a person wishes to avoid eye contact with a telepath it requires a Reflex save DC 12. Once established it requires an opposed will save modified by the Charisma bonus of the characters to break Eye contact.

Direct physical contact imposes a -4 penalty to all saving throws and skill check against telepathic abilities.

Direct physical skin to skin contact establishes a strong connection between individual when in direct contact a telepath must make a Will save DC 12 or hear/sense a random thought, image, or memory of the person they are touching. This can often be unpleasant or embarrassing as there is no way to control or predict what will come through the contact although persons in great distress, fearful, or angry will be more likely to transmit the cause of their emotion distress to the telepath.

If the contact come as a surprise or the telepath is distracted the save increases to DC16

If the telepath wishes to he may willingly fail the saving throw but the images are confused, and often cause severe disorientation in both parties. Both must make Will save DC12 or be dazed for 1d3 rounds. If target is unwilling the telepath must make a grapple check to grab and hold the target. This counts as an attack and if the opponent is aware and armed it provokes an attack of opportunity.

Information gained is solely at the discretion of the GM.

NOTE Direct skin to skin physical contact creates a strong contact with the target which imposes a mutual -4 to all saving throws and skill checks to defend against a telepathic ability or attack.

Using telepathy to recover memories or thoughts from willing subjects

Base telepathy allows the character to communicate by thinking loudly and concentrating on the target mind within his line of sight. It also allows him to hear the thoughts of another willing individual who makes a DC 10 Concentration check(untrained)

Reading the thoughts and accessing memories of a non telepathic subject requires the telepath to succeed in a Telepathic Mastery check (DC determined by intended memory or thoughts)

Base DC 8:  time 1d20- (Charisma Bonus) minutes
Loud surface thoughts                                                                                  DC-2
conscious Thoughts/recent ( less than one month)memories +0               DC+0
Subconscious thoughts/memories older than 1 month                              DC+4
Painful or emotional thoughts/Memories/memories older than one year   DC+4
Resisting target                                                                                        DC +10
Hidden or secret information                                                                   DC+8
May cause harm or loss to target                                                             DC+4
Target distracted, confused, concentrating on complex task                    DC+2
Target unconscious/Asleep                                                                      DC-4
Target Dreaming                                                                                     DC-2
Target close friend, lover, family member                                               DC-2
Target makes successful concentration check DC 10 to assist                  DC-1

Success indicates the telepath has successfully found the image, memory or thought he was looking for and can gain useful information (if Possible) from it. Failure indicates that the telepath was unable to gain any useful information from the target. NOTE critical failure indicates mental strain telepath must rest for 1d4 hours before attempting to access memories again.

Unwilling Target
Attempting to read the mind of an unwilling telepath requires that the targets resistance be overcome. This requires an opposed Telepathic Mastery check vs. targets will save, or telepathic mastery skill, if successful the targets  mind is accessed. Each round the target may make a new check to escape  from the mental contest but a -2 to his check for every check he fails.

Subduing a Target
Once contact is established the Attacker may attempt to mentally subdue the target.  The target must make an opposed will save or telepathic mastery save (whichever is better) failure indicates he temporarily loses one rank of telepathic mastery, or one point of will save Bonus. Like wise for every check the attacker loses he loses one effective rank of telepathic mastery. If the target reaches zero ranks or a Save of Zero he is now subdued and can no longer resist the attackers intrusion into his mind. If the attacker reaches zero effective ranks he is exhausted and can no longer attempt to subdue the target.

Eight hours rest is required to refresh recover lost ranks in telepathic mastery allowing a character to either subdue or resist the attempt to subdue him. If the character can not rest he can not recover the lost ranks.

Once subdued the target’s mind may be read, or altered as desired by the attacking telepath. however he may still revisit the attempts to gain information from him incurring the appropriate DC modifiers.

Normally any attempt to read or subdue another persons mind requires concentration and is both physically and mentally taxing. While involved in either activity the participants are immobile and largely unaware of their surroundings leaving them vulnerable to attack and unable to take any action until they end their mental activities. Also after an attempt to subdue or read another’s mind the Telepath is fatigued for 1d10 minutes and can not use his abilities or techniques during that time.

Telepathy and thought hacking

Telepaths have long known the in's and out's of the human brain myth and urban legend are full of tales of telepaths who can get into the mind and alter memories, reshape personalities and implant hidden instructions that can turn a trusted assistant into a sleeper assassin. The simple truth is that many of the urban legends are grossly exaggerated tales based on a germ or truth. While a telepath can invade and alter the mind it requires great skill, a detailed study of the subject, and time.

Invading the mind is not easy first a subjects subconscious defenses must be overcame, the memories and behavior patters studied and isolated. Then, and only then, can a telepath implant memories or alter attitudes.

No matter how callous and uncaring few people are naturally inclined to kill, or betray their allegiances. Such actions require significant provocation in most cases and simply being told to kill, or betray is seldom enough to convince a person to do so. Often it requires several intrusions to modify an individuals personality to the point they are suitable for control. A great deal of effort goes into the process making it a poor method for most combat situations.

Overcoming defenses
Like a hacker the most difficult portion of the intrusion is overcoming defenses. If alerted the targets mind quickly locks down and presents a maze of metal blocks, preventing any manipulation or access to the memories of an individual.  The mental acuity, and insight of a target radically alter the challenges faced by an intruding telepath. Requiring either a subtle approach or time and situations favorable to a brutal clash of will without interruption or interference.

Avoiding detection
Opposed Bluff vs. Sense Motive (untrained allowed)  check. If the check fails the attempt to intrude simply fails. If the check fails by five points or more then the target is alerted to the attempt to intrude into his mind and telepathic combat ensues until the attacker is exhausted or the target is mentally subdued. The target can always physically attack the intruder, or flee. Steps to prevent either are usually advised.

Once in the mind of the individual the intruding telepath must carefully negotiate the maze of mental blocks and pitfalls that fill the mind of their target. Any overt use of a technique or ability while in the mind of the target offers the target a second chance to spot the intrusion and resist forcefully.

Avoid subconscious blocks
Sense Motive DC 18+ (Cha mod of target) ( Behavioral science check DC 10 allows synergy bonus of +2) time 5 minutes - Charisma modifier of telepath.

Finding the memories or thoughts desired is a matter of time once the internal defenses of the mind have been avoided. The length of time is modified by the age or importance of the memory.

Very old from childhood or more than 10 yrs old : 10 minutes
From adolescence or 5 years old                           : 5 minutes
Recent less than one year old                             : 3 minutes
New less than a month old                                 : 2 minutes

Vitally important or emotionally charged             -3 minutes
Significant or enjoyable                             -1 minute
Extremely painful or secret                          +5 minutes
Life threatening or extremely embarrassing           +10 minutes
Altering information stored in memory is tricky. Requiring a will vs. will contest as well as skill checks to successfully make the changes.
Alter allegiance:                                    2d6 hours             Behavioral science and Diplomacy DC 35
Alter memory                                         1d6 minutes         Behavioral Sciences,Craft visual arts DC 25
Change attitude vs. one individual                   2d10 minutes       Diplomacy DC 15 +5 per step of  alteration
Change Attitude vs. group                            5d10 minutes       Diplomacy DC 20 +5 per step of alteration
Implant  suggestion                                  1d6 minutes         Diplomacy DC 15

“Harmless”                                          +0 DC
Embarrassing but not harmful                        +5 DC
Destructive but not harmful                         +10DC
Cause injury to enemy                               -5 DC
Cause harm to stranger                              +5DC
Cause harm to coworker acquaintance                 +10 DC
Cause Harm to friend                                +15 DC
Cause harm to Lover or family                       -5 to +20 DC depending on relationship
Risk Imprisonment or injury                         +5 DC
Risk death                                          +10 DC
Require killing                                     +5 DC
Personal gain involved                              -5 DC
Revenge on enemy or rival involved                  -5 DC

All modifiers cumulative

It might be advisable to alter memories or allegiances before attempting to implant a suggestion.  Convincing Guard A that Guard B is sleeping with his wife would make Guard A more prone to betraying Guard be. Convincing him that by turning off the alarm system and blaming it on Guard B is a good way to get even is much easier than simply telling him he has to do it.

The ugly side of brain Hacking. The effects Torture, sleep deprivation an physical abuse

Most people are hard to influence or dominate by nature, getting into their brains and rewiring them breaks several basic laws of human nature. For this reason it is sometimes vital to isolate and wear down a targets resistance. Or spread the attempts out breaking them down into baby steps working toward an end goal.

Being exhausted , fatigued drugged or intoxicated are common factors in breaking down the targets will power.
Fatigued                 -2 to will save
Exhausted                -4 to will saves
Intoxicated              -1 to will saves in addition to other states
Unconscious or sleeping  -2 to will saves
Asleep and Dreaming      -4 to will saves

If a person is unconscious due to injury he may be fatigued or exhausted depending on his state when he went unconscious.

A sleeping individual can not be exhausted or fatigued.
Entering a dreaming individuals mind is risky. If he becomes aware of your presence he can turn the dream against you summoning nightmare creatures to attack or harass you. To a dreamer these manifestations are real. They can not kill but they can inflict health damage to the dreamer, and the intruder. If either reaches zero health the dream is ended and both awake shaken AND exhausted. Both will remain exhausted for 1d10 minutes and fatigued for 1d4 hours after waking

If engaged in dream combat a character must make a will save DC 20 to awaken. Doing so leaves the character shaken for 1d6 minutes.

While dreaming the intruder will have dream versions of his normal equipment and cause his techniques normally.  Dream creatures have stats, attacks and abilities, similar if not identical to those listed for their real world or fantasy versions.

Empathic Scan
(Requires Telepathic mastery skill of equal level to power level and, 3 ranks sense Motive)

By sensing the thought processes and emotional impressions of surrounding life forms the telepath can detect and gather limited information on sentient creatures in proximity to him. This sense is not limited by line of sight. With practice a telepath can gather greater information and even use the empathic scan to target and attack a target telepathically without needing to see the target.

1-10 people in target area      Spot check +0 DC
11-20 People in target area     Spot Check +1 DC
21-50 People in target area     Spot Check +3 DC
51-100 People in Target area    Spot check +5 DC

Over 100 people in target area increase DC of spot check by +1 per 10 people over 100

Passive  Telepathic Ability( Associated Skill Sense Motive)
Time: full round action
Concentration yes
Range 50Ft +(10 x ranks in Telepathic master) feet per Character level
Lvl 1
Spot Check DC  12  Detect the presence of sentient creatures within 30ft
Spot Check DC  15  Detect presence, distance and direction of sentient creatures within 60ft
Spot check  DC  18  Detect presence, number, location and movement of sentient creatures within 90ft
Spot Check  DC 23 Detect specific known individual with successful spot check. Detect presence, number location and species of  sentient creatures within 120ft
Lvl 2 can sense non intelligent creatures.
Lvl 3 can determine mood and general intent with successful sense motive check.
Lvl 4a can attempt telepathic contact or attacks against chosen target (concentration check DC 15, powers at -2 levels)
Lvl 4b technique become move action
Lvl 4c see invisible creatures, gains no visual details but can accurately target invisible creatures, the gain no concealment effects and can be attacked normally at -2 to hit.

By overloading the senses and broadcasting a sleet of psychic white noise the attack attempts to impair the performance of  the target.  While it is impossible to completely incapacitate ad individual the sensory overload is often sufficient to degrade an enemies attacks, or skills to the point he becomes ineffective.

Telepathic attack
Time: full round
Duration: 1 rd +1 rd/level of power
Drain: 1 health per Level of technique
Target: 1 sentient creature
Range: 60ft +10 Per character level
AoO: No
Concentration: No
Mental Defense: negates each attack deals 1d3 pts damage to mental defense

Lvl 1 -2 to attacks, skills save DC 12
Lvl 2 -2 to attacks skills  Save DC 14
Lvl 3 -4 to attack skills, saves Save DC 16,  target must make will save DC 15 to use any techniques or ability
Lvl 4a -4 to attack sills , target must make will save DC 18 to use any, skills techniques, or attacks, may not use any ability that requires thought or speech

Lvl 4b    same as level three but affects a number of targets equal to 2+wisdom mod
Lvl 4c    save versus DC 18 or take random action for 1d4 rds.  Each round the target must roll on the chart below.
1             Go berserk 1d4 rnds, as if under the effects of the rage ability. will
                 attack any target with most damaging hand to hand attack
2-5         fight defensively
5-8         move in random direction, will defend self but attack only if attacked
9-12       attack random target (hostile to himself)
13           attack random target (friendly to himself)
15-18     seek cover and hide
19          quote poetry or tell jokes, no attacks or abilities can be used
20          stand still and do nothing, flat footed out of combat.

(requires 10 rank telepathic mastery, and charm level 3)
A brutal telepathic technique that suppresses a persons will power and forces them to obey the telepaths commands.

Allows telepath to issue a command that the target is compelled to follow to the best of his ability. To issue a command the telepath must be able to see the communicate with the target by voice or by telepathy. If the telepath is unable to communicate with the target the target will revert to his free will but will revert to a free willed state but will obey any previously issued instruction to the best of his ability.

A dominated character or creature who has not made a successful save will revert to dominated state if communications are restored or he comes within line of sight of the dominating character of creature.

If forced to fight against his will the target is allowed a Will save every round to break domination.  Outside of a combat situation the dominated character or creature is allowed a new saving through every minute, and an additional saving throw each hour.

Orders that are suicidal or directly against the targets nature or allegiances allow an immediate save to break the domination.

Telepathic Influence technique
Time Full round action
Drain: 3 per level of technique
Target 1 organic creature
Range 30ft +5 ft per character level
AoO: yes
Concentration No
Save: Opposed will Vs Technique check
Special: non sentient creatures receive no save, and durations are doubled.

Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4a  target out of combat save times increased to hourly.
Lvl 4b  If target succeeds will save he is shaken for 1d4 rounds due to mental strain
Lvl 4c  Domination of non sentient creature become permanent.

Alter Memories
(requires lvl 2 alter perception)

This intrusive technique allows the telepath to change how a target remembers an event or fact. He may change details or create a new memory out of whole cloth. The target receives a saving through any time he attempts to remember the altered memory If he succeeds he is aware that he is misremembering the detail but can not retrieve the unaltered memory.
       A telepath may examine his memory and determine the alterations implanted in his mind. If she succeeds in a Will Save, Or telepathic mastery Check versus he DC of the subjects save vs. having his memory altered.

Time: full round action
Range: Touch
Target one sentient organic creature.
Duration: Permanent
Save: Will DC 12+2 per Level, + telepaths Wis Modifier, Negates

Lvl  I May alter minor detail, or cause -2 to attempt to recall facts clearly
Combat usage: -1 rank to skill, or technique for 1d4 rounds

Lvl II May alter mundane details or cause -4 to attempt to recall facts clearly.
Combat usage: -1 rank to skill, or technique for 1d6 rounds
Lvl III May alter significant details or cause -6 to any attempt to recall facts clearly.
Combat usage: -2 ranks to skill, or technique for 1d4 rounds

Lvl IVa may alter major details remove or change identities of individuals or completely rewrite the memory.
Combat usage: -2 rank to skill, or technique for 1d6 rounds
Lvl IVb may implant an aversion to any attempt to remember a specific event or fact. Target must make
Will save DC 18 to attempt to remember the event or fact altered by the telepath.
Combat usage: additional -2 ranks ( -4 total) to skill, or technique for 1d6 rounds
Lvl IVc As 2 radius 10ft

Minor details
Eye, hair color, color of one article of clothing/ presence of person in a commonly accessed area.

Mundane details/ -1 to attack or skill
Height/ weight/ age/clothing style and color/conceal diminutive object/ Presence in area not normally
 open to public but not restricted. Weapons or armor in common area

Significant details
Gender armor/  conceal tiny object/ Presence of individual in restricted area or presence of weapons and armor in area they are not normally seen in. Involvement in hostile action against neutral person or group. Minor/ threat to neutral party/

Major details
Race or species/ weapons/explosive device/ medium object/ Presence of person in restricted area./weapons or armor in area they are not allowed/ Hostile act against friendly individual. Activity restrict in the area/Minor threat to friendly party/ misidentify non threatening hostile individual

Alter perceptions

The telepath seeks to subtly or grossly alter the perceptions of the target. Causing him to see object that are not there, or perceive colors, details or actions in ways different than reality.  Difficulty is determined by the extent of changes, and the impact it has on the target. A cashier might not notice a telepath changing a 1 dollar bill to a five, but will probably notice being handed a blank piece of paper and being influenced to believe it is a 100 dollar bill. And No one will miss a large charge of C-4 strapped around the psionics waist with a ticking timer.

In combat the telepath may chose to distort the targets perceptions decreasing the targets ability to fight effectively. The effect is immediately noticeable and lasts only a short time, the degree of distortion depends on the level of the telepaths technique

Notes: Not effective against mechanical or synthetic creatures. Not effective against any form of mechanical recording device or non targeted individuals. Target may make will save DC 12+level to correctly remember altered details if closely questioned or interrogated.

Active Telepathy Intrusion Technique
Time full round action
Duration: Out of combat duration is permanent, or until successful saving throw is made. 1 rd +1 per/level of power
Range: line of sight
Drain 1 per level of technique
Target: one sentient creature
AoO: yes
Concentration: No
Save will DC 14+ 1 per level

Lvl 1 Conceal Item or affect skill check:  3 rnds +1 per 2 levels
          May alter minor detail, or cause -2 to spot, search checks,  -1 to attack rolls made against him by target, affect 1 sense

Lvl 2 May alter mundane details or cause -4 to spot/search checks, . Affect 2 senses

Lvl 3 May alter significant details or cause -6 to spot/search checks,  - 2 to attack rolls made against him by target.. Affect 3 senses

Lvl 4a May alter major details, or turn target neutral to telepath for duration unless attacked  By the telepath, or witnesses and attack by hr on an ally. Alternately she may gain the effects of 50% concealment v the target creature. Affect 4 senses

Lvl 4b May force target to make a will save Dc 18 or perceive one of his allies as herself or one of her allies.

Lvl 4c As 2 affects all creatures within line of sight.

Minor details
Eye, hair color, color of one article of clothing/ presence of person in a commonly accessed area.

Mundane details/ -1 to attack or skill
Height/ weight/ age/clothing style and color/conceal diminutive object/ Presence of in area not normally
 open to public but not restricted. Weapons or armor in common area.
-2 to attack or skill

Significant details
Gender armor/  conceal tiny object/ Presence of individual in restricted area or presence of weapons and armor in area they are not normally seen in. Involvement in hostile action against neutral person or group. Minor/ threat to neutral party
 -3 to attack or skill or -1 to AC

Major details
Race or species/ weapons/explosive device/ medium object/ Presence of person in restricted area./weapons or armor in area they are not allowed/ Hostile act against friendly individual. Activity restrict in the area/Minor threat to friendly party/ misidentify non threatening hostile individual as neutral party

 -4 to attack or skill or -2 to AC

Charm allows a telepath to subtly influence his target by radiating confidence, and soothing energies that relax the target and  increase his willingness to cooperate. A target must be indifferent or better for charm to be effective.  Hostile or abusive behavior to target or friends, allies breaks charm instantly
Telepathic Influence technique. Charm does not allow a character to issue orders but it will make it easier to subtly influence a target. Or persuade him to change allegiance.

Time Full round action
Duration: Until successful Will vs Technique save is made.
Drain: none
Target 1 sentient creature
AoA: yes
Concentration No
Save: will

Lvl 1 +1 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 12
Lvl 2 +2 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 14
Lvl 3 +4 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 16
Lvl 4a +4 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 18
Lvl 4b +2 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 16 radius 10ft
Lvl 4c +2 to diplomacy, information gathering, Gambling, Bluff Save DC 14 duration 30min

The telepath has mastered the art of projecting a field of emotional noise that can generate emotions in others. Either a calming relaxing pulse of soothing psychic emanations or a jarring, unsettling sleet of unease and dread. The effects can either make the weak mind more pliant and more at ease with the telepath, or intimidate and foster a sense of fear and awe without any tangible source. If the telepath uses her abilities in concert with diplomacy or intimidation the effects can be impressive. A guard who might under normal circumstances search every item and piece of equipment in her possession may simply accept her assurances that all is well. Or a soldier might be intimidated to the point that he finds himself unable to face her in combat.

Active Telepathic Influence effect.
Time: Full round action
AoA Yes
Target 1 Sentient Organic creature
Range: 10ft+5ft per power level
Duration: 3 rounds +1 round per power level
Save: no save

Telepath can chose to increase one of her skills choosing between Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate. Against a specific sentient organic creature she gains  +2 ranks per level of The technique she has learned for duration of effect.

Lvl IV          the telepath may increase her skill ranks additional +4 for duration ( total of +10 ranks)

Lvl IV b       The telepath may affect increase her skill ranks against all creatures within 10ft radius of her.

Lvl IV c the telepath may chose to gain, the frightful presence feat or Fascinate (charismatic Class ability) for the duration of the effect in addition to increasing her skill ranks. If she has either feat she may chose to increase her charisma by +4 when using that ability..

Combat Precognition
The telepaths latent psionic talent allows him to subconsciously see a split second ahead in time. While he does not have any conscious knowledge of the event he is able to react more quickly to events than normal. With practice ad training a combat precog can make himself a difficult target and get the drop on opponents with seaming superhuman response times

Combat precognition has both active and passive aspects, when power is active the ESPer gains the benefit of both active and passive abilities. If the active ability grant a similar or identical bonus or ability then the active power supersedes the passive power.

Active ESP ability.
Time full round
Duration: passive persistant, Active 3 rnds +1 round per level
Target Self
Drain: none

Level 1 passive initiative +2
            Active: AC +2
Level 2 Passive: +1 AC(dodge Bonus),
            Active: AC +3
Level 3 Passive: ref save +1.
            Active:  AC+4 , can not be flanked.
Level 4a Passive: Precognitive Defense; Telepath may not be flanked, and is never flatfooted
             Active: AC +5, REF save +2.
Level 4b Passive -1 to enemy critical threat range
                Active: Blind Fighting as feat for duratio
Level 4c Passive: danger sense; Gains subconscious awareness of threat, gains no insight
               or details of the threat only the  fact there is a immediate threat.
               Active  AC +6 Increase duration 1 rd.

Detect psionics
( requires 3 ranks telepathic mastery)

Most telepaths learn to sense when Psionic abilities are being used against them by another telepath. The ability to detect and analyze psionic activity no directed against her requires a telepath receive special training and learn to filter through the mental noise generated by any sentient beings in their vicinity.

While technically their ability to detect psionic activity is not limited by range the mental background noise of an inhabited area often confuses a telepath creating false information forcing a telepath to focus on smaller areas to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the background noise around them.

Their ability allow them to detect any telepathic ability or technique as well as any nd efecting special ability possessed by creatures they encounter.

Lvl 1
Spot check DC 10   Presence of active psionic ability. No details

Lvl 2
Spot check DC  15  General direction and distance of active ability, or use of an ability or technique on a specific individual  in the past 15 minutes

Lvl 3
Spot Check DC 18  Target and originator of active psionic ability, or use of an ability or technique on a specific individual  in the within past hour

Lvel 4a
Spot check  DC 20  General Type and strength of psionic ability, or technique,  or use of an ability or technique on a specific individual  in the past 8hrs

Lvl 4b
Spot check  DC 20  Specific Technique or ability in use General Type and strength of psionic ability, or technique,  used on a specific individual  in the past 8hrs

Lvl 4c
Spot check DC 25 develop a mental fingerprint of a telepath they have detected using an active power. Detect presence of alterations to memories, perceptions or allegiances of a specific individual.

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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Psionics: Telepathy, Evasion
The telepaths precognitive gifts allow her to react to threats a fraction of a second before the threat materializes. Her ability allows her to avoid even attack from hidden threats, or threats that would normally catch her flatfooted and touch attacks since she perceives the effect of the attack not the source. He gains no conscious knowledge of the attack only that he should move or that her movements would bring her into danger.

Active Telepathic enhancement effect.
Time: Full round action
AoO Yes
Drain: None
Range: Self
Duration: Active usage: 3 rounds +1 round per power level
Save: no save

Lvl I to III
Telepath gains a +1 dodge bonus To her Ac. Dodge bonus Increases By +2 per Power level after first power level.

Lvl IV   Telepath gains an additional + 3 Dodge bonus to her Ac( total +10). and a +2 to her reflex save.

Lvl IV b   the telepath may increase Grant 1 ally a Dodge Bonus of +2 for 3rds

Lvl IV c  The telepath gains the evasion feat for the duration of the effect. If she already poses this feat she gains the improved evasion feat instead. If she possess improved evasion then she receives a bonus of +4 to her reflex saves when saving to reduce damage.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Psionics: Telepathy, Forget
Forget: ( requires lvl 4 alter memory)
An invasive ability that wipes a specific memory or fact from the casters mind. The memory is not replaced there is simply a hole in the targets memory. Target can not remember the fact or event since the impression is completely removed. By erasing a memory the telepath has an easier time using alter memory to fabricate a false memory.  Memories of extremely traumatic, emotionally charged events might not be completely erased however they are confused, and may be mistaken for a bad dream or nightmare unless examined by a telepath.

Active Telepathy Intrusion Technique
Time full round action
Duration: permanent: combat usage has duration
Range: touch
Drain: 3 per level of technique used.
Target: one sentient creature
AoO: yes
Concentration: No
Save Will Vs Technique check

Lvl 1, Minor fact/ 10 seconds of time,
         Combat usage:2 ranks skill or technique for 1hr
Lvl 2 Mundane fact /30 seconds time
         Combat usage:4 ranks skill or technique for 1hr
Lvl 3 significant fact/ 1 minute of time
           Combat usage:6 ranks of skill or technique for 8 hr period.
Lvl 4 Major fact/ 5 minutes time
Lvl 4 10 minutes time
Lvl 4  extraordinary fact,
Lvl 5 24 hour period of time
Combat usage:½ total ranks in skill, Technique or 1 feat/ talent for 24 hrs.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: Telepathy, Cloaking
Mental cloaking
The telepath shields his mind decreasing his presence and making his mind difficult to detect, assault or influence.  Unless in direct line of sight the telepath is effectively invisible to other telepaths. However while cloaked the telepath is unable to use any telepathic ability or technique without making himself known.
           To cloak himself the telepath makes an opposed  Technique check versus any telepath attempting to detect, or influence here. I successful the telepath is invisible to telepathic detection and can not be influenced or attacked until detected. This does not protect the telepath from area affect Telepathic technique or make him physically invisible. If the hostile telepath can see the telepath he may attack or attempt to influence him normally.
             While cloaked a telepath can not use any active telepathic abilities, or techniques. In addition he may not communicate telepathically or receive any telepathic communications. The mental concentration required is not great but does impart a -2 penalty to skills and attacks while up.
Telepathic Defense
Time: full round action
Duration: special: until lowered, visually spotted by hostile telepath, or active telepathic ability used.
Range: self
AoO:  yes
Concentration: No

Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4
Lvl 4b may mimic non sentient creature with Successful Bluff vs. sense motive check
Lvl 4c may make bluff  vs. Sense Motive check to mimic the mental signature of a subject he has telepathically contacted.

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Re: Psionics: Telepathy, Feedback

Mental feedback
Creating a storm of mental  energy in his own mind the telepath can cause an intruding telepath to become confused or stunned by any attempt at influence or contact.  With practice and training the intruding telepath may be unable to use his own abilities for a short period after an attempt to intrude into or influence the defending telepath.

Telepathic Defense
Time: Full round action
Duration: Special ( can be extended by concentration)
Range: self
AoO: yes
Concentration:  no
Save: Will DC 12+2 per level of power.

Lvl 1 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 1d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 14 or be dazed 1rd, duration 3 rds
Lvl 2 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 1d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 16 or be dazed 1rd, duration 3 rds
Lvl 3 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 1d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 14 or be dazed 1d4rd, Duration 4rds
Lvl 4 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 2d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 16 or be stunned 1 rd, Duration 6rds
Lvl 4 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 1d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 16 or be dazed 1d4 rds. Duration  10 rds
Lvl 4 any telepath attempting to use an influence or intrusion must save or suffer 1d6 health damage, and make fort save DC 14 or suffer an increase of 3 rds on their recovery time for telepathic abilities in addition to those already in effect for the ability or technique used in the attack against the defender.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: Telepathy, Mindlink
Mindlink: Mind link allow a telepath to forge a connection with another individual this connection allows the telepath to communicate freely via telepathy with the other at any time as long a they remain within range. Mind link normally does not allow more than speaking to one another and the transmission of general impressions of the others health and emotional state.  Establishing a mind link requires familiarity and close proximity. As well as approximately fifteen minutes of meditation by the telepath.

Lvl 1    Mindlink with 1 willing individual range 300ft
Lvl 2    Mindlink with 2 willing individuals range   1200ft
Lvl 3    Mindlink with 4 willing individuals range   100miles
Lvl 4    Mindlink with 8 wiling individuals range    10,000miles
Lvl 4    Mindlink with unwilling individual save DC 15 range 100meters
Lvl 4    Mindlink with one individual at a time capable of full sensory and physical sensations.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: Telepathy, Sense Thoughts
Sense Thoughts:

The telepath has studied several advanced skills allowing him to use his telepathic skills to understand spoke languages read emotional states, and sense hostility or deliberate lies without concentration or the subjects assistance. The telepath does not receive any details, or any clear thoughts from the target instead she receives a strong intuitive feeling that is reliable enough to make a clear statement from.

Lvl I
Time: Move action
Range 30ft
Target: One sentient organic creature
Duration: 1 increases by level,  5 Minutes at Lvl 3,  20 Minutes at level IV
Save: will DC: Opposed Will vs. technique check ( ranks in technique + cha mod)
Mental Defense: Blocks

Notes: The telepath may switch target each round but can only sense thoughts from that individual. Although she can make a spot check to sense a change in the mental state or emotional state of any individual she has previously targeted )


Sense Hostility
As a move action the Psion can determine if the subject intends to attack or cause harm to her or her allies in the immediate future. (20 minutes) This reading is not a prediction of the future but a reading of CURRENT mental state. A subject who is not immediately hostile when first read becomes Hostile during the duration of the Technique the telepath may make a spot check DC 12 to notice the change in mental state.

Empathy: ( Cloaking negates)
As a free action the telepath can gain insight into the subjects mood and temperament. Gauging their reactions to events or actions. This grants a +4 to sense Motive, Diplomacy and Bluff Skill checks. Bonus Increases 1pt per level of technique acquired.

Comprehend Languages:
The telepath gains the ability to understand the language of a single individual. She can not speak or read the language or under stand the exact meaning of words but he can gain an accurate translation of what is being said. Proper names, slang, jargon or jokes do not translate, instead she receives only a vague idea of what the speaker is referring to.

Sense Lies ( Cloaking negates)
The telepath can detect subtle changes in a person mental state allowing her to gain a accurate estimate of the truthfulness of a statement made by the speaker. She cannot distinguish between degrees of deception or the nature of the deception but she knows that the speaker is being inaccurate or deceptive when he speaks.
            If a subject believes he is telling the truth, the telepath will not detect a lie, or know he is misinformed. If the subject is making up what he is saying it will read as deception.
               Subject does not need to consent but should they resist the telepath can sense their resistance only, and gain no insight into their truthfulness or accuracy.

The subject may attempt to fool the Telepath with a bluff check vs. (5 + telepaths Cha Mod+ ranks in  Sense Thoughts, or sense motive if higher) to his Bluff check.


Lvl IVa the telepath can sense thoughts from as many subjects as she has Ranks In Telepathic master/3 at the same time.

Lvl IVb sense hostility becomes a persistent passive ability. As a free action the Telepath my make a sense motive check DC 10 to detect hostile or potentially hostile intent in a sentient organic creature.

Lvl IV c due to her abilities o sense the thoughts of other if engaged in melee combat with another sentient organic creature the is able to react to the subjects attack before he attacks. The telepath  receives ½ concealment ( 20% chance to miss ) vs. her chosen opponent f or the duration of the effect. To receive this bonus she must designate her chosen opponent before initiatives are rolled. And have this technique active.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: Telepathy, Stun
The telepath hit his target with the equivalent of a psionic EMP pulse temporarily disorienting and incapacitating his target. While little chance of inflicting real harm is likely this attack is effective in self defense or attack since it temporarily incapacitates and enemy leaving him vulnerable to other forms of attack.

Telepathic attack
Time: full attack
Duration: Instant
Target: 1 sentient organic creature
Range: 60ft +10 Per character level
AoA: No
Concentration: No
Mental Defense yes ( each attack using stun reduces mental defense by 1d4+ level of power) pts)

Lvl I        Save dc14 dazed 1 rd
Lvl II       Save dc16 dazed 1d4 rnds
Lvl III      Save dc16 stunned 1 rd
Lvl IVa    Save DC18 stunned 1d4 rnds
Lvl IVb    Save DC20 or unconscious 1 rd
Lvl IVc    Save DC 16 dazed 1d4 rnds, radius 10ft range zero
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: ESP, Precognition

Precognition; The ability to see future evens through meditation dreams, or visions. Precognition requires time and a quiet environment. Loud noises, stress or exertion disrupt the images and cause the effort to be wasted.
        In addition actions by the telepath or others can change event causing the visions of the future to become inaccurate misleading or potentially dangerous. In most cases precogs attempt to divine general trends or warn of events that fall outside of human activity such as natural disasters, cosmic events, wars or major economic shifts too large for individuals to affect.
           The importance of events is not necessarily based on their impact to the individual. The death of a bus driver in a major city might be important to that individual but of no long term consequence. If that bus driver were to die at the wheel, and cause a chain reaction accident that killed hundreds and triggered a massive fire or explosion that threatened o destroy a power plant or volatile refinery complex leading to long term suffering and loss. It would be no less important to that individual but the sheer scope of the event would increase the likelihood a precog could pick hi death out of the tens of thousands of images that would bombard him during his session.

         A concentration check DC 15 is required to enter a precognitive state, any strong emotions violent actions, or interruptions require an immediate second check to continue the attempt.

Active ESP ability
Associated skill( telepathic mastery)
Time 1hr(viewer may attempt to gain useful information every hour of his meditative state.)
Duration: concentration ( must make concentration check every hour or lose focus)
AOA: yes
Concentration: Yes, definitely you betcha, what do you think.

Lvl 1 Minor impressions of extremely powerful events
Lvl 2 Minor impressions of important event, clear images of powerful events
Lvl 3 minor impressions of common events, clear impressions of important event, clear images of powerful events
Lvl 4 clear impressions of common events, clear images of important event, full sensory experiences of Powerful events.

Gaining Information in precognitive state.
To gather information of future events a spot, or research check is required. On a successful check the Gm may impart useful information to the player. Spot checks affected by time between events and current time.  The nature of a precognitive state bombards the viewer with a nearly infinite stream of images, sounds, and sensations. The more time that separates the viewer from the event increases the deluge of information at an exponential rate. Each decision or incident creating entire new streams of images to scan for information.

1 minute:    DC 15
10 Minutes DC 20
1   Hour      DC 25
12 hrs         DC 30
24 Hrs         DC 35
1 Year         DC 40
1 year Plus  DC  40+1/year

If check is failed no useful information is gained. The telepath can not attempt to enter precognitive state for 1d20-wis modifier hours due to strain

Importance or Power of Images

Powerful event: real threat of danger or loss of life, major disadvantage. Major shift in society or lifestyle. In general society. A specific crime, threat, or danger to loved one.( massacres, wars, natural disasters, economic collapse. Personal matters. (violent assault, attempted murder, or rape.)

Important event: Possibility of danger or loss of life, major disadvantage, Major shift in society or lifestyle. In local area, or significant changes not involving danger or loss in society in general. A specific crime, threat, or danger to close friend or relative.

Minor event: Possibility of injury, financial loss, major disadvantage, shift in trends, changes in patterns not involving danger or loss in society or local region. A specific crime, threat, or danger to coworker or acquaintance..

Common events: Possibility of injury, financial loss, major disadvantage, shift in trends, changes in patterns not involving danger or loss to specific individuals. A specific crime, threat, or danger to known individual of no importance to precog.
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: ESP, Psychometry
Psychometry is the ability to gain insight to events or read psychic impressions stored in objects or locations.  Thee images and impressions are limited to real events, but the viewr sees them through the eyes of the individual who originally perceived them. Strong emotions often distort or alter impressions making it difficult to determine actual from perceived or imagined facts.
          The personal attachment of an individual to the item or location being investigated will determine the strength of impressions imbedded in them. A child’s teddy bear would have much more value and emotional attachment than a match book dropped by a fleeing criminal.

Active ESP ability
Related skill( Telepathic Mastery)
Time: full round action
AOA: yes
Concentration: yes

Lvl 1 minor impressions of extremely powerful events
Lvl 2 Minor impressions of important event, images of powerful events
Lvl 3 minor impressions of common events, images of important event, clear images of powerful events, impressions of purpose or intended function of an item or device. ( tool, weapon, decoration, memento)
Lvl 4 full sensory experiences of Powerful events.,  specific purpose or function of device or item. History or intended meaning of item such as badge or medal
Lvl 4 gain proficiency with weapon or familiarity with devices functions for 1d4 hours. Impressions of Specific events connected to badge, medal, gift etc…
Lvl 4 make sense motive check to gain insight into owners mental state, or thoughts.

common event:  day to day life, conversations, or insignificant events. Discussions of mundane plans, minor criminal conspiracies. Minor injuries, mundane arguments, and disagreements. Accidental death or injury of a stranger.

Important events: events of emotional importance, weddings, first dates, major arguments, deaths in the family. Serious criminal conspiracies, assaults, fights, injuries. Accidental deaths, deaths of persons know to the owner. Murder or violent crime involving stranger

Powerful events: violent murders, violent crimes. Major accidents or disasters involving many deaths. Death of a wife, lover or child. Loss of home or business. Conspiracies involving murder, rape, torture.

The viewer may attempt to gain useful information from his vision using a spot or sense motive check. The clarity and intensity of the images and impressions affect the difficulty of the check. However there is always the risk that the viewer will suffer from intense emotions or violent, horrific images stored in an item or location he views closely. I such cases he must make a Will save or be shaken for varying lengths of time.
           In the event of happy or pleasant memories the opposite may be true. If the viewer can focus on and control the positive emotions of an event he gains a short term boost to his morale and  benefits from a bonus to his activities for a short period of time. Make will save DC 16, if successful gain +1 morale bonus to all skills and saves for 1d4 hours., or dispel effects of negative images viewed through Psychometry.

To gather useful information: Spot or Sense motive check DCs
Minor impressions: DC 35
Impressions: DC 30
Images: DC 25
Clear images: DC 20
Full sensory: DC 15

Repeated instances Deaths, Torture, destruction Involved: -5 DC: will save DC 18 or shaken 1d4 hours
Large numbers of people affected: affected: -5 DC: will save DC 14 or shaken 1d10 minutes
Repeated readings: -1DC per reading max -5DC
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Mon 23 Aug 2010
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Re: Psionics: ESP, Remote viewing
Remote Viewing( requires 10 ranks telepathic mastery)
By altering hi perceptions and tapping into some unknown cosmic consciousness the ESPer the length of time a telepath may view an area improves with practice and training can sense an area without physically being present. Clarity, range, and length of time the ESPer can observe his target. There are distinct danger when using this ability.
             If detected a hostile telepath can conceivably attack the viewer at great distances without any outward sign of distress. In addition the ability is extremely demanding, forcing an ESPer to enter a deep meditative trance making him oblivious to his surroundings and vulnerable to attack.
            A less tangible and unconfirmed danger is that while his consciousness is in transit to the target the ESPer might encounter disembodied entities, that can cause him harm. A number of ESPers are rumored to have suffered mental illness, nightmares, even death after encountering something hostile while remotely viewing an area.

Active ESP ability
Associated Skill: ( Telepathic Mastery)
Time: full round: extended by concentration
AoA yes
Concentration: Yes

Lvl 1 can observe a location from fixed vantage point., -6 to spot/search checks Range 100 yards
Lvl 2  fixed vantage point,- 5 to spot/search checks.  Range 1 mile
Lvl 3  fixed vantage point. - 5 to spot/search checks   Range 10 miles
Lvl 4 can observe a location from mobile vantage point - 4 to spot/search check Range 100 miles
Lvl 4 Increase range to 1000 miles
Lvl 4 increase range to 10,000 miles
Lvl 5( 20 ranks)  Allow use of telepathic/kinetic abilities through viewing point.

Viewing requires a concentration check to gather useful information.
Familiar location DC 18
Unfamiliar but Known Location DC 23
Unknown Location DC 28
Description available DC -2
Photo available DC -5
Assisting Viewer DC -1
May take 10 or take 20

Special: if detected by empathic scan, viewer may be engaged telepathically by hostile telepath. Only the viewer and the hostile may enter combat and they may only uses their telepathic abilities, and techniques on one another until one is defeated or withdraws.