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Non Human races
MínKuhl: (emm-na-COOL) a species of warm blooded creatures native, or at least common to hyperspace. Resembling a long tapered aquatic mammal such as a dolphin with four ray like wings, two to either side of the body slightly separated by small stiff pectoral fins. The MínKuhl swim through hyperspace propelled by a powerful telekinetic method still not completely understood by xenobiologists. Unlike most species I hyperspace MínKuhl are only lightly armored their great speed and agility allowing the to outmaneuver and out run large more heavily armored predators and strike quickly at their favored prey with minimal risk of injury.
         MínKuhl typically prey on small reef dwelling crustaceans, free ďswimmingí schools of  fish and squid like animals and  other small life forms living in the more densely populated regions of hyperspace. Often MínKuhl will shadow ships playing in the wake left by their passage or hitching a ride in the ships mass shadow between distant reefs.  Their friendly playful demeanor and relatively benign appearance has led to MíNKuhl becoming a major tourist draw with small sightseeing ships dropping into areas they are common to and taking short hops from point to point drawing the MínKuhl in with a free ride to the next nearest reef or drift.
           MínKuhl are quite capable of surviving in real space and can survive for days in the void of space. Cruising from hyperspace transit points to nearby worlds or popping back into Hyperspace if there are no worlds close enough for them to reach.
           In hyperspace and other low gravity environments MínKuhl are capable of incredible speeds easily pacing or outrunning starships moving though those regions. In higher gravity regions their flight slows to a mere 100 kilometers per hour.  The nature of their flight is such that even at low speeds they can escape gravity wells of even large planets and freely travel tens of thousands of miles in real space before needing to return to an atmosphere or Hyperspace to take a breath and warm up.

           On worlds with large real space dwelling MínKuhl populations the friendly creatures often become invaluable partners for the locals. Their intelligence, docile nature and willingness to accept training making them valuable domestic assistants to the local populations.
              Like most Hyperspace life form MínKuhl have innate kinetic abilities which they uses for defense hunting and survival. MínKuhl can generate short pulse of EM energy which they use like sonar to navigate and locate prey and predators in the dust veils, and dusty atmosphere of drifts and reefs common to hyperspace. They can focus and intensify this pulse until it can damage electronics, knock down shield packs and stun or injure creatures capable of perceiving the energies.  In addition adults can generate a powerful blast of kinetic energy that can injure man sized creatures and kill smaller creatures with a single blast.  Thee abilities have led to some Militia and armies training MínKuhl much as dogs and other animals have been trained for warfare for centuries.
             MínKuhl will accompany squads of marines or infantry, scout dangerous regions on their own, or fly patrols serving as highly adaptable and self guiding patrol drones with little complaint or hesitation. Their tendency to wander away during down time and their resistance to being confined often means that same individual MínKuhl will not be available with any regularity. However the always return later seeming to become despondent or confused if punished for leaving which frustrates some commanders and trainer alike. However since MínKuhl are social creatures there are usually enough around to allow a standing pool of volunteers to insure that there are always trained individuals on hand to accomplish a mission.

         The high level of intelligence, ability to comprehend complex concepts and highly evolved group and social structures has led many groups to consider MínKuhl to be sentient. As a result sometimes groups will protest the use of MínKuhl as cheap labor, or military assets as slavery and abuse.  When telepaths explain their views to MínKuhl the most common reaction is amusement. They reply most often using their limited empathic vocabulary. ďHuman, happy, no fear, good foodÖ.No human no happy, scared, hungry.Ē

             MínKuhl will occasionally bond with a sentient creature forming an unbreakable link similar to a lesser mind link. Once they bond with a human they will travel where it travels and serve as both companion guardian and mount for them. A MínKuhl can carry and medium sized or smaller person and their gear as long as it does not exceed a total of 250lbs. Beyond that the MínKuhl will suffer as encumbered up to 350 pounds where it can no longer remain aloft in a gravity well. Outside of a gravity well the MínKuhl can carry his rider an his equipment up to 500lbs without trouble. Mass load in excess of 500 kilos reduces the speed of the creature by 25% masses above 800 pounds can not be carried.

Flight speeds:

Racial traits:
Hit Die D6
Size Medium
Con +2
Int- 2

Innate techniques: may improve them normally in addition to any other technique of feat they wish to learn.
Concusion Lvl I
Pulse Lvl I
Kinetic Barrier Lvl I
Electronic warfare Lvl I

In atmosphere movement 75ft fly perfect 75ft swim
Dash: 100 miles per hour ( high speed flight has limited mobility maneuvering as if it were an aircraft or drone. maneuver penalty +0)
Max speed in open space:  is 1500 ( 4 spaces tactical movement can use ďafterburnersĒ to increase by +2)mph. movement is reactionless
Max Speed in Hyperspace: 7 spaces tactical movement ( can boost by +2 spaces as if equipped with afterburners, this gives him an effective faster than light speed of  .7 light yrs per day relative to normal space. )

Hyperspace Shunt: can Jump to hyperspace as a full round actions. Shunting to hyperspace in an atmosphere is dangerous it creates a 6d6 blast, radius 15ft. of non specific energy. Save DC 15 for half damage. ( this can be used as an attack however the character risks injury)

Hyperspace adaptation: can survive indefinitely in hyperspace and suffers no penalties for actions in hyperspace.

Aquatic: suffers no penalties for action s/attacks while swimming.
Space adaptation: can survive in Open space for 1d4+con mod days, suffers no penalties due to weightlessness
Hold breath can Hold breath for 1d4+con mod in days depending on internal organs and symbiotic bacteria to recycle oxygen. After 1 day it becomes extremely uncomfortable imposing -2 to any skill check or attack. Any activity beyond travel cause the body to burn oxegyn at greater rate.

   To determine how long a MĎníKuhl  can sustain combat while underwater or in space, each round reduces his effective con by 1 pt unless he makes a FORT save DC 18 when his effective con reaches 0 he mist shunt to hyperspace or surface for a breath., or begin to drown/asphyxiate
      Con reductions for determining endurance do not affect anything but how long he can stay submerged and fight or stay in open space.

No tool use: MínĒkohl have no tool use ability they can use only the most simple tools, operate switches or open doors with mechanical latches.

Technologically inept: MínKuhl can not learn any technology based skill as a class skill.  With the exception of learning computer use, solely for using their electronic warfare techniques.

Unique body type: MínĒKuhl can not wear any armor, or use any device not specifically built for them. All equipment purchase DC are +4

Unique feat: tool user: for some reason the MínĒKuhl has grasped the concepts of tools and technology. They can learn technological skills and use items as any normal character can. Within their physical limitationsÖno hands.
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Re: Non Human races

A race of humans forcibly experimented on after exposure to an alien area denial bioweapon. Stygian show strong arachnid arthropod traits suck as a heavy dermal armor, extra mandibles, and short spines along their back and neck. Stygian are infected with a powerful mutagenic virus capable of transferring entire strands of Dna from one species to another. Normal the result is infertility and lethal birth defects however after exposure unscrupulous genetic engineers experimented with exposed colonist to produce a sustainable population with similar mutations.
               The majority of Stygians are infertile males who can only reproduced by infecting a pregnant female with the Stygian plague during intercourse. These males are typical stronger and more robust than human males and are aggressive violent predators. Les rapacious members of the breed are allowed off word under strict conditions and typically wear some form of monitoring device to insure their behavior.

           The smaller percentage of births among infected humans are a hermaphroditic fusion of male and female traits. Capable of impregnating both stygian and humans, as well as bearing live young. Commonly referred to as Incubi, or succubae they differ only in secondary sexual traits such as figure and breast development. A secondary trait of both species is the production of strong pheromones that limit the hostility and violent tendencies of drones, and act as a potent aphrodisiac on most human male or female.
          If inoculated with drugs t suppress their sex dre and inhibit pheromone production Incu/succubae are allowed to travel freely. Although most choose to stay within the Stygian expanse due to strong discrimination and persecution outside of stygian colonies.


Stygian sperm ova and embryos are the only know source of a human safe variant of the stygian virus. If sanitized to remove existing strands of DNA and hen seeded with a desire gene sequence the virus is of great value in medical treatments for genetic disorders, cancer and even voluntary genetic engineering.
          As a result many pharma-corps collect reproductive materials from Stygians for processing and sell, this practice is controversial and of questionable ethics. While most companies enact strict guidelines and safety protocols les reputable and black market suppliers are not above selling stolen/forcible collected material or dangerously tainted lots of the virus. Recent unrest in stygian colonies, and use of the virus as a bio weapon by terror groups have brought the situation to a high level of volatility as a result travel in the Stygian expanse is discouraged.

Women traveling in the Stygian expanse or in proximity to a stygian are advised to exercise extreme caution and travel armed or with armed bonded escorts.  Human ales are advised to avoid sexual contact with Stygians, and not to have intercourse with human females for six weeks after any close physical contact with Stygian.

Stygian characters are created using Mutations found in D20 Future and D20 Apocalypse. Each stygian is unique in appearance and abilities, depending on the stray bits of DNA they received during infection.

Each Stygian receives 10 mutation points to spend freely as he chooses and may take drawbacks to receive more mutation points.

Stygian have the following racial Features

Special Medical Care required: all treat injury rolls are made at -4 for stygian.

Infectious: stygian all carry the Virus in some form. This makes intimate contact with anyone potentially dangerous.

Discrimination: Stygian are monitored and policed aggressively. Most races react badly to them imposing a -2 on all diplomacy, information gathering checks.  They do receive a +2 to intimidate checks  however.

Unique Physical characteristics: these make it difficult for a stygian to disguise himself, imposing a -4 penalty on disguise checks. And also make it easy to pick him out of a crowd, sometimes granting a +2 to his reputation. ( for good or bad)

At creation Stygian must choose:

Sterile: can not parent off spring except by infection.


Incubus:/succubus: despite physical traits incubi/succubi  have both male and female reproductive organs.  This has no bearing on their personality as male and female personalities are common.
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Re: Non Human races
 a semi aquatic sentient life form common to most regions of space. The are large bulbous bodies armored with bony plates, and ropes of muscular tissue. They sport dozens of muscular stubs which end in sensory organs and blunt grasping pincers that are usually used to latch onto other Boloids, and move about in tight spaces. Inside their armored shell Boloids house numerous specialized tentacles for feeding manipulation and defense.
          As individuals Boloids are only marginally intelligent, however when several Boloids link their nervous systems through their grasping organs they radically increase their mental capacity, memory, and problem solving skills. Many Boloids form semi permanent unions fusing their shells  with their mates and effectively becoming a single organism.. A few truly massive Overminds are responsible for governing and organizing the Boloid society. These Overminds are truly impressive in size some nearly as large as an office block supported by hundreds of servants and  assistants.
            Most Boloids are formed by four to five individuals formed into a central body using ten or more tentacles for locomotion and manipulation. When linked a Boloid is a robust and capable creature. Often able to survive injury to one or more of itís member nodes and still function with little hindrance. The networked nervous and circulatory systems allow a single node to provide circulation for injured nodes, and control the tentacles and stalks of the injured node even if that nodes central brain has been disabled or destroyed.

             For much of their history the Boloid had little use for machines or tools. Their many tentacles and ability to multitask allowed them to exist as free swimming masses without permanent structures or more than the most basic tools and devices. Once introduced to mechanical devices the Boloid quickly adapted technology to suit their needs. Incorporating many devices directly onto their shells or into their bodies. Forcing them to adapt and alter their largely nomadic lifestyle to construct factories, mines and storehouses to feed their growing dependence on mechanical and electronic aids.
          A modern Boloid union is now a mesh of mechanical and organic components that more closely resembles a cybernetic life form than an organic creature. As a result many species have nevr encountered a non enhanced Boloid and may not even be able to tell where the Union ends and its collection fo devices and add-ons ends.

          Boloid culture is rapidly changing and varied their constant merging and separating into varied unions means that personalities and power structures change so rapidly that few races can truly understand their society or even the individual unions they deal with on a regular basis. The addition f a younger less experienced node or an older more seasoned node can radically alter a Unions personality and behavior, although they might kep the same basic outlook their reactions to events may alter significantly in a very short period of time causing sometimes unexpected shifts in relations with other species.
            Normally Boloids pass through several stages, Larvae, Free Swimmer, and finally progressing to Node. Then as an adult merging into a Union or network.
           As a larvae Boloids resemble terrestrial jelly fish. Soft, transparent and extremely fragile and are seldom found outside of the voids and interior spaces of a Boloid mass. Large have little intelligence and have no place or function in Boloid society In more primitive times many thousands of Larvae would never survive long enough to mature into  free swimmers. The sheer number of larvae and the random, emotionally unimportant nature of Boloid reproduction have not engendered any emotional attachment to larvae.
        Free swimmers are immature, not having developed a hard carapace or more advanced appendages they serve as messengers, scouts and menial laborers in Boloid culture. Usually a union or node will have several dozen free swimmer drones who accompany it and follow itís instructions until they mature into nodes and are capable of serving in more complex and important ways.
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Re: Non Human races

Tlazolteotl : (Bone, corpse, filth, eaters)

A large aggressive race encountered first By the Quetzl. massive muscular with a slumped posture and larger arms it uses both for manipulation and walking the race resembles a large reptilian with the general shape and posture of a gorilla.
      Bone eaters are technologically advanced though they seem to have little culture or social structure how a race with such a low level of sophistication gained star flight is unknown but their habit of stealing technology and dominating smaller colonies makes it likely they have gained their technology through other races.
    The name given to the race by the Quetzl is derived from their habit of eating dead bodies, especially of creatures or beings they have killed. Not only scavengers the Bone eaters will consume slaves, prisoners and raise, capture or trade slaves specifically for food.

    Bone eaters have a heavy hide and thick bony armor on the neck, shoulders chest and forearms. their large size heavy skin and viscous tempers make Bone Eaters formidable combatants. their enormous strength allows them to carry heavy loads of weapons and armor into combat some larger veterans can slug it out with small mechs without vehicular support.
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Re: Non Human races
    non tool using, predatory mobile plants. Semi-Intelligent hitchhikers. Moving from one planet to another on contaminated ships or in poorly sanitized cargo containers. They appear to be a large bulb at the center of several long segmented stalks which serve to support and carry the body, working likes the legs of spiders or crustaceans with a hard outer shell and strong fibers of ďmuscleĒ and tendon inside.
      The body is crowned by a ring of long slender talks the are tipped with five globes around a central node. These ser4ve as combination scent, motion and auditory sensors. While blind Triffids are extremely sensitive to ground vibrations, air currents and slight temperature differences allowing them to ďseeĒ in complete darkness and strike prey with their manipulative tendrils.
        Their tendrils allow Triffids to manipulate simple mechanisms, door latches, switches or move heavy objects with relative ease. These tendrils secrete several chemicals, paralytic neurotoxin, hallucinogenic narcotics, and powerful digestive enzymes that liquefy flesh and bone of itís prey. The chemicals allow A Triffid it to quickly, stun, disable kill and digest and consume large prey, including humans. Itís primary defensive and offensive weapon is a muscular stinging tendril tipped with a bony spike that is usually coated with itís digestive and paralytic enzymes which the Triffid uses to  strike prey up to 15 feet away causing blindness, tissue decay, and a lethal allergic reaction within minutes f not treated with antivenin
            Triffid also produce a light highly combustible oil that absorbs quickly into the skin carrying venom or digestive agents directly into the preys blood stream. While usually used to coat the sting, or secreted by the feeding tendrils it can be directed in a short range, 10-20ft jet of sticky viscous slime that may ignite if it hits an open flame. One or two species of Triffids have adapted to create a binary chemical that when vaporized I the air spontaneously ignite within seconds creating an organic napalm that it uses as a defensive weapon. Other species manufacture large quantities of thee chemical that rupture if the creature is damaged causing a rather powerful blast and spray of burning oils. Both species are relatively rare indicating that they are probably an evolutionary aberration occurring in small isolated populations of the  larger population.
           Triffids are voracious eaters, moving blindly from areas they have hunted out to more heavily populated areas. If allowed to establish a large population they can be extremely dangerous and quickly overwhelm isolated or unprepared areas. Fortunately their behavior is simple, with intelligence limited to problem solving and limited group behaviors. They lack the mental capacity to plan ahead, execute complex strategies or form any sort of social structure other than large random clusters. Their extreme adaptability, resistance to environmental and manufactured toxins and ability to digest and make use of widely varied sources of food are offset by their slow movement rate and general lack of organization. Unless a population center is isolated or already vulnerable Triffid infestations can be cleansed by even poorly armed militias using flame throwers and conventional weapons.
           Triffids reproduce as plants, males fertilize females with wind borne pollen, the females then produce small leathery seed pods from which juvenile female Triffids grow first as fixed creatures gathering nutrients from the oil and making uses pf photosynthesis to grow until reaching the size of a small child. Then they entire their mobile predatory state depending on availability of food Triffid can grow to immense size before their body becomes too heavy for their legs to supports, at which time they once again become sedentary entering their male stage. Male Triffid once again utilize normal photosynthesis to feed themselves, becoming opportunistic ambush hunters trapping and devouring any animals who wander into their network of feeding tendrils.  Their primary function becomes that of guardian for the Triffid spawning grounds where females are fertilized deposit their seed pods and return to their far ranging hunting patterns.
        Destruction of the immobile males causes the female Triffids to become more nomadic seeking out males until they can find a suitable pawing ground to once again reproduce. The most successful technique for population control has been to stake out spawning areas kill mobile plants and leave the males intact to act as lures to still wandering females.
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Re: Non Human races

The Ancient Race. Sentient immobile aliens resembling a mass of tentacles, spindly limbs and sensory stalks contained within a barrel shaped organic pod. Resembling a leathery barrel cactus. Use dominated or possessed bio-engineered ďThrallsĒ as a labor force/ each ancient one is permanently situated inside a dozen concentric rings embedded in the floor each ring is inscribed with sigils of an unknown language and project layers of holographic displays around the Ancient who uses them to direct and control his thrall, and his personal spacecraft.
    Ancients only travel  alone or in covens of  3, 5, 7, or 13. If a member of a coven is killed the oven will fragment until the are in groups of a smaller acceptable number. Ancients travel at random between strongholds they have hidden in remote locations. The exact purpose of their travels is not known and they are not the easiest species to interview.
         Ancient ones may dominate or exterminate any small settlement near their strong hold although they typically remain hidden killing or enslaving only those who wander too close, or actually discover their strongholds.
                     Ancients are powerful users of  Kinetics and telepathy, however they have their own versions of tech, and science technique that often exceed the power of any know version.

                        Ancients do not participate In the galactic assembly or adhere to Interspecies protocols. While thy will not attack senior pieces they have no concern for younger or uncontested species treating them as resources or convenient research specimens. The Ancient Are extremely hostile to Nephilum, or Oísahdii and will attack on sight.
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Re: Non Human races

First encountered by the Niorii on a long range exploration mission the Jínik are an avian race unique in that they have retained their ability to fly even after becoming a sentient species. They are active explorers and traders ranging galaxy wide and doing business with any race that does not actively attack them.
      Jínik are a tall spindly race with large broad chests a long reptilian neck, and tail, with a small beaked head. They have six limbs two of which are powerful streamlined wings that give them excellent speed and maneuverability in the air.  They have thick short fur on their bodies that can be of any color or pattern although clans and families will have the same general pattern. And feathers on their wings which are often brightly colored and shift hues in direct sunlight.
      The Jínik use their flight to good advantage and are completely at home in zero Gee where they use their wings to propel themselves with great speed and agility.  Since they can fly Jínik build vertical cities, on cliff faces or freestanding buildings with openings and balconies on the outside and few internal corridors.
         There ships and stations are generally hollow, with chambers open to a central space they use to fly from one section to another. These practices limit other species movement in their cities and make them difficult to approach or attack without the assistance of flight pack or aircraft which forces invaders into an aerial battle with natural and skilled flyers.

     J;nik are quick witted and gregarious by nature their speech is rapid fire and difficult for species other than the J;nik to understand they shun Avandii as a rule unless they are engaged in business or forced to use it with another species. Jínik customs do not have any concept of a private conversation and to them any information is public domain. They are almost compelled to ferret out secrets, and disseminate information.  Making them premier information brokers, and generally mistrusted by more secretive races.
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Re: Non Human races
iXítínii tíc

Also known as Sticks, the Ix are a small  non humanoid race that lives and  colonizes worlds too harsh for most species. The Ix resemble knobby sphere surrounded by spindly limbs and eye stalks.  Ix are remarkably adaptive able to live in any oxygen containing atmosphere.
    While not physically as robust as other races the Ix use a wide variety of technologies to create habitats where other species can not or are less inclined to settle. The Ix posses incredible manual dexterity and are renowned for their exceptional manufacture of complex items.
    Since Ix seldom compete for more desirable worlds and are completely comfortable mining deep space resource they seldom come into conflict with other species. Their open trading policies and habit of relocating if competition limits their growth also makes them less likely to become involved in trade disputes.
         Ix are industrious by nature working non stop at some project or at their assigned tasks resting only a few hours and showing little concern for recreation or other endeavors.  When interrupted or prevented from working at their tasks they become agitated and often simply walk away in the middle of a lengthy debate or conversation.
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Re: Non Human races

An amphibious race, the Mixtiqual are sonically gifted relying on their telepathy to control and dominate their bioengineered devices. Mixtiqual resemble a large squid or octopus with an armored shell, and no visible eyes.  They evolved under the glaciated seas of a long dead world and slowly evolved using other creatures to perform tasks they were not suited for.
         After encountering a technologically advanced race they acquired advanced medical and genetic sciences allowing them to custom engineer their servitors and develop a completely organic based technology.  Older than most races they are slightly behind the Niorii in technology due to their slow evolution before contact. They however are growing in power and influence as they absorb smaller races and adapt them for their own needs.
       Mixtiqual are quite powerful in the Psionic disciplines and have no hesitation to use them to get what they want, while some exist in a symbiotic manner with their client races and servitors a growing faction has become more parasitic eliminating the independent thought process of servitors and ruthlessly dominating their client races. As a result there is a fundamental rift in the Mixtiqual race that is beginning to become apparent to other races.
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Re: Non Human races

Native to gas giants drifters are a free floating colony creature resembling a large jelly fish or Portuguese man of war. In low gravity pressure environments they use a small globe of intense gravitation to maintain their native pressure and temperature. This radical shift in gravity provides adequate defense against projectiles and accidental injury while allowing them to survive in pressures that would ordinarily cause them to explode.
         Drifters do not venture away from their high pressure environments often usually to trade, explore or investigate curious anomalies.  Drifters are not physically brave however they are possessed of an insatiable curiosity that sometimes causes problems for visitors or strangers when they find themselves surrounded by a small swarm of luminous jellyfish.
    While not technically advanced Drifters have an innate understanding of  mathematics and geometry that allows them to create objects that seem incredibly fragile yet are resilient enough to survive in their harsh native environment.
  Using their advanced physics the drifters are capable of safely traversing hyperspace with little physical assistance. They often use advanced Kinetics to propel themselves in large swarms long distances between suitable worlds.  Drifters are one of the few species who can safely transit to hyperspace in a heavy gravity field or in atmosphere making it extremely difficult to engage a drifter ship before it can escape to hyperspace.
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Re: Non Human races
The Foo

A race of silicone based creatures native to high pressure high temperature worlds. Foo resemble a sphere made up of thin translucent discs of crystals with a crystalline central spire . When active Foo create a plasma field around themselves for protection and propulsion, giving it the luminous appearance that are familiar to aviators as Foo Fighters. .
    Relying on high frequencies ultra sound for communication and Ďsightí, the Foo also navigate using a pulsed Doppler radar that allow them to detect objects at long range while moving at high speeds.
        The Foo have had contact with most races at some time their far ranging scouts and explorers visited earth during the Second world war and became fascinated with the ďmetallic flying creaturesí they observed engaged in large scale warfare against one another. It was several years before they realized that the creatures they observes were machines piloted by a race of carbon based life forms.
       The development of radar and microwave transmissions limited their explorations in later years due to the unbearable level of Noise the world began to produce.
           Foo do not usually engage in combat although they are capable of producing offensive burst of plasma and using advanced electronic warfare to cloak their presence and confuse enemies. Fo when traveling in large numbers use basically a larger version of themselves as a ship. The ĎFoo Shipsí demonstrate the same maneuverability and bone crushing acceleration as the Foo themselves leaving most organic crewed craft in the dust, and executing maneuvers that would reduce an organic to blood pudding.

    Foo begin as an acorn size node of crystal growing in size as they increase their matrix to store more data. The largest Foo dreadnaughts are believed to be of ancient lineage and contain generations of data recorded as they explore the vast reaches of the galaxy. Crewed by numerous younger Foo, who act as scouts, remote sensors and defensive combat craft for the massive mother ship.
     Foo communities are often a fusion of Smaller Foo who link together to create an expanded network allowing several Foo to work together to accomplish a task. Foo cities may contain millions of drones, and nodes who support the larger more experienced Foo by processing data collected creating devices and gathering resources to allow the larger Foo to expand and evolve.

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Re: Non Human races
The Brood queen lays the eggs, oversees the crŤche and decides what caste each larvae will be assigned to by altering hormone levels and diet.  The warrior queen is the link to the outside world, interacting with non Daníku and leading the expansion and defense of the Corporate.
    Daníku are a pragmatic ruthless and patient race, while they may seem at times warlike and aggressive they may wait decades for an opportunity to present itself either militarily or economically. While driven to increase the size and influence of their individual corporate Daníku have realized cooperation and mutual benfit are useful tools in dealing with other races. Although many races are at a loss to understand what exactly they get out of their dealings with the enigmatic race.
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Re: Non Human races
Player contribution made By Kali. give her a round of applause

A race of mammals with Strong Feline features that most closely resemble old earth bango Tigers. Most have the traditional orange to red color with black stripes. Although their are some that are white with black stripes instead. The have more rare subspecies that is midnight black comparable to a Jaguar. This race is exclusively carnivores preferring Meat to any other food type. They do cook their food although many prefer to enjoy hunting it at least part of the time. As a advanced society they have developed supplements to get needed nutrients not naturally found in their preferred food type.

Their society has a very strong philosophy and social order. They have a cast system similar to ancient japan with a tremendously strong sense of honor and dignity. Similar to ancient japan or china. Their warriors like samurai do not fear death and are incredibly ferocious. They have the Religious cast, the warrior class, the worker or merchant cast. Various elite from these various casts make up the ruling cast under the Emperor or Empress.

They are absolutely loyal to their emperor obeying him or her without question viewing him or her as divine. A living god descended from heaven to earth. Their society tends to wish to expand their territory and they can be aggressive in trying to claim it before someone else does. They also are quite willing to fight a war for Territory. Many feel they feel they are superior and bear a hatred for the Q'sa as no doubt they have fought more then once most likely for territory.

Str +2 Or more if appropriate.
Dex +2 Or more if appropriate
Cha -4 due to superior attitude and abrasiveness with Non Kzinti
this Modifier is reversed n reference to Valkiir who are long time rivals/friends with the fierce felines.
NOTE:: charisma minuses only apply to non combat uses of charisma based skills.

Caste Bound: due to honor and caste codes Kzinti will not perform task usually considered below their rank or station, suggesting they do so will likely incite a possibly violent objection.

Honorable: Kzinti are more than capable of using deception or stealth in combat but to lie directly is an affront they suffer a -6 to any attempt to lie or deceive outside of combat.

Natural Attack 1d4 Claws.
Natural enhanced vision low light.


Nekomatta  also known as Neko or Nekos.

This genetically modified species of human appears human except for the following traits. They have cute cat ears sticking up through their hair instead of human ears. They also have sleek mobile tails which unlike natural cats are actually prehensile able to open doors and such. A perceptive human will be able to read a Neco's moods, and emotions from the body language of their tails and Ears. They tend to be a little more hedonistic then the original species literally melting into some ones hands if given a massage.

Some though not all have gone so far as to have the modification of claws making them superior at climbing in most cases. This species tends to run things like Restaurants catering to the various pleasures of human beings. How or why this came about is unknown. possibly it's because of their own Hedonistic natures. In their minds you give to receive. They can be found in just about any sort of business that deals with pleasure.

Dex: +2
Chr: +2
Superior hearing
Low light vision.
In some cases 1d4 claws although this is option/rare. Bonus to climb.
high strung: due to heightened nerve speeds and psychological quirks Neko are prone to sudden shift in mood and fits of anger. in addition most people do not take them as serious threats. usually to their great surpise when a Neko has a fit of anger.
-2 to diplomacy, intimidate.

Race :

This species is also the result of Genetic manipulation by humans on humans. In this case it was partly in pursuit of being different and different attitudes about what is beautiful. The modification resulted in rabbit ears and a slightly modified foot lower leg structure granting amazing bursts of speed on the ground as well as superior jumping ability. Some though not all also went as far as to have small rabbit tails as well. Their attitudes is to be one with nature and to nurture the home world. They have amazing botanical skills and prefer in combat to used ranged weapons. Anything from bows to guns of any kind.

They also tend to have psychic abilities very well developed rivaling any other species you would care to name. They prefer forest or jungle planets and tend to live in smaller settlements. However some will and do dwell in larger cities though they are considered to have lost the way by some of there more fanatical population. They would have interests in maintaining terra forming  corporations, anti pollution, anti strip mining. Preservation of animal species from extinction and so on. They specialize in Diplomacy preferring peace to war. Though they are fairly good at fighting when and if the need arises.

Dex: +2
Non combatant -2 on attack and initiative rolls.
Innate Technique Sprint Lvl II
+2 to listen and spot checks

Preservationist: must make will save Dc 18 to destroy or harm unique or endangers creature or item.


The Istarri are amazing plant creatures discovered only recently in space exploration. Masters of Genetic Manipulation, generating biological medicines from their own body and bio Technology they are the premier doctors and Geneticists of the galaxy. They can perform Genetic modification, administer medicine with just their own body.

The height of their people varies greatly from five feet tall to a astonishing eight feet tall. Like humans they have a variety of different traits. Humanoid in nature they have lush green hair. Though depending on the season it might change to red, yellow or other hues. They have completely green or blue eyes though no irises like humans. Their skin can range from bark like and tough to smooth and silky similar to a humans. Their coloration of their skin ranges from brown to green.

It is their hair which is used to enter a person for medical treatments completely mobile and prehensile for all intents and purposes. They can also grow needed appendages at astonishing speed. Using photosynthesis they can regenerate quickly. They don't have to eat much to obtain nutrients they need. Tending to eat more when they expect the need to heal themselves or others.

They were minimal or no clothing having no real need for it. Beyond possibly carrying bio tools, weapons et. The specious is able to develop touch toxins and even give off intense electrical charges in self defense. They appear to have no obvious gender. Though universally they seem to have kind and nurturing natures. The species looks after itself as a whole caring for each other equally.

The race is universally telepathic and speaks that way as often as with verbal sounds. They also can communicate using pheromones or scents. These scents can often be used to tell the mood of the Istarri in question.

With this Alien race starships are grown not built. Becoming massive lovely structures that are actually alive. These starships naturally regenerate and can draw power from the stars themselves. They exclusively use very powerful energy weapons if they enter combat in space. Their ships are also exceptionally fast in space. They prefer not to fight avoiding combat if at all possible. However they can and will defend their homeworlds from any intruders that choose to make war on them. Because of their desire to avoid violence their ships have a chameleon like ability and the ability to bend light. It's very possible for them to simply disappear in space making them very elusive and hard targets.

Istarii reproduce by sexually means with the parent budding off an immature seedling after several weeks of growth. the seedling is immobile and requires constant sunlight and water or it fails to mature. sometimes dormant seedlings wait for decades before sufficient water and nutrient are available. human colonist first encountered Isatarri when a small cluster of seedlings began to mature after cultivation of their clutch by an agro-scientist during a planetary survey near a crashed bio-ship.

Being able to alter themselves at will a recent phenomenon is they have adopted Gender. Suddenly developing female and male physical traits. Perhaps this is in a effort to be more accepted by Humans. Those that have taken to wearing clothing accepted by social standards.

Con +4 to Very resistant to disease, cold, heat et.
Int: +2
Pheromone sedative defense Emits this to subdue hostile predators. Falling back on more lethal defense for anything that makes contact.
radius 10ft, any creature entering the range of the pheromones must make a will save Dc 12+ characters charisma mod to attack. failure indicates the creature can only fight in total defense or withdraw.
Neural shock:: Level One innate technique

Innate ability Istarri can regenerate real damage and repair disabled limbs in 1d4 hours.

alien Psychology: due to inherent difficulties in meshing their thought patterns to animal based life the Istarrii suffer a -2 to diplomacy and gather information


A crystal creature that in form seems to most resemble a crab or lobster. This species communicates by light patterns of astonishing beauty and complexity. They can also communicate via vibrations making interesting sounds.

They have the astonishing defense of being able to generate tremendously powerful energy beams to lash out at a perceived threat. If enough of them are gathered in one place and all work together for a concentrated attack it could potentially destroy a starship. Individually the attack is roughly equivalent to personal arms a person might carry.

They tend to graze on minerals and other needed elements on planets, Astaroids or anything else that appeals to them. Making them potentially a threat if you have something they want.

They have two forward  claws used for combat similar to crabs. Their legs also end in sharp blades meant for digging and forraging. however they also make deadly weapons should they chose to fight with them.

racial package
Construct traits:
can not be healed must consume 1 kilo of mass per HP to self repair
technologically challenged due to poor manual dexterity, mindset and education Kl'rill can not use any device not specifically designed for them and learn technology based skills at cross class costs.

Natural armor DR 6 AC4
Natural Energy attack ( 3D6 single range increment 30)
focussed assault: when three or more individuals perform a successful aid other on a single creature the damage increase 1die per two individuals involved in attack.