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RTJ and Character creation Information
RTJ Guide lines
This is a mature game:( over 18 only) Violence, mature themes, Language allowed. No explicit sexual activity or excessive cruelty.

In order of importance to me

First and foremost a statement of age, and knowledge of the RPOL regulations and guidelines

Second a brief description of role-play experience and, Knowledge of D20 mechanics.
 (Don’t worry I will accept any level of game/gaming knowledge and experience. I just want to know what I am working with.)

Preferences in game style, Action oriented, exploration, role-play. Story telling
(once again more for my information.. So, I can team you up with like minded players)

1. Character concept
2. Characters Personality
3. Characters appearance (brief description details can be added later)
4. Character background
5. Character’s role in a party
6. Characters Motivations

Nest a little sample of your writing, just a paragraph or two from your characters point o view and in our own style. It doesn’t have to be anything special. She/he could be going for coffee for all I care.

(You guess it for my information only. If you have a good concept, I won’t shoot you for forgetting a punctuation point. If I did I would be dead myself.)

Once we work out the details on your character, you can put together a character sheet specifying class, skills all that good stuff. At first, all I am interested in is the material listed above.

Character generation

You may choose between

4d6 drop lowest die assign as desired.

Or 30pts for stat generation

Starting Level: 6 or ECL 6

Common Races:
Terran( Tae )
Tau O’Maeda (female only)
Tau Valkiir (Male or female)
Tau A’Niss (Male or female)

Quetzl Male or female
Cesti Male or Female )
Cyborg: Humanoid or Mohljaniir Spider
Robot: Mannequin, Dogbrains,Warhound
Ship: scout ship, courier, freighter, Escort craft
Vehicle: Aerodyne, Large car/truck, Lt mecha, Powered Armor.

Personal equipment: Pl 6-7( every tech level below 7 lowers Purchase DC by two points, Tech Level 8 items are available at +4 purchase DC)

STEP ONE: Create Normal character selecting Stat skills and feats. ( recording any armor or weapon feat seprately

Step Two: chose Primary secondary and Miscellaneous Advanced Skill Groups
Step Three: Choose Class Advanced Skills and techniques as per posted rules
Step Four: Assign Advanced Skill points to Chosen Techniques and advanced Skills;
Record Ranks spent in each skill and note level of any Techniques leared On character sheet.
Step Five: Calculate Attack Bonuses based On Stat+ranks in Weapons training+ modifier
Step Six: Record all data on character sheet and select equipment, and make final adjustments.

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