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The O'sahdii
Due to their influence and importance to Humans and Human occupied space a short explanation of the O'sahdii may be wise.

The O’sahdii
the most accepted translation of this ancient Avandii word is Ancient people of Power , although it can be translated to People of  ancient knowledge, People of the Ancient Power, or  Children of the ancient Power.  When question there emissaries have only replied that “ We are the O’sahdii, to you it means what you wish it to mean. What we wish it to mean is of importance only to ourselves.”

Mankind’s benefactor, patron and guardian race since prehistory. Responsible for relocating and genetically engineering the human race since it’s first evolution they have behind the scenes manipulated the race for reasons unknown.
         At times benefactors and benevolent (?) dictators the O’sahdii have set the rules most civilization within their realm of influence follow in all things from interplanetary trade, warfare and scientific research. They have created and nurtured dozens of Neo Human “factions” over the centuries giving some radical abilities and drawbacks due to their genetic manipulations.
      While little is know of them and their history they have made it clear they did not create Humans, only alter them to suit “The Need” they refuse to disclose their motivations and steadfastly refuse to be revered worshiped or held in any particular form of admiration simply stating “we have done as we have been led to do. We are nothing but the servants of the guiding force.”
     In ancient times the O’sahdii therefore hundreds of worlds and transplanted entire ecologies to prepare the worlds for colonization at some later time. These worlds and their surrounding space is generally referred to as O’sahdii space, for millennia the O’sahdii have blocked access to this region by deactivating the transit network that joins world to the larger galactic Community and interdicting any large scale contact with older more established races beyond their zone of influence.

     In centuries no one has been able to confirm the true appearance or social structure of the O’sahdii. They are never directly involved in affairs instead using emissaries and their Nephillum agents to deal with other races. Occasional sightings of their ships, and rumors of huge colonies in deep hyperspace are common but with such secrecy and deliberate attempts to conceal themselves rumors and legends remain just that. Once again they respond to questions concerning their appearance and secrecy with only cryptic dismissals.  The most common theory is that the O’sahdii wish to remain anonymous so that they may work and move freely among other races without reprisals for their sometimes unyielding, and punitive actions against those who defy them or refuse to follow their protocols.
    Even In galactic space where the O’sahdii are more active they have successfully concealed their true appearance for thousands of years causing more than a little animosity and distrust of them, however no race has the power to openly defy their control of  O’sahdii space.  And the threat and fear, of entire planetary populations simply disappearing or being found in a mindless state is sufficient to keep even the most warlike races at bay.
        Currently the O’sahdii control a vast portion of the spiral arm earth resides in, although they share dominion of this region with the Niorii who they seem to enjoy close friendly relations with despite the O’sahdii’s enigmatic and reclusive ways.
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The O'sahdii Relocations

O’sahdii relocations:
Since the earliest evolution of Homo Sapiens the O’sahdii have been involved in selectively relocating entire populations to new teraformed worlds and altering them genetically for various reasons. The oldest know resettlement was of the Osirii who were relocated during the earliest Egyptian dynasties after a war with the More powerful tribes in the region left them on the brink of extermination.
    The most notable relocations were of The Tau relocated in the dark ages from Europe and Eurasia to worlds in close proximity to one another. These Groups evolved into a matriarchal monarchy after generations due to the low birth rate of men and the more developed Psionic abilities of their women.
     The Second major group were the Aesiir. Relocated from Scandinavian countries during the earliest dates leading up to the development of the Viking Norse culture. Their  Members include the Valkiir and The Mohljaniir, both of who are a warrior oriented culture in which women and men hold roughly equal rank. The Valkiir suffer form a low birth rate among men as well as the tau but not to the severity of the tau, roughly one in four births result in a fertile male offspring which has led to group marriages and the women being more likely to be encountered off world than men. The Mohljaniir suffer from sever birth defects, congenital diseases, and low birth rate leading them to develop a cybernetics dependant physiology as well as a culture that treats men and women with little difference.

The youngest of the transplanted factions is the O’maeda, resettled in the renascence period although they quickly became one of the most powerful and influential members of the Tau faction.  As far as any current record shows the O’maeda were the last large resettlement of any human group from earth although smaller relocations occurred from off world populations.

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The Nephilum
The Nephilum:
No one is certain whether the name Nephilum was chosen intentionally or as a fluke of linguistics. The nephlum are the Servant race of the O’sahdii, while they appear human examination of nephilum corpses has revealed they are not from any known human population and have marked genetic differences making it impossible for nephilum to reproduce with a human as such they are widely considered to be a Non human species.
       The Nephilum are physically mentally and Psionically superior in many aspects to humans. They posses innate and trained psionic abilities, extremely dense bone and muscle structure and are often enhanced with nano technology and cybernetics.

Few Nephilum colonies or enclaves are known, and no one has confirmed the existence of Nephilum Females leading some to suspect that The Nephilum are not a true race but a group of clones or biological constructs used by the O’sahdii.

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