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The History of Alvaera
The Gifts were created along with the world at the beginning of existence. Magic, Mutations, Psionics, Strongarm, Arts. Two deities started the chain of events that would eventually lead to the establishment of the Five.

Truly, these two are nameless, but for the sake of speaking, man chose to give them names. Adotesakoriseoonor, and Abaletshari.

Adotesakoriseoonor1, the patron of the outer, took the energy shared between the two and channeled it around him.

Abaletshari, the patron of the inner, took the shared power and channeled it within herself, changing her form for different functions.

These two forged the world, and eventually forged the living beings that they put into the world. They bestowed upon their creation a name, man, and a Gift, the ability to use the power owned by the gods and forged in the heavens for themselves. With that done, they retreated from the world they created, watching from above as those below created Alvaera. Little did the gods know that they had underestimated their creations' capabilities.

In short time, man had recognized their Gifts and taken a keen fondness to using them. Mages and Mutants worked side by side, with Mages forging and Mutants building. Cities sprang up around them in months, and what was previously a flat land form very quickly took on the contours of a lived-in world.

Over time, the Gifted started to evolve. Mages started to work their abilities in a much more dramatic fashion, and it became natural to them. They could cast their spells with little to no motion; with just a thought, they performed all manner of tasks. Following suit, their spells started to change, and then started to lose their potency as they strayed farther and farther from the source of their abilities. Seeing this, Adote chose one among these "new" Gifted, and conversed with him. The man pleaded his case, pleaded for this new way of life he had dreamed of to become a reality. And Adote conceded. He took this man, [Name undecided], and ascended him as a deity. Now, those who were losing their power lost it entirely, but gained something new in return. Thus was born Psions.

In the same years, Mutants were evolving at the same rate. Their bodies grew hardened and tough, withstanding far more than the ungifted around them, and even than other Mutants who stayed to the normal spectrum of abilities. Rather than using a strength mutation, they merely decided that a task required more strength, and became stronger. As their strength and toughness increased, their body size increased. Soon, they didn't use armor or weapon mutations; they were, in and of themselves, armed and armored. But in the same fashion, they had strayed from the core of their abilities, and started to wane. And at the same time as [Psion patron name] petitioned Adote, Asvijr petitioned Abaletshari for the creation of another Gift, of supreme strength and conditioning. So Asvijr too, was ascended, and became the Patron of the Strongarms.

Years passed, and both Psions and Strongarms had become accustomed to their new Gifts. They had started applying their Gifts in new ways, conversing and training with each other over many years. A point came when the Strongarms were satisfied; the Psions did not reach the same satisfaction. They were confident in their minds, but they had noticed through their training with the Strongarms that their bodies were not powerful enough to compete. So they used their knowledge of their mind to gain a mastery of their body. They trained, and practiced, integrating their mental abilities into their physical movements. They found that they could used weapons during this training, and integrated them in short order. This time, Adote and Abaletshari were watching, and before any petition was sent, they conversed with Aiemiaiuar and raised him as patron of the Arts.

More to come later...

1[AH-doh-tay-sah-ko-rhee-say-oo-nohr] Commonly shortened to Adote, or Ado.

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