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House Rules
Make sure your character sheet stays updated.  I will be refering to it for all of your stats and skill levels.  If it's not there, and I can't find where you got the bonus in the story thread, you ain't got it.

When you post, all dialouge must be in quotes and in a font color that shows up well on a black background (other than white).  OOC questions should be in italics.   I will put up an OOC thread.  Please use it for non game talk, not the story thread.

Players will make all their PCs combat and spell casting rolls.  You'll only make other rolls when I ask you to.

Use the RPOL die roller.  When you post the results of your roll, give me all the numers you rolled.  If a die explodes, just post the total of the die rolls.  (Ex.  The roll is 3k2.  You roll a 5, 2, and an exploding 10.  Your second roll on the 10 is a 2.  Your post would read:  Roll of 5, 2, and 12).  I will assume you keep the highest die unless you specify otherwise.

RL comes first of course.  If you will be offline for a while, let me know as soon as you can.  I'll NPC your character until you get back.

If you've gone two days without posting and i haven't heard from you, I will NPC your character.  NPC'd PCs can not be killed but they will also not earn XP while NPCs.  If it's been 10 days since you're last post, I will retire your PC and start recruting a new player.  If you've been offline due to RL or such, PM me.  We'll work something out.

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Character Creation
Character Creation:

Use the standard rules in L5R 4ed with the following exceptions:

-All rules and maximums in the Customization step (step 3) of the Character Creation rules apply.  (What page is that in the rulebook?)  Disadvantages max is 10 pts.

-All PCs must be human

-No Spider Clan PCs or schools.  No Imperial families or schools.

-No Phoenix Shugenja or any Shugenja school whose main affinity is Fire.  Beofre playing a Shugenja, please make sure you've read the House Rules.

-Minor Clans, Ronin, and Monks are OK with the exception of Henshin Monks.  Once I've seen some 4ed rules for them, I may allow.

-No Burning Sands or Gaiijin PCs.  Advantages or Disadvantages related to the Gaiijin must have some relvance to your PCs backstory.

-You must spend at least two of your starting XP on a non-combat and non-courtier skill(s).  You may spend it on a skill that is in your starting kit (ex.  a Lore skill).

-We will not be using the optional Ancestors.  You may still take Advantages/ Disadvantages related to Ancestors.

-Disallowed Advantages/Disadvantages:
               Dark Paragon,
               Multiple Schools*
               Forced Retirement*
               anything related to Betrothals or Marriages*

*Must be earned in game

-Great Destimy, Dark Fate, Dark Secret:  PM me

-If you take Sworn Enemy:  You may add an extra point to the value if you take it blind (i.e. you are completely unaware of who this enemy is)

-Heart of Vengence:  You may not take any clan one of the other PCs is currently playing.  If they later create a PC in that clan, they knew what they were getting into.  Your back story also needs to revolve around this one.

-You may start with one Kata max.  You may take Kiho provided you've purchased the Friend of the Brotherhood advantage (unless you're a monk)

-Wounds.  Your first level is Earth x5.  Nicked to Injured is Earth x3.  All the other levels are Earth x2.

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Sun 9 Jan 2011
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This is how I do the Kami:

-Water Kami.  They can only see what is reflected in the surface of the liquid they inhabit.  They are mute.
-Air Kami.  They do not tend to stay in place.  The stronger the air current in the place they are, the more likely they are to move.  So the Air Kami you are talking to might not be the same ones that were in the room when the murder occured.  They are also prone to embellishing the truth.  They are one of the main reasons Kami testimony is not accepted in Court.
-Fire Kami.  Once a fire has burned out, the Fire Kami move on.  They can also only see what is within the circle of light they cast.  The further out in the circle, the less clear their vision.
-Earth Kami.  Earth Kami have the worst "eyesight" of all the Kami.  They have a strong sense of touch.  So, the Kami in the floor could tell you how heavy (or in which direction) someone moved across them.  Not what they looked like.  Mirrors are a mix of Water and Earth Kami.
-Kami do not understand human speech.  Shugenja talk to them in their own language.
-Remember that Shugenja ask Kami to do things, not command them.  If you are asking them something not covered by a spell, you might have to roleplay the interaction.

Notes on Maho:

-If you use Maho, don't complain about the consequences

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Roleplaying vs Roll Playing
Some players don't like to roleplay certain situations.  Coming up with a Haiku, Sadane, etc.  I won't force roleplaying in those situations.  However, I award bunuses on rolls to those who at least make the attempt.  The better the roleplaying, the better the bonus.  The TNs will be higher than you might expect in those situations.  Also, it's not unheard of for me to award XP, Honor, or even Glory on the spot for above average efforts.
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Fri 14 Jan 2011
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XP, Insight Ranks,  and New PCs
XP is awarded to the Player, not the PC

As such, I do allow you to Bank XP for your next PC, up to a maximum of 10 pts. Which brings us to...

If your PC dies, you can of course create a new PC.  You'll be able to start out at one Insight Rank lower than the average Insight Rank of the surviving PCs (ex. one of you dies, the other three are at Insight Ranks 3,3, and 2 the new PC would start at 2 as well)  That's the price you pay for dying.  You'll create a new PC, then I'll award you just enough XP to make it to the appropriate Insight Rank.  You can then spend any banked XP as you see fit.  I may alter this rule if we get into a situation where the new PC would be significantly less powerful than the others.

One note on advancing your Insight Rank.  I want to see some rounded PCs, so in order to advance an Insight Rank, you must have a non-combat, non-Courtier skill at the same rank as the Insight Rank you want to advance to.  Lore, Artisan, Games, etc. all qualify.  This rule applies to new PCs you may have to create as well.