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Mon 27 Mar 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
OOC: It melted my brain, at times.  But it's been interesting that this is Lixue's first independent case. I hope it's going well.  She seems to have gotten quite a lot of information, at least.

Lixue smiles helpfully, "Oh, there were quite a few valuable things recovered.  Unfortunately, not every chest has a name on it and it has been almost hopeless to sort things out.   Especially since some of the owners may have been killed--which is adding a great deal to the confusion.  It would be very helpful if you could give a description of your belongings that went missing."

Actually it will be quite interesting to know what he claims to have been stolen.
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 176):

Mno considers a moment.  He seems to be weighing the pros and a child who has broken a vase and is deciding whether to confess or not.  He smiles broadly at last.

Let me see...with everything that has occurred, it is hard to recall.  I do remember Okiro-san was complaining about a missing chest.  Yes.  Painted black with green lacquer sides.  Does that sound like one you recall seeing?

It is the chest in question Roll with it.  I can't recall the earlier description.  Thanks.
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 177):

"It does seem familiar."   Lixue says coyly, "How strange that you remember Okiro-san's belongings so well, he need only mention them to you.  But your own, are so poorly recalled. I'll see if Okiro-san recalls it and the contents.  Otherwise I will suggest it be donated to some charitable monks.  A dignified fate for lost belongings too unappreciated for their owners to remember them, is it not?"

OOC:  Can I just ask a Lion guard to keep an eye on him?  I don't want him to bolt before Lady Yuma can deal with him.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 178):

I have always been more attentive to the woes of others than my own, Mino says without missing a beat.

About the guards:  sure can

Okiro is seated where he was asked to.  He simply nods politely as you approach him.
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
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Iuchi Lixue

Lixue approaches him with all due politeness, gracefully signaling the maid for a fresh pot of tea.  "Thank you for your patience with all this.  I think Kasuga-sama will find these conversations very useful." 

She offers in a friendly manner, Mino-san suggested that you've lost some luggage.  Could you describe the items you're missing?  I think there have been quite a few items that were taken from the tents by the bandits and then dropped when they were forced to flee."
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Mon 3 Apr 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 180):

He studies you a moment, just a shade longer than polits, then shrugs. I am missing a box, yes. But I do not recall the particulars. It is of no concern. If the lost items are gathered in one place, and there is time before we depart, I can look for it there. No need to trouble ypurself.
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Fri 7 Apr 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
OOC: Does he not want this box to be found? Because of course that makes the box more interesting :)

Lixue looked mildly incredulous.  It seemed both out of character and quite careless that this person had misplaced any belongings. "I will let the Lion know, although I am sure they would be prefer to have people describe their lost articles first.  To reduce the risk of guessing incorrectly and having the item misplaced twice."

She changes the subject pleasantly, "So your friends have had time to gather their thoughts and were able to add some clarity to the situation.  Is there anything you would like to add to your testimony?"

OOC: investigation: is he lying?: 23
          piercing the veils: 29

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Mon 10 Apr 2017
at 03:34
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 182):

He does not want the box found. Or he does not want to admit he has a connection to the box. Hard to tell. One way or the other, you are sure he knows about this box and it's contents.

He shrugs  I do not know what they may have said. But I have relayed all the events ares I recall them
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Fri 14 Apr 2017
at 18:06
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 183):

Lixue smiles pleasantly, "Well, as you have said your memory for your own affairs is perhaps not the best.  I suppose then it shouldn't be surprising that your colleagues might remember things that do you not.  Perhaps talking about specific events will help restore your recollections."   She hopes that her verbal jujitsu will justify her further questioning of him. He may blame his poor memory only so much..

She asks tactfully, but with a certain Unicorn directness, "I am told that you had suspicions about Goya-san and were keeping a close watch on him.  What happened attract your suspicions and what were you concerned about?"

 35  investigation - lying.
25   piercing the veils +1 raise. (may have gotten a little greedy here, but I've never tried a raise and I was curious)
 28 courtier -- steering the conversation like a circus pony.

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Mon 17 Apr 2017
at 02:29
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 184):

Let me get back to you on Piercing the Veils roll.  I need to check something.

He shrugs.  I suppose it was the fact that he rubbed me the wrong way. He was always talking as if he had the ear of our Empress herself.  Of course he has never even been to the royal court.  I know as I have spent time being a messenger for our envoys who are at court.  So I am well acquainted with them all.

Also...well.  It seems not worth mentioning.  But I did not like the way he was always whispering about something with Hideo-san.  The two of them would spend quite a bit of time, whispering back and forth,, in a manner that suggested they were scheming.

It appears he has decided to try to throw the blame on Hideo.
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Tue 18 Apr 2017
at 22:12
Iuchi Lixue
Lixue nods understandingly. "So you had your suspicions..Did you notice him speaking to anyone else that he didn't have any business talking to?"

She adds sympathetically, "It must have seem like he was engaged in something suspicious when you saw him carrying a parcel while you risked your life to defend your clan.  What did you think he was doing?  Did you try to investigate?"

OOC:   32  piercing the veils  +1 raise.
           34  investigation -- lying.
          29  courtier  - she is trying to lead the conversation without seeming like she wants any particular information.  I'm not sure if the etiquette conversation would be a better roll for this to be honest.

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Fri 21 Apr 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 186):

There is no doubt he is lying.  You feel absolutely certain of that.  What seems odd though is the attention he is giving to the box.  He seems rather blasť about conversation related to the man he had a hand in killing.  But mentioning the box seems to sharpen his focus.

And when you mention the box Goya was carrying during the raid...if you had any doubt it is the same box, you can banish that doubt.

Hm.  Well I was busy fighting bandits.  There was no time, was there?  Besides.  It is just a box.  Was there something of importance inside?  You seem to be asking quite a bit about it.

He wants to know what you know it seems.
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 02:34
Iuchi Lixue

Lixue gives the scout her very best inscrutable look when he asks about the box.  She has had time to study Doji Ochre's inscrutable look, and he is a master of the maneuver. "Many think so, don't they Okiro-san?"

She paused in thought about her question about time. And having enough to pursue Okiro-san.  "What a strange thing for you to say.." She puts down her tea cup.  "Your friends agree on so little, and yet.."

It reminds her of a play about a pirate.  When finally confronted with capture--what did the pirate say? We are samurai of action, lies do not become us.

33 = piercing the veils  +1 raise.
 22 =  investigation - lying.
 34 = courtier - inscrutability check.

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Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 03:27
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 188):

He pauses at your last statement. He was not expecting the plural.  It seems he expected Hideo to crumble. But Mino...

He catches himself and shrugs.  I am sure people say a number of things.  But of course, they describe an ocean they saw during a tsunami.  Tell me Iuchi-san, do you think either of my friends have seen battle before?  The first few times you are in one, everything seems to happen at once.  It is hard to keep track of events that occur during it.  And it can rattle one.  But this is what it is.

You caught him a little blindsided there.  He is not sure what to say at the moment.
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 00:06
Iuchi Lixue
Lixue smiled pleasantly, but tries to catch the eye of one of the Lion guards discreetly. "Oh, I agree.  I don't think they've seen battle, or even any kind of minor skirmish.  Even wounded that Goya-san would have been able to defend himself from Mino-san, don't you think so?" 

She also observes, "But as far as how easy is it to keep up with a wounded person?  I think it must have been quite easy for you.  And you did appear at the tent soon after Mino-san and Hideo-san.  So how can you claim disinterest in where he went?  It's inconceivable that you--veteran that you are--were bewildered enough to show up at the same place"   She makes a diplomatic gesture,  "If you had some reason to think Goya-san was up to no good, then I think now would be the time to speak of them."

 29   etiquette - accuse someone in a nice way (conversation) + free honesty raise -
 32  piercing the veils  +1 raise .
33 investigation - lying.

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Fri 28 Apr 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 190):

Boy.  Did the dice just own him.

Okay.  Let's wrap this up

He flinches and is still a moment.  And then, be launches himself at you.

Make an init roll please.  He's sprung out of his seat and seems intent on knocking you over
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Fri 28 Apr 2017
at 22:49
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 191):

Well, he might be okay.  Lixue doesn't have a high reflexes :)  18:48, Today: Iuchi Lixue rolled 15 using 4d10, dropping the 2 lowest rolls, rerolling max of 1 & 5 ((6,1,9,5)).

Little Teacher
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Tue 2 May 2017
at 00:01
Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 192):

Yes, but I have terrible dice rolls.  We tied.  And ties go to the player.  State your action and make any rolls as needed.  Thanks

You glance around as time seems to slow down.  Mino looks frankly shocked from his cushion on the other end of the Inn's porch.  The Lion guard who was walking towards you suddenly breaks into a run, his eyes going wide as he pulls at the sword at his side.  Okiro's face seems to turn the color of fire as his mouth comes open in a torrent of insults.

You need to move.  And quickly.
Iuchi Lixue
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Thu 4 May 2017
at 00:33
Iuchi Lixue
Lixue stands quickly, sacrificing some grace for efficiency as she steps back and draws her own sword.   She adopts a defensive stance.  If the arrangement of the inn permits, she will kick her stool under Okiro's feet.

OOC: Apparently Lixue cannot make a full defense and draw her sword at the same time.  I don't think she has to make a roll for a regular defensive stance.

kick a stool under Okiro-san's feet to try to trip him: 18 using 5d10, dropping the 3 lowest rolls, rerolling max of 1, 2 & 7 ((1,7,9,2,9)).

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Fri 5 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 194):

He clears the stool as your foot hooks it. He manages to smash an elbow into the side of your head.

Your ears ring and the world swims for a moment. You feel something hot and wet splash your face. The smell of blood...all too familiar these days...fills your senses.


You shake your head and clear it quickly. He managed a blow to your jaw and to his credit, a fairly solid one. You look around.

A Lion guard is peering into your face, making sure you are okay. Behind him, another guard is standing over Okiro.  The Huntsman's head is no longer attached to his body.
Iuchi Lixue
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 02:49
Iuchi Lixue

Lixue pauses to regain her bearings.  She is alive, in possession of her head and all her limbs.  And there appears to be nothing broken.   She touches her jaw gingerly trying to assess the damage.

It would almost certainly bruise.   The price of justice.

"I'm just a little battered."  Lixue assures the worried Lion with a little smile.  "Thank you very much for your quick rescue."

She sighs a little, "Well it was probably for the best, although there are many questions still to be answered.  May I leave the remaining troublemakers in your care?  Lixue says quietly to the Lion, glancing at Mino-san to indicate that he had best keep his head for now.  Until he can be more extensively questioned by a sturdier person than herself.
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Wed 10 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 196):

We came a long way in a flashback, huh?

You want to do anything else here? If not I can wrap up and get us back to the present. Thanks

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Thu 11 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 197):

OOC: I'm happy to see a wrap up!  I'm looking forward to seeing whether Lixue's tenacity did anything helpful :)
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Fri 12 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 198):

Okay.  I'm going to move you to the new thread this weekend.  I need to double check everything to make sure I didn't miss anything.  We'll start back in Naishou, a moment after you had the flashback that lead to all that.  I'll wrap up there.


Little Teacher
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Mon 15 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 199):

Okay.  Move to the Old Wounds thread please.  Thanks