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The Cuckoo's Man
The sound is heard all at once across Naishou city.  Perhaps Naishou the province as well.  A sudden welling of sound.  Like a corps of flute players all playing similar tunes, but out of rhythm and key.  Those outside in the streets suddenly found things dark.  As if Lord Moon had finally managed to eat up the Sun.  For those inside, there was only a sudden darkness outside and the sound of a million fingers tapping on the roof overhead.

In your headquarters room Jubei, your conversation with your guest is halted.  It sound like you have come under fire by battalions of archers.  Across from you, the traitorous Sheikei seems just as perplexed.  Suddenly the door to you office opens.  The watch officer bows.  Lord Akodo.  Please forgive.  But this is most urgent.  Come to the battlements.

In the home of your future Uncle-in-law Lixue  both of the men seem just as perplexed as you.  Ochube rises and walks over to the edge of the porch.  You see his shoulders suddenly tense.  He motions for you to join him.

The view you both receive is similar both in it's explanation of the noise and darkness and the questions that it raises further:  birds.  The sky is black with birds.  Never in your lives have you seen so many birds gathered in one place.  Crows.  Sparrows.  Finch.  You even spy an owl here and there.  Predators are circling the sky along with their usual prey.  But it is not a hunt.  The birds simply fly as a cloud over the city.  No 'cloud' is too simple a term.  They are an ocean.  It might be the size of the flock is larger than the city.

As if they have noticed your attention, the birds begin to waft downwards.  They seem intent on settling on any man made structure they can.  As they begin to descend, you both hear the sound of crashing:  some of the poorer homes have suddenly had the weight of a hundred birds placed upon them.  Roofs are caving in.