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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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Loyalty Is As Loyalty Does
Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance
                                                                    -David Mamet
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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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Iuchi Lixue
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Yuna smiles and glances around.  Perhaps.  I had hoped to run in to you here.  Can we meet later?  There are so many ears here.

A few moments later a small gong rings out.  Bayushi-sama strides up to a dias set in one corner and stands upon it.  He turns crisply and bows to his guests.  Good evening.  In case it has not been conveyed to you before now: thank you for accepting our poor hospitality.  Tonight we are gathered here to consolidate our support for our Empire during this time of crisis.  I do not believe I need to elucidate the situation Naishou is in.  At least the obvious one.  For now, I wish to make it known to those who have taken up the role of our protectors, that is Miya-sama and the Lion, that we are united in cause with them.  As such...  He gestures as two maids bring out a small table on which is set a scroll and writing set.  I have drafted a letter of commitment to the cause.  The message is brief and I will allow all of you to read it at your leisure.  I ask that each clan present sign it, as pledge of your clan's resources...such as they might be...to the defense of Naishou.  And since it is my party... With a chuckle, he turns and strides to the table.  With a showy brush, he spreads his robe as he sits and opens the scroll.  He checks the words and then, using the quill and his signet ring, signs the scroll.

Please, he says as he stands.  Peruse the letter at your leisure.  I will be willing to answer any questions.  I thank you all.
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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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Akodo Jubei
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Did you want to send a scouting expedition to find the source of the supplies?  Let me know as that may have an effect on the landscape of this next part.  Thanks