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CAST & SETTING: Southern Marches Keep
Map of the area:

Map of the Keep:

The keep is a two storey building, with four single storey towers around joined by a wall. There is a double front gate, and a single rear gate. The rear gate possesses an installed inner gate further back (usually raised).

The ground slopes, and there is an underground stream. The keep and two towers therefore have deeper foundations, and a set of underground chambers have been constructed on that side.


 - store also possesses winch mechanism for lifting water and long tem stores from below, and up to the kitchen above
 - main hall: multi purpose hall, has ancilliary rooms at the side for various functions. Allows access to upper and underground chambers. Build in gates to block from outside, and to block from upstairs
 - gatehouses - main guard stations, the main gate house also servers as the armoury and the master at arms's own area. The rear house has become guest stables


 - clerical rooms can act as guest rooms. Currently occupied by Velena.
 - gate mechanisms take up most of the upper towers on the right of the keep. Can be reached quickly from the top or bottom of the respective towers.


 - officiers rooms were originally a single room and a meeting room. Captain since took over the meeting room as his personal room.
 - the rear gatehouse tower possesses a beacon to signal the Border Ranger tower. A set of relay stations manned by Border Rangers exists along the route, though is only usually manned when traffic to and from the keep are expected.


 - crypt is temporary crypt, no soldiers actually interned, though memorials exist
 - the medical rooms and hospice are positioned close to the flowing water

General keep routine:
The keep holds thirty normal soldiers, usually broken in to two watches (day and night). There are no ancilliary workers, all tasks are conducted by 'floating' soldiers not on watch. Each group of fifteen will have up to eight men stationed, though usually there are three teams of four that cycle during the shift between watch duty, training, and light duties. Three floating soldier are assigned as the duty NCO dictates.

 * Captain Dana Outler - ranking officer in the keep
 * Lieutentant Jarrad Tor - defacto head of the keep
 * Sergeant-at-arms Dinory - master at arms (day sergeant)
 * Sergeant Veneer Castpan (night sergeant)
 * Corporal Skyldig Avsvaghen.

 * Ranger Knud Anleifr - Border Ranger, specialist
 * Lady Velena Karar - Brotherhood mage, specialist

 * Tyna - day time medic (ex field medic)
 * Cassa - defacto night-time medic, might not be soldier (medical knowledge)
 * Feraal Jobard (the Second) - dishonoured soldier, storeman

 * Private Namma Gorste - superstitious archer
 * Private Colm - newish soldier (chatty)
 * Private Tuck - failed ranger, wilderness and horse experience
 * Private Flint - sharp-eyed campaigner (permanent night shift)

 * Private Lok
 * Private Gillian -  great archer
 * Private Shyne - great pikeman left

 * Private Chills - stable-hand soldier

 * Private Rasher  - attendant to the medics
 * Private Tooke
 * Private Jarris

 * Private Falla - short, high voiced soldier (distant cousin of Halbrow)
 * Private Halbrow - lanky soldier (distant cousin of Falla)
 * Private Golgem - gangly youth and archer

 * Private Dymond - compitent soldier, gruff voice, gravely
 * Private Mullak - senior solider
 * Private Hope
 * Private Hills

 * Private Sil Corde
 * Private Snake

 * Private Clive - taken under the wing of Flint
 * Private Brat - bull-like soldier

 * Private Wiche
 * Private Caffe - acts as day-time cook

 * Private Bille - senior runner, small and wiry with long legs
 * Private Maine - ginger cropped hair/beard, night watch
 * Private Chase
 * Private Ginn Harrot

 * Private Tel
 * Private Giff
 * Private Sind

* Gwindel Sverger - dwarven merchant, sometime trader with the keep


Mercenary group:
 * Captain Saladam Teeley. (mercenary, leader)
 * Arkan (Vakeros, friend of the group, capturered Torygan)

 * Broworm (senior mercenary, new second in command)
 * Cracus (senior mercenary, chef, third in command)
 * Blake  - (senior mercenary, bully
 * Biliquan (senior mercenary, short, Boden lover)
 * Tuld (senior mercenary, medic)

 * Borgh (mercenary, weasily threatener)
 * Sholt (coward, traitor).
 * Barker (mercenary, would-be poisoner)
 * Clut (determined, 'friend' of Borgh, respects Arkan)
 * Ceeloo (archer, taller than loft, ponytail, black hair, Vassa appearance)
 * Loft (as Ceeloo, fatter)
 * Hoos (mercenary)
 * Garv (mercenary)
 * Soore (mercenary) - moon faced man
 * Traske (mercenary) - old and muscled

 * Odel de Vries (Knight of the Realm, incidental member)

 * Torygan the Black (Right-handed Warlock, prisoner)

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MEMORIAL WALL  (spoilers)
A. Torygan the Black. Later disappeared on the night of sentencing.
B. Knud Anleifr. Continued to serve, died on the way to Holmgard MS5050.
C. Sir Odel de Vries. Continued to serve, fell in to dishonour.
D. Arkan Returned to Dessi

1. Lieutentant Jarrad Tor - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge
2. Corporal Hope - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge

3. Private Bille - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge
4. Private Tel  - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge
5. Private Golgem - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge
6. Private Mullak - moved on to serve at Alema Bridge

7. Private Chills - legs broken, honourable discharge to King's stables
8. Private Giff  - lost one arm, honourable discharge to teaching post

9. Captain Saladam Teeley - rejoined Slovian army

Roll of honour (dead):
A. Corporal Skyldig Avsvaghen. Killed by Vordak in the final battle.
B. Lady Velena Karar. Killed by Torygan in the final battle.

C. Gwindel Sverger / Akakaan. Killed by Skyldig at the gate battle.

1. Captain Dana Outler. Took his own life in his room.
2. Sergeant-at-arms Dinory. Died in the armoury, Helghast
3. Sergeant Veneer Castpan. Died in crypt, attacked by Flint.

4. Medic Tyna. Died in the infirmary, previously attacked by Tuck. Turned undead by Torygan, killed by Golgem at the rear gate

5. Private Tuck. Turned undead in the Wildlands, killed at the gate by soldiers
6. Private Namma Gorste.  Died in the crypt, killed by undead Flint
7. Private Colm. Turned undead in the Wildlands, killed at the gate by Arkan
8. Private Flint. Death by sniper, turned undead, finally killed by Clive at the rear stable
9. Private Lok. Turned undead in the Wildlands, executed in the chapel by Tor
10. Private Gillian. Died in the Wildlands, undead, killed by mercenaries
11. Private Shyne. Died in the Wildlands, undead, killed by mercenaries
12. Private Wiche. Died in the infirmary, killed by undead Tuck (stabbed through the stomach with banner)

13. Barker. Died in the Wildlands, took own life with poison
14. Hoos. Died en route to the Keep, accidental death from poison by Barker
15. Garv. Died in the Wildlands, accidental death by Barker
16. Sholt. Killed by Giff in the courtyard during escape.

17. Private Hills. Blown up by boom powder at the gate.
18. Private Ginn Harrot. Killed by Torygan in the crypt.

19. Tuld. Turned undead in Wildlands, then shot by Knud at the gate.
20. Borgh. Turned undead in Wildlands, then shot by Sind outside the gate.

21. Private Sil Corde. Killed by Torygan in chapel tower. (Body used by Torygan and destroyed by Odel)
22. Private Jarris. Killed by water poisoning, died in the mini-infirmary.


23. Private Maine. Killed by giak arrows on wall and falling
24. Private Clive. Killed by giak arrows on wall.
25. Private Chase. Killed by Drakkar assault at the gate
26. Private Brat. Killed by Akakaan at the gate (by Dinory's sword).

27. Private Halbrow. Killed by Vordak on crypt stairs, turned undead, killed again by Odel.
28. Private Sind. Killed by snipers pressing forwards.

29. Private Dymond. Killed by Torygan.

30. Cassa. Struck down by Vordak at the stables.
31. Private Falla. Killed by undead Halbrow/Odel/Torygan.
32. Traske. Killed by Knud during second escape.

33. Broworm. Killed in gate battle
34. Cracus.  Killed in gate battle
35. Biliquan. Killed by Akakaan in gate battle.
36. Clut. Killed at gate battle
37. Ceeloo. Killed at gate battle
38. Loft. Killed at gate battle

39. Private Snake. Killed in final battle with giaks.
40. Soore. Killed fighting Torygan in the final battle.
41. Feraal Jobard. Killed fighting Torygan's ligi-dak in the final battle.
42. Private Caffe. Killed by Odel on Torygan's recapture.

43. Blake. Died of wounds, fell on spikes at gate defense previously.
44. Private Tooke. Died from poisoning.
45. Private Rasher. Fell from keep wall, died from wounds.

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