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Mon 15 Aug 2011
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Keep tactics (finale)
Post superceded for its own thread:

Just a thread to discuss combined tactics if you guys feel you need it. I'll also try to keep an accurate state of the NPCs and where everyone is deployed in this first post.

Current positions 30/9/11 (fires discovered)

Rear tower by gate:
 - Private Golgem (medium wounds, bow)
 - Odel on warhorse

 - Jobard (storeman) (badly wounded)
 - Soore (traitor mercenary) freed, charmed (medium wounded)
 - Private Caffe (blinded)

 - Blake (mercenary, unconscious)
 - Private Tooke (coma)
 - Arkan (unconscious)

 - Private Rasher (unconscious)
 - Private Giff (severely wounded, feverish)

 - Private Chills (broken legs)

 - four horses - Clare, Tawny, two pack horses (mercenaries)

By main gate:
 - Skyldig (severly wounded)
 - Captain Teelay (mercenary) (badly wounded)
 - Lieutenant Tor

 - Private Hope (badly wounded)
 - Private Billie (bow, bow given to Golgem)
 - Private Mullak (medium wounded)
 - Private Snake (bow) (medium wounded)

Top of keep:
 - Knud (bow)
-  Private Tel (bow) (wounded arm, medium wounded)
 - Velena

Chapel tower? (unknown status/position):
 - Torygan (hands bound) [Private to Torygan the Black: (not really, at main keep tower)]
 - Private Falla [Private to GM: (actually dead)]

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Mon 15 Aug 2011
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Re: Keep tactics (finale)
Wait I thought Torygan came down with us?
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Mon 15 Aug 2011
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Re: Keep tactics (finale)
I have absolutely no idea what you mean... *whistles*

Oh, ok, I forgot to delete the room placement from Torygan's line. He's with you guys at the chapel tower entrance, hand bound only.

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Thu 18 Aug 2011
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Re: Keep tactics (finale)
Now might be a fun time to give you some facts and figures to think about (in terms of able bodied soldiers and fighters). You've still got a keep filled with 29 people. Sounds good, right?

Superlative fighters (all injured except Tor): 4
 - Odel
 - Skyldig
 - Lieutenant Tor
 - Captain Teelay

Good fighters (PC halo/stats but injured): 2
 - Knud
 - Arkan

Soldiers still upright: 10
 - Private Dymond
 - Private Mullak
 - Private Falla
 - Private Golgem
 - Private Tel (bow)
 - Private Billie (has bow)
 - Private Snake (bow)
 - Cracus (mercenary)
 - Broworm (mercenary)
 - Biliquin (mercenary, bow)


Questionable loyalty: 5
 - Ceeloo (mercenary, has bow)
 - Loft (mercenary, has bow)
 - Clut (mercenery, has bow)

 - Traske (traitor mercenery) freed
 - Soore (traitor mercenary) freed

Badly wounded fighters: 5
 - Private Hope (Vordak injuries)
 - Private Rasher (perforated)
 - Private Giff (one arm)
 - Private Caffe (blinded)
 - Private Chills (broken legs)

Non-combatant: 3
 - Velena
 - Cassa ('medic')
 - Jobard ('storeman')

So actually, you have 6 great fighters, and 10 ordinary soldiers to back them up. Afetr that, you have 5 that you might questions trusting (though Arkan's three seem to have been loyal so far), you have 5 liabilities (don't discount them, though!), and 3 'non-combatants' (though don't discount them either!)

So the question is: Is this an inspiring number, or a scary number? Does it give you the confidence to try anything, or are you going to start planning the end?

Just for fun, I'll mention there are now 30 dead NPCs listed in the hall of fame...

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Knud Anleifr
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Fri 19 Aug 2011
at 13:23
Re: Keep tactics (finale)
So the question is: Is this an inspiring number, or a scary number? Does it give you the confidence to try anything, or are you going to start planning the end?

I might be stating the obvious, but I'd say it all depends on how quickly we deal with Akakaan. I think he should have the highest target priority, because we have very limited means to destroy him and Giaks' morale is vulnerable to loosing their leader. Although Arkan's blue-steel sword may be used by anyone, right?

If we could get Arkan & Akakaan into the combat with each other, possibly backing up Arkan with 1-2 soldiers, I'd assume that would be enough. Technically, would additional attackers grant bonus to Arkan (with them not doing damage to Akakaan, while taking damage themselves)?
Odel de Vries
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Sat 20 Aug 2011
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Re: Keep tactics (finale)
Maybe it's been given somewhere but I fail at finding it - just how many (rough estimation) Giaks and Drakkars are there?
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Sat 20 Aug 2011
at 05:21
Re: Keep tactics (finale)

It's been given to Akakaan explicitly :D

There is roughly a group of ten mixed Drakkarim/giaks at the gate, with more giaks in the form of the snipers from earlier (Knud counted them as between six and ten I believe)

So you have between 15 and 20 foes at your gate, almost all giaks, wtith an unknown presence of Vordak/undead perhaps still i nthe keep.

And Akakaan.

See, you have superior numbers. Nooooothing to worry about. And yeah, additional soldiers would give a bonus to Arkan in subsequent rounds. It's just as much the ability to defend and interfere and distract that gives the bonus as anything as far as I'm concerned. They would all be meat shields :)

And remember, unless you have Teelay order the other mercenaries to hold mack, Arkan's own three mercenaries would be likely to aid him. So he would automatically have those soldiers as back up.

In fact, the only downside I can see with the plan is a) you are assuming Arkan is Paido and has a magical blusteel blade, b) Arkan has the Wp, CS and disciplines to take on Akakaan directly, and c) I like NPCs :D