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PART THREE: A Night to Forget

Odel's focus tunnelled, it was the perfection of a battle. All the competing matters, all the uncertain priorities, stripped away to single moments. The charge. The blow. The recovery. The counter. The blow. A perfect loop of action and reaction and at the end good had been done.

The walls stripped away, even the gate was something unnoticed and invisible. Odel's warhorse would leap over whatever was underfoot - wood, bodies, rubble - and he would compensate for it and strike at his foe. There was the sound of swords, the cries of men. He was home once more...

The robed figure slowly turned its face to Odel. It was Odel's master, and he had been busy while Odel had gone to find the warhorse, after trying to rescue the man.

"Strike him! Strike him, de Vries, and I'll reward you beyond even that which I shall give you for rescuing me!" Odel's master was holding a ragged figure, a figure out of place on the battlefield. It was Ulnar, the King of Sommerlund.

"Strike! This unworthy king will lead us to our doom! Strike and give me the Kingdom! A barony for you, de Vries, a Barony as great as your loyalty to the true sons of Sommerlund!"

OOC: The 3 will carry for your strike if you still want to make it (and it will be hard to pull out), and it will indeed be a doozy with triple damage and the +3CS.

The real question is...which target will you pick? Odel is currently still aimed directly for his master, but he could easily shift his lance and strike the clutched figure instead of the robed one.



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Mon 3 Oct 2011
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Re: PART THREE: A Night to Forget
Odel's thundering charger had only been seconds away from the knight's tarhet. Yet, once the robed figure turned to face him, time seemed to be slowing down momentarily; Odel's field of view increased significantly, letting him behold a large chunk of the battlefield teeming with soldier's. King's soldiers! King's soldiers fighting with his own patron's forces... supported by... the Order! Odel's armored brothers were also present, battling the royal troops with dedication  and skill being their unmistakeable trademark. And the image of the very figures of the two nobles staying together in a deadly grasp had just gotten so distinct and almost oddly sharp that the knight could not doubt who those figures were.

The prince's cry for help had reached Odel's ears with nearly deafening strenght, leaving absolutely no uncertainty as to what he demanded of his champion... and what he promised. Maybe it was time for the knight, once a common soldier with no prospects, doomed to die somewhere in another man's fight. Maybe it was time to make that one more step left to power and influeance his parents had never dared dream of for their only son.

His lord demanded direct action and he should follow the order, no doubt about that. But... he was ordered to kill his chief commander, the king of Sommerlund abd the greatest benefactor of the Order. He couldn't strike at the King, his honor forbade that deed. It would be almost... sacrilege. Then again, he had sworn loyalty to his lord and patron and couldn't break the sacred oath he had made back then, after the memorable battle.

Torn by such doubts, the knight didn't realize that the point of lance he was still holding firmly had been shifting from one man to the other, then back again. He was completely unaware of the fact that his aim reflected his inner fight. He didn't know what his own body was doing...

His mount, gaining ever more impetus as it covered another meter left to the target, felt its rider's anxiety and confusion and put ever more effort in its run. Yet, it didn't make a single step to either side, since the knight in the saddle didn't make a move to turn it elswhere. The point of the the lance was aimed at the same foe as the armored pair came thundering onwards...

OOC: After all, I've decide to try to impale "my master." What the heck, Odel really had no time to make a conscious decision. He was too close to the target already :)

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Re: PART THREE: A Night to Forget

OOC: And you're back in the main thread :)