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Arkan was played by xex of Tower of the Sun / Project Aon. The character was originally created for the abandoned Black Ice game (link to another game). Xex also hosted the game Dark Omens here on RPoL (link to another game)  -e.

Character Name: Arkan                              Sex: Male
Character Class: Vakeros Warrior Mage              Hair and Eyes: Black
Rank: 5 (Bladerunner)                              Height: 5'12
Base CS:17
Base EP:12/23
Base WP:23

1. Kaenos (substitute End for WP)
2. Veronios (Lightning Hand)
3. Valos (teleport)
4. Vakeros Ra
5. Sanctuary of the Vakeros

1.Blue Steel Broadsword
2.Short Sword

Special Items:
1. Dessi Power Stone

See the character creation thread. -e.

Goals were sent at the start of the game to centre everyone as needed. They were only intended as suggestions if the narrative drifted or became confusing. -e.

Short term goal (the intro thread):
 - keep an eye on Torygan
 - keep the mercenery group from imploding (the new additions are less well known to you and so unnwon quantities)

Medium term goal (once in the keep)
 - see if there is further information about Vassgonian political manoeuvering, especially regarding Cloesia or even Shadaki. This can be from the Sommlending themselves, or from being given license to interrogate Torygan in a more secure setting (with less strained guards!)

Long term goal (win the game):
 - return to Dessi or continue elsewhere with more information.
 - ensure Torygan has been brought to justice

Obviously, if your character feels that aiding the Sommlending escort partially on the way, or fully, you are free to offer.

Asked of both Torygan and Arkan together. -e.
It seems very likely Arkan would have aided apprehension of the villain, and thus be in the escort seeing him to the border.

Otherwise, you will need to come up with a personal reason why Arkan would be allowed in to the keep to observe the transfer, and would wish to.

The villain (Askhati will be playing him) might have ties to Southern Magnamund, so there can be a general interest of the Elder Magi in ensuring such a villain doesn't manage to establish diplomatic links between Vassgonia and the Shadakine nation (it will not have toppled yet).

To that end, Arkan can have been one of the Vakeros tasked with finding the man, without it feeling that Arkan should be bringing the man to justice with the Elder Magi. Helping Sommerlund and letting Sommerlund judge the personal damage to that nation would still seem acceptable, yet would also be a logical reason to help.

Well, I personally am for leaving it to the imagination. It's more fun that way, for me at least. We will say that it was a group effort by the mercenaries and Arkan. The mercenaries herded Torygan towards a certain place where he was to be captured, and Arkan was waiting there cutting off the escape route. :)

Last part of backstory - the mercenery Captain and his core group are reasonably well known to you. They seem to have a fondness for Cloesia, and so tended to return there for further work. The Captain had good contacts to allow you to continue your investigations even when the Torygan lead went cold. Sadly, while strange things were happening in Cloesia that did hint at a slide to Vassgonian sympathy that was not internally directed, you never found concrete evidence.

Of items:
Note you also have a Dessi Power Stone (special item), a palm sized stone you carry with you as you wish.

Its twin is currently between the wrists of Torygan, and binds both his hands and his powers of magic.

The magic is activated and deactived by touching the two stones together, concentrating a small amount of power on the stone (nothing that would mechanically register, but you will require to be above 0WP to use it) and speaking a word in Dessi.

[Torygan's possessions...] Would Arkan have taken them in to safekeeping himself, or left the mercenaries to take care of that?

I think he would have let the mercenaries take care of them. He would be keeping the powerstone in his own possession though!

Discipline question:
Another thing, I have taken then sanctuary of the Vakeros spell. It can only be used once per adventure. However, in a pbp style game a single adventure can last years. A houserule I was considering was that in a pbp game the sanctuary of the Vakeros spell could be used once per chapter/act, or something like that.

What do you think?

The idea of this game is to be a simple one-shot, so it shouldn't carry on for that long. I'll probably house rule that it's a once per game-day ability. So if you are forced to use it early during the game, you can also use it at the end of the game aswell in any climactic battle.

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