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Velena was played by Valanthe, the Female Lone Wolf of Project Aon fame (, and also GM of Snipe Hunt (link to another game). -e.

Class: Brotherhood Mage
Combat Score: 8
Endurance: 19
Willpower: 26

1. Invisible Shield:
2. Mend:
3. Mind Charm:
4. Net:
5. Silence:

Dagger (strapped to her boot)

Robe of the Crystal Star

Special Items:

1. Ivory Comb
2. Perfume

Vel is the daughter of a wealthy merchant father and an aristocrat mother. As an only child to a barren mother, Vel was dotted on heavily growing up and she became used to the finer things in life.

After it was discovered she had magical talent she was taken into the brotherhood. Despite her great potential, Vel couldn't be bothered to study as hard as the other students, and so has never come to realize her true potential. Her ability to avoid work was greater exacerbated as she managed to inherit her mother's good looks and her fathers ability to manipulate people to her will - many of the young men in the order were more than happy to help her through her training.

Many of the masters in the Brotherhood disproved of Vel's attitude towards other students and demanded that she apply her keen mind to the study of magic, rather than the social games she finds so amusing. As part of an attempt to force her to focus, she has been sent out into the field, a prospect that she finds appalling - dirt, horses, and rugged men being among the top 10 deplorable things in her mind.

While she is resentful for the mission, she plans to make the best of it and find some young soldier she can bend to her will and convince to do all her work for her. She herself is actually not terribly interested in men, aside from their likeness to mules and dogs (ability to lift heavy objects and willingness to please a master).

Here's an idea to tie Vel in to the story:

Vel at least managed to tailor assignments to ensure she passed through Holmgard, and planned to eventually station herself for a time at Ruanon. Despite being as far from civilisation as possible in Sommerlund, it is also where a grat deal of Sommerlund's wealth comes from and so a suitable compromise.

Unfortunately, while temporarily stationed at a Border Ranger point along the way, she fell afoul of that post's own Brotherhood mage. While the Border Rangers themselves were pliable - at least the males - the old coot was not and resented her attitude. He managed to have her diverted to the keep on the opposing side of the mountains for three months due to their own lack of magical and medical carer.

It is a mixed blessing. She has been positioned at the worst possible place, looking out over the blasted Wildlands and with the lowest of soldiers. Still, their resentful pride and the nature of the command structure seems to allow Vel the chance to have soldiers at her beck and call.

Still, she was probably counting the days, and looking forward to the trip to Ruanon looming on the horizon when a new opportunity presented itself. A villain of Sommerlund was apparently being brought to the keep, bound for Toran.

Vel had her passport for a trip back to Helmgard and Toran, if she could play this correctly and attach herself to the escort. Thumbing her nose at doddering old mages as she passed.

Velena has been at the keep for two months by the start of the story.

She is not an evil character - she wouldn't be likely to willingly betray the brotherhood and has never killed in her life. But she would also not be one to jump into a battle that she can get others to fight for her.

Velena as presented had a very straight through line as a goal: ingratiate herself to the keep command enough to attach herself to Torygan's bodyguard. - e.

Also - may I add some vanity items to the pack? I see Vel as someone who goes no where with out her ivory comb and a bottle of perfume.

Also: Is it possible to take a dagger instead of a short sword? I can see her carrying around an elegant dagger but not so much a sword.
Amazingly, the backpack items never saw sneaky use! - e.

The Magnamund Companion version of the Brotherhood spells gives you an idea of the expanse of the Brotherhood repetoire. I'm afraid magically you don't get any cantrips beyond that - Sense Evil, for eample, is a Discipline and not an extra every mage can use.

The Guildhall is about learning, that's the primary 'goal' the Brotherhood see themselves as having, outside the duties of all Sommlending to fight the Darklands. So I will certain allow you knowledge in the direction of any Disciplines. So for example, although Mend requires the running water and is only a self healing, at the very least a Brotherhood mage would learn basic self-diagnosis they can apply beyond that. Hence the mage can be seen as a healer. Or Mind Charm requires knowing where the levers are to push, so basic psychology is certainly going to be gained and studied.

You can assume about eight - ten areas of learning all Brotherhood mages must be exposed to constantly, whether or not they master the lessons well enough to learn the ultimate spells perfectly. Levitation the ultimate application of certain basic physics, Net the powers of the ether, Sense Evil the psychology of the enemy and physical/spiritual reading, etc. Obviously without the disciplines, you'd get no bonus and only get to claim basic explosure. Better to try for areas connected to your disciplines and think of common sense areas of study you can call upon.

As you may have noted meeting Banedon in the main book play through, obviously contacts are a large part of a Brotherhood's craft outside the hall. They become the diplomats and courtiers of Sommerlund, and are encouraged to become journeymen just as the Kai are, to learn in the field. That is certainly another avenue you can extrapolate - both your contacts, and people's willingness to contact a Brotherhood mage. After all, mages would be seen as the respectable and less 'zealot-like' way to get to the King's ear, instead of serious Kai lords, or profession courtiers.

This occurred after the Tor/Arkan confrontation durign the game. -e.
Hey! I ave a few minutes so I wanted to give you an update on my character, she's had a bit of a loyalty shift as this has gone on. . . I can point out the details regarding this shift and why I wanted to let you know. Currently I'm actually kinda suspecting Tor of being somethng other than he is, not 100% certian but a bit of suspcision. Something about deflecting a well done roll of a helghast. . . he may just be an uber good guy, but if not. . .

Anyways, due to the fact that he's been defending Vel and shown her respect, something shes never experienced being a spoiled brat with no boundaries, her loyalties are with Tor. She's spent her life feeling useless, over compensating by being a bitch. She's still not going to jump on a sword or anything, but the endevor has exposded her to things she's never experienced before - such as respect and being useful. It's a bit of a fundamental shift, and not one I was expecting myself, but I get the feeling that's where she is going right now.

Arkan yelling at her and calling her useless sort of stuck a bit of a nerve with the character - as she was finally starting to feel useful, but at the same time dealing with that insecurity of being useless. Its not like she wants to save the keep or anything, she is still mostly in it for herself, but I figured the loyalty shit to Tor was worth letting you know - in case you want to go somewhere with it :)

If he ends up being Hooashbdad (hoorvax?)w/e the dude Torygan is afraid of well. . . then he'll have a minion. As of now her goals are the same (get home to Toren) but again, if Tor ends up the baddy. . .then those change as well.

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