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Ron, The DM
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Fri 10 Feb 2017
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Delith:To Save a World

From the peace and quite of the forest clearing to a broad expanse of grayish dirt extending for miles.  The area is bleak, at one time it may have been grassy fields and shrubs on rolling hills, now looks more like a desert.

   You find yourselves on the top of a hill, facing towards a sun that is beginning to set.  What you stand in is more like dust or ash rather than dirt and as you move you kick up little clouds.  Towards the setting sun in the 'near' distance you can make out the tops of trees.  There is a hill before you that blocks most of them.  The sky is partly cloudy with dark clouds.  Shorty gets a whiff of mix of acidic and ash smell.

At about the 4 o'clock direction you see what could be a cloud of dust moving at some pace in the direction, probably toward the forest as well.  The dust maybe be two or 3 miles away.


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Sat 11 Feb 2017
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Delith:To Save a World
In reply to Ron, The DM (msg # 1):

"Me guess is that dust cloud is Set's forces.  We're going to be kicking up our own cloud unless we can provide a substantial wind or manage all to fly without being seen by them.  Any of ye got ideas?"
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Sat 11 Feb 2017
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Delith:To Save a World
In reply to Warwick (msg # 2):

Shorty shrugs and reaches for his belt.  He pulls out his magic water bottle and turns on the fire house and sprays down a 40 or 50 foot path towards the trees.  He then tries walking along the wet areA to see if he raises a cloud.