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Fickle destiny
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Thu 18 Aug 2016
at 18:09
an ordinary, quiet neighbourhood
You go about your Facsimile of life searching within yourself, desperately for Sincerity hoping to one day, one day, complete the great work, to transform lead into gold!

The town you are in currently is peacable enough, for now, you face only the danger you bring with you, sadly that is grave danger enough to compose entire ballads of.

You go about your normal routine, thankfully the lash of disquiet is not that strong currently...

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Thu 25 Aug 2016
at 03:40
an ordinary, quiet neighbourhood
Unfortunately, the town Phoenix was in now was not one where there was much need for his 'services', sexual or otherwise, but still it was peaceful and quiet and the Galatied liked it. He managed to get himself a job at a small cafe selling coffee, scones and similar things which was a good way for him to meet and interact with people and act like a regular human being should.

However, he noticed the first tinges of Disquiet beginning to form and so he was a bit sad today as Phoenix knew he would have to leave soon. He had a good excuse made up along with his backstory of being caught having sex with a friend before marriage but his conservative priest father that he got an offer for a good-paying job and place to stay somewhere then said his good-byes before leaving early the next day. While he gained the chance to meet new people wherever he ended up, it was this part that he did not like at all.
Fickle destiny
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Fri 26 Aug 2016
at 17:39
an ordinary, quiet neighbourhood
He notices... something, in the shadows he cannot see where stalking him one afternoon,  he try to run, hide, or confront it?
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Sat 27 Aug 2016
at 16:00
an ordinary, quiet neighbourhood
Phoenix felt the eyes on him from the alley as he walked to his 'home' for the evening while making sure no one he knew saw him. Curious, he slowly but cautious went to the alley to see what or...whom he could find
Fickle destiny
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Sat 27 Aug 2016
at 16:22
an ordinary, quiet neighbourhood
Next thing he knows...

3 Bizzare shapes 2 looking bizzarely unnatural one looking like a bizzare wooden statue
and after menacing another second they attack.

(Roll initiative

They got an 8)

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