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Advanced Skills and Techniques
Learning Advanced Skills and Techniques:

Points to purchase Advanced skills and techniques come from a pool each character receives when he gains a character level.  These are separate from normal skill points and can be used only to improve an Ability such as telepathy, Kinetics,  Improve combat training skills, or gain new ranks in techniques.

Receiving Advanced Skill Points
      At each level, (including first)  a character gains 4+( Int bonus x2 + Wis bonus +Str bonus +Dex bonus divided by five) Advanced Skill Points. ( ASP) these points may be spent to purchase ranks with an applicable technique, skill, or ability. ASP follow he same rules as normal skill points in relation to maximum ranks per level, class, and cross class costs. Normal skill points may not be used to purchase ranks with Advanced Skills, and Advanced Skill Points may not be used to purchase ranks with normal skills.

Determining Class and Cross Class costs for advanced Skills
    Class And Cross class skills are determined y the characters particular Focus. Each character selects a primary focus, and a secondary focus. In one of the Advanced Skill Groups. Psionic, Combat, Tech, Or Science.  Any group not selected as a Primary (PF) or Secondary Focus (SF) becomes a tertiary all abilities, skills and techniques in a Tertiary Focus (TF) are purchased as cross class.

Primary Focus: this is the skill group that the character spend most of his effort and study in. from  this group he select Five Skills, Abilities or Techniques to be Class skills. As long as he posses any prerequisites he can purchase skill ranks as class Skills.  All other Skills, techniques or Abilities in the primary focus become cross class skills.
         If a character wishes he may select the feat Advanced Skill Focus, either as a regular feat, or in place of a class feat or Class Talent to select a new class skill from his Primary focus.

New feat: ( requisite Intelligence score of 10 or higher)  Advanced Skill Focus: select one new skill from your Primary Advanced Skill Group as a class skill.  This skill may now be purchased as a class skill, using Advanced Skill Points

Secondary focus: this is as it sounds where a portion of the characters time and stud goes, usually as a hobby, or casual development of his other abilities. Though for some it is a deliberate and determined effort to learn a set of skills or techniques to enhance their abilities or ad breadth and depth to their training.
           From his secondary Skill Group the character may select 2 Skills, Abilities or Techniques as class skills. These are purchased at class costs and have the maximum ranks allowed of a class skill.  If a Player wishes to learn a new class Skill from his Secondary focus, he must use a regular feat to select the feat Secondary Skill Focus.
New feat: ( requisite Intelligence score of 13 or higher)  Secondary Skill Focus: select one new skill from your Secondary Advanced Skill Group as a class skill.  This skill may now be purchased as a class skill, using Advanced Skill Points

Tertiary Skill Group:
Tertiary skill groups receive the least attention from the character, either due to lack of interest, lack of need, or lack of time to study them more thoroughly.  From this group the Player may select one Skill, technique or ability as a class skill. All others are considered cross class skill, and are purchased as such with normal limits on max ranks.
        There is no feat which allows selection of a new tertiary class skill, although the GM should feel free to allow it if he is so inclined.


          As an option the Player may choose to specialize in one specific field. If he chooses to do so he receives all skills, abilities and feats as class skills.  However He receives No secondary focus, all other groups are treated as Tertiary Groups and He must choose one group to become a restricted group, from which he can learn NO skills, abilities or techniques.

Jack Of  Trades ;
       A second option is the jack of trades Option. The jack Of Trades receives no Primary Skill group but all skill groups are considered secondary meaning he may choose 2 Skills, techniques or abilities as class Skills.

Elite Skills, Techniques Abilities
        Elite skills techniques and abilities are not available at character creation without GM approval. In any case they require a mentor, Master Or trainer to learn. Most often these individuals will not pass on their skills freely. Often they demand some form of favor, test or trial to judge the ability, integrity and fitness of their prospective apprentice.
           In some cases elite Skills are only known o elite cadres, among corporate and military groups, or some form of secret society that controls the spread of sensitive, advanced,  or dangerous techniques and abilities
              A GM should require the Player to provide some justification why he would posses generally unavailable knowledge at character creation, an excellent background, member ship in a secret society or covert group, or knowledge passed on by a family member, with all related allegiances, complications, and drawbacks related to those situations. .

Below is a list of  Advanced Skill Groups
         This list is not complete new abilities etc can be added, or existing  ones disallowed or altered by the GM.
Advanced Skill Groups
Skill group, Skill, technique                                related characteristic
Combat Abilities: None
Combat Skills
    Combat mastery                                               Average of Strength Dexterity, Constitution
    Weapons Training                                            Dexterity for ranged, Strength For melee, and unarmed
    Armor Training.                                               Average of Strength and Dexterity
Combat techniques
     Ability Boost                                                     CON
     Adrenal Boost                                                    Con
     Concussion                                                         Dex
     Knockback                                                         Dex
     Hammer hand                                                    Strenght
     Marksman                                                          Dex
     Overkill                                                              Average of streght and Dex
     Shootist                                                               Dex
     Soak                                                                    Con
     Surge                                                                   Con
     Tech Armor                                                          Int +Dex/2
Elite Combat techniques:
      Gun fu                                                                   Wis+dex\2
      Blademaster                                                           Sternght+Dex/2
      Tech Blade                                                             Int+Strength/2
      Symmetry                                                               Wis+Dex\2

Psionic Abilities
        Kinetic Mastery ( Kinetics)                                   Tk Strength
              Kinetic Abilities
              TK strength                                                     None
         Elite Kinetic abilities
               Pyro/cryo Kinesis
         Kinetic Skills
               Kinetic Mastery                                               Cha
               Pyro/Cryo Mastery                                           Cha
         Kinetic techniques
               Charge                                                              Con
               Concussion                                                        Tk Strength
               Creation                                                             Int
               Ecto Blast                                                           Dex
               Ecto-armor                                                         Dex
               Entangle                                                             Cha
               Kinetic Barriers                                                  Tk strength
               Kinetic enhancement                                           Tk Strength
               Knockback                                                           Tk strength
               Lift                                                                      Tk Strength
               Maelstrom                                                           Cha
               Obstruction                                                          Tk Strength
               Obscure                                                                Cha
               Pull/Push                                                              Tk Strength
               Shockwave                                                           Tk Strength
           Elite Kinetic techniques
                Kinetic Kill                                                           Tk Strength
                Psi Blade                                                               Tk Strength
                Pyro/cryo enhance                                                 Cha
                Pyro Blast                                                              Cha
                Pyro Bolt                                                               Dex
                Rend                                                                      Tk Strength
                Resist heat and cold                                               Cha

Telepathic Mastery( Telepathy)
           Telepathic skills
                  Telepathic mastery                                                 Cha
            Telepathic techniques                                                   All Cha, unless Noted
                   Alter Memories
                   Alter perceptions
                   Animal Influence/
                   Animal Empathy
                    Detect Psionics
                    Empathic Scan
                    Mental Cloaking
                    Mental defense
                    Mind Link
                    Sense Thoughts
           Elite Telepathic Techniques
                    Psi Blade
                    Telepathic Kill
                    Mind Wrack
               ESP techniques                                           All Wis+Cha/2 unless noted
                     Combat Precognition
                      Remote viewing

Scientific Genius (Science)
                Science skills
                     Science mastery
                Science Technique                                   All Int unless Noted
                     Cybernetics Expert
                     Genetic engineering
                     Robotic Expert
                     Neural shock
Technomancy( Tech )
                 Tech skills
                      Tech Mastery

                Tech techniques                                     All Int unless noted

                        Combat Hacking
                        Electronic warfare
                        Jolt                                                 Dex for attack rolls
                        Incinerate                                       Dex for attack rolls
                        Mad Machine
                        Pulse                                               Dex For attack rolls
                        Repair Expert
                        Tech Armor
              Elite Techniques
                        Arc                                                  Int
                        Flux                                                 Int
                        Tech Blade                                       Int+ strength / 2
                        Rupture                                            Int
                        Singularity                                       Int

Techniques: are specific methods of attack or defense developed over years of study and research. In effect thee are much like a martial arts kata, practiced and honed until they can executed with little conscious thought or concentration required.
         Many generic Techniques exist, with each person adding their own touches and embellishments as they refine their kills and adjust the technique to suit their personal abilities and needs. It is highly uncommon for any two individuals to use or learn a technique in the same way unless they are trained by the same individual or group.

Learning a Technique
Max Ranks:
A character can have no more ranks with a technique than he is allowed Maximum ranks with a skill under D20 rules.  Level +3 for class Skill and half that number ( do not round, retain fractions)  for a cross class Skill.

If a requisite Is listed with a technique it must be met by the character before purchasing a rank in the technique. Certain techniques have requisites at higher levels that they do not have at lower levels. Ranks can be purchased in that technique but the character does not the gain the benefits of a particular level of the technique until he meets all requirements for it.

Associated and Supplemental Skills:
Occasionally a skill will require specific skills to achieve the resided result. If the character does not poses these skill they can seek the aid of another person, either an ally r a hired mentor. The assistant makes his skill checks at -2 to his rolls due to the difficulties of communicating the fine details of a project but if he makes his check the character has the information needed to achieve the desired effect.
       The penalties to the roll can be removed by using a mind link or telepathy to transfer the information in greater detail. This does not confer and ranks to the person being assisted but will allow them to achieve an effect without the needed skills.
          For complex or lengthy projects the character may need to assemble a small team to assist him. This is allowed if the character can pay for the services( see the section on technique training for costs) or convince allies to assist without the normal mentor fees.

Power Levels:
Each technique will have for or more Power levels listed. When the character has the number of rank required fo access to a power level he gain the use of that level.
Lvl I = 1 rank
Lvl II = 3 ranks
Lvl III = 6 ranks
Lvl IV= 10 ranks
Lvl V = 20 ranks ( not available with all techniques)

Upon gaining access to a level all the listed benefits are gained. Dice totals and modifiers to skills listed in a levels description are totals unless otherwise stated to the contrary. Unless specifically altered by a higher levels description effects of a lower level are available at higher levels.
         If a number of dice are indicated the character has the option of using any number of dice up to his total, ranging from 1pip to the total number allowed.

a technique can be improved at any time however a player only gains the abilities granted by a new level of a technique after some period of practice and training. This is done out of game and is assumed to take 2d10 +(1d4 day per level of the technique). His training time is reduced by 1 day per point of wisdom but is never reduced below 1 day.
        During training a players time is spent in intensive meditation, practice and study, he may not perform any other strenuous or complex  task, and must spend at least 12 hours per day in training braking only to eat, re or carryon casual conversations, if he misses a day in training his training time is increased by 1d3 days.
         Training require a calm setting and ample room to practice his new tourniquets, while it might be as simple as a space cleared out in a warehouse or in the hold of a ship, or as formal and specialized as a dojo or temple, the area must be free of distractions and obstruction,. For safety most persons would be advised to avoid the area or observe from a discrete distance.

Master or mentor expenses
Techniques and evolutions requiring a master or specialized instructor also require that the student provide lodgings, meals and often pay for their instructor. Each day of training is a Purchase dc (12 +2xLevl of technique being learned) expense for each week of training.

Maintaining a Technique:
Any complex skill or ability takes constant practice or study to maintain at maximum potential. Techniques are no different each technique must be used or practiced at least once a week to maintain at full levels. Practice requires only time and any materials needed, such as ammunition, a suitable target, or the latest technical, medical or scientific journals and articles. Telepathic and ESP techniques require regular meditation which requires no target or materials only time to reinforce the mental disciplines and hypnotic implants that allow the telepath to quickly and efficiently focus their mind under stress.
         Each technique requires at least one hour per week of practice study or meditation to keep in top form. Techniques that require supplies require a Purchase DC 10 expenditure to secure range time, supplies or rent a private location to work out., which is advised when practicing destructive or noisy techniques, no one want to live next to someone who regularly sets off explosions or throws automatic weapons fire around the back yard.

Evolutions are alterations to the basic powers of the technique. When enough ranks are spent to gain a fourth level of power with a technique the player may chose among the listed Lvl IV options and select one. He may select additional Evolutions by spending 4 additional ranks per evolution he wishes to gain access with.
          If an evolution grants an ability that can be used with the technique without altering the effective level of the technique then it ma be used at the maximum power level of the technique.
           Te point spent to acquire an evolution do not count toward attack rolls skill checks or acquiring higher Power Levels of the technique if they exist.

Mutations are similar to evolutions however they are usually alteration to the powers of the technique that have little or no combat use. Purchasing a mutation requires that the player spend one rank in that mutation unless other wise noted in the description of the technique. Once again ranks spent on mutations do not count toward gaining levels of power with a technique and can not be ued with related skill checks or attack rolls.

Using a technique
Attacking with a Technique
If a technique requires an attack roll or an opposed check the ranks in that technique are used unless otherwise specified.  Only ranks spent to gain levels are counted toward the total attack bonus or skill check. Skill ranks used to gain mutations, or evolutions after the first are not used.

Technique checks: when required to make a technique check the character rolls 1d20 + ranks in technique+ stat modifier( if any)
          When making a technique check the character does not count ranks spent on evolutions, after the first Lvl IV evolution, or Advanced Skill points spent to learn mutations  when calculating his total Advanced Skill ranks in the technique.

Attack rolls: form most Technomancy and Psion techniques the total Advanced Skill ranks in the technique + related Stat bonuses, are used for the characters attack bonuses. If making a ranged attack, ranged touch attack, or touch attack a characters Dex Bonus is used as his stat bonus to attacks. If making a melee or hand to hand Strength is used as the bonus to the attacks.
          When making a technique attack roll, the character does not count ranks spent on evolutions, after the first Lvl IV evolution, or Advanced Skill points spent to learn mutations  when calculating his total Advanced Skill ranks in the technique.

              Unless specifically indicated, Techniques that require a weapon, melee, or hand to hand attacks use the Advanced Skill ranks spent in the appropriate Weapons Training Advanced Skill as their attack bonus instead of their technique ranks. In some cases however there may be a technique check required to successfully use a specific technique.

If an ability requires concentration the character can not uses any other active technique, skill or make an attack during the time he is concentrating. Normal rules for maintaining concentration apply, such as limits on movement, conversation or maintaining concentration when taking damage.  While concentrating the character is considered flat footed and does not receive his dex bonus to his AC.

Durations list indicate the length of time an ability technique or attack remain active. If a duration can be extended through concentration its duration begins the round concentration ends.  If a character is knocked unconscious or is disabled in some way any active powers he ha activated will continue until their duration ends.
    Unless specified the character can not dismiss a power once it is activated. If the power requires him to actively guide the effect then it simply remains at the last point the sent it to, and does nothing unless someone wanders into its area of affect.

Recovery:, Recharge, cool down
some technique require subconscious concentration, tie up devices, or cause a heavy strain on the system. During the recovery time the technique can not be activated for a ne effect. If duration I listed as extendable the duration can b extended past the cool down or recovery period allowing it to be used again while still maintaining the original effect..
         In certain case a limitation, or penalty for early use of a technique, may be listed if that limitation is satisfied or the penalty is taken then the recovery duration is reduced to zero and blocked techniques can be used immediately.

Some techniques cause a serious drain on the body or cause an adverse physical or mental reaction. Techniques with a listed drain cause the listed damage every time they are used. If a technique with a drain is extended each round the technique is continued the character must take the listed  temporary damage or end the effect of the technique., in any case the minimum amount of damage is equal to the drain listed minimum duration of the effect.
       If a saving through is listed with the drain then the character can avoid the drain by making a successful save at the listed DC.
       Unless otherwise listed the effects of a drain are temporary and return as per the normal rules for healing and recovery.
        If a Drain is listed as Lethal, the damage is applied directly to the stat indicated, and or the characters Hit Points. This type of drain damage must be healed normally and may require medical treatment.

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Build Example
Build example:
Sam has decided to build himself a close combat specialist using the idea of a professional bodyguard. He has 4 levels to use and has selected as His basic classes to build a  2/2 Strong/dedicated character with plans to take the body guard advanced class when possible.

He build his basic character classes as normal expending his feat, skill points and talents as he would under the normal rules.

At first level
Chooses Military occupation:
Takes combat martial arts as bonus feat ( this grants him the ability to make his normal hand to hand attacks as if they were armed attack, it does not grant him Weapons Training: hand to hand at class skill costs however.)
All characters Receive simple weapons Proficiency ( weapons training: (simple ) costs are those of a class skill).
Uses first level feat to choose personal firearms proficiency ( allows him to gain a firearm weapons training at class skill costs), he chooses machine pistol as class skill.

At first level selects his Groups, he chooses
Primary: combat buys ranks in Five combat Advanced skill, ability or technique, as class skill
Secondary: Psionics buys 2 psionic Advanced skill, ability or technique,  from either TK, ESP, or Telepathy as Class Skills
Tertiary:  chooses one Advanced skill, ability or technique, from remaining groups as class skill.

From his primary groups he chooses

Charge: He uses the ranks purchased in this technique whn using his this technique, however if he performs a charge attack without using the technique he uses his unarmed combat bonus)

Combat Mastery: ( this skill allows him to improve his attacks and techniques as well as increase his AC in combat)
Weapons training: shotguns( he uses this skills ranks as his attack bonus with shotguns)
Weapons training : unarmed: wrestling he uses his ranks in this skill as his attack bonus with punches, kicks, trips, disarms, bull rush, and other normal hand to hand attacks)

Hammer Hand: when making a Hammer hand attack he uses his ranks in this technique as his attack bonus.)

From his secondary he chooses:
Presence ( this technique requires no skill rolls).
Sense Thoughts ( to sense the thoughts or emotions of others using this technique instead of his basic telepathy however it does not allow him to do anything but sense the thoughts or emotions of others)

From his remaining groups, he selects
Tech armor:

After selecting his class skill and using his feats the following abilities and technique are bought as class skills

Weapons training
Machine pistols
Combat master
Hammer Hand
Sense thoughts
Tech armor

Each Level all heroic characters receive 10 + the average of their stat bonuses in advanced Skill points to use on their abilities, techniques and advanced skills   in this example the average of the character stat bonuses would be +1 for a total of 11 Advanced Skill points
 At first level Sam decides to allocate his points as follow.

Skill/technique         ranks         Attack/technique check  bonus    technique Level
Weapons training
Simple                     1                 +1                                                     ---
Unarmed                  2                +2                                                      ---
Machine pistols        1                +1                                                     ---
Shotguns                  1                +1                                                     ---
Combat master         1                +1 Ac                                               Lvl 1
Charge                     1                +1                                                    Lvl 1
Hammer Hand          2               +2                                                     Lvl 1
Presence                                    --                                                        ---
Sense thoughts          1             +1                                                       Lvl 1
Tech armor               1               --                                                       Lvl 1

As you can There are not enough pints to go around evenly forcing the player to choose to hold off on certain techniques till later levels or invest only enough points to gain use of the technique and allow him to gain a new level with those techniques next character level.

On his next level Sam receives another set of Advanced Skill points allowing him to spend more to  improve his techniques.

Skill/technique         additional/total ranks        total Attack/technique check  bonus  technique level
Weapons training
Simple                      --/1                                      +1                                                       ---
Unarmed                   1/ 2                                     +3                                                       ---
Machine pistols         0/1                                      +1                                                       ---
Shotguns                   1/2                                      +2                                                       ---
Combat master          1/2                                      +1 Ac                                                 Lvl I
Charge                      1/3                                      +2                                                      Lvl I
Hammer Hand           2/4                                     +4                                                       Lvl II
Presence                    1/1                                     ---                                                        Lvl I
Sense thoughts           1/2                                     +2                                                       Lvl I
Tech armor                2/3                                     ---                                                        Lvl II