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gear post apoc
weapon                        weight          Trade Value
Boom Stick                                               2
Zip Gun                                                  2
.22 Pistol                                               4
9mm Pistol                                               8
9mm "Broom handle"                                       7
9mm Machine Pistol                                       10
10mm Automatic                                           9
10mm Machine Pistol                                      15
.357 magnum                                              9
.44. Revolver                                            11
.44  Automatic                                           12
.45 Auto                                                 10
.45 revolver                                             10
.45 Peacemaker                                           7
5.56 revolver                                            12
12mm Automatic                                           13
12mm Revolver                                            12
14mm Automatic                                           16
12 guage revolver                                        13
12 guage Automatic                                       14
12 gauge "Sawed Off"                                     8
5.56 Cut down Bolt action                                8

.22 Submachine gun "Suppressed"                          8
9mm Submachine Gun                                       10
10mm Submachine gun                                      11
12mm Submachine gun                                      13
5.56mm submachine gun                                    13
7.62 Submachine Gun                                      14

Pipe Rifle                                               4
BB Gun Child's                                           1
air rifle hunting                                        4
.22 rifle                                                6
22 magnum                                                8
9mm carbine                                              9
5.56 Bolt action                                         9
308 Bolt action                                          11
5.56 carbine                                             10
Assault rifle                                            13
Battle Rifle                                             13
sniper rifle                                             18
anti material rifle                                      20
12guage single shot                                      9
12 gauge Double barrel                                   10
12 gauge Pump                                            11
12 gauge assault shotgun                                 13
25mm assault gun                                         16

25mm Under barrel Grenade Launcher                       6
25 MM grenade rifle                                      13
40mm Under barrel Grenade Launcher                       8
40mm Grenade Rifle                                       15
40mm Belt fed Grenade Launcher                           16

Gatling Gun                                              13
Light machine gun                                        13
squad automatic                                          13
general purpose machine gun                              18
Heavy machine gun                                        16
.50 caliber machine gun                                  18
Mini Gun Light                                           18
Mini Gun Heavy                                           20
Incinerator ( aerosol fuel)                              13
Flame thrower ( Napalm )                                 12
Bazooka Homemade                                         6
LAW Rocket ( disposable)                                 12
Rocket Launcher Light                                    10
Rocket Launcher Heavy                                    13
RPG                                                      12
Missile Launcher                                         20
Explosives Per Item
Pipe Bomb                                               3
fire bomb                                               2
Grenade Frag                                            5
Grenade Smoke                                           3
Grenade Flash bang                                      6
Grenade Tear gas                                        6
Grenade demolition                                      6
Dynamite                                                4
C-4                                                     6
satchel charge                                          8
Land Mine Improvised                                    4
Land Mine Anti personnel                                6
Land Mine Anti Vehicle Mine                             8
Barrel Mine                                             6
Barrel Mine Napalm                                      6
40mm Grenade                                            5
25mm Grenade                                            4

RPG-projectile                                          6
Rocket Homemade                                         4
Rocket Military                                         6
Rocket Military Heavy                                   8
Missile Heat Seeker                                     16
Missile Laser Seeker                                    16

Black Powder    1Lb                                     3
Brass              10rds   pistol                       1
Brass              5 rnds  rifle                        1
Lead               50 Rounds                            1
reloading kit                                           15

Premade Ammo
 Per 5 rounds
5.56mm                  2
7.62mm                  3
7.62mmR                 2
0.444                   3
0.5                     4
9mm                     1
10mm                    1
0.22                    1
0.32                    1
0.38                    1
0.357                   1
0.44                    2
0.45                    1
.50AE/12mm              2
10 ga buckshot          3
12 ga buckshot          2
.50 cal                 6
Arrow                   1
Crossbow bolt           1
CO2 cartridge (1)       1
Disk gun disk (10)      1
Irradiated debris (1)   3

melee Weapons                Trade Value
Brass knuckles                             3
Cleaver                                    3
Club                                       2
Knife                                      4
Metal baton                                4
Stun gun1                                  3
Tonfa                                      3
Chain                                      3
Chainsaw                                   5
Kama                                       3
Katana                                     6
Kukri                                      3
Nunchaku                                   2
Three-section staff                        2

 Clothing                                     Trade Value
High Quality                                  4
Good QuaITY                                   3
Fancy                                         5
Poor Quality                                  1
rags                                          Free
Fatigues                                      3
Uniform                                       3
Ghillie suit                                  2
Coat     ( good quality)                      3
coat Shabby                                   1
coat rags                                     free
Fatigue jacket                                2
Overcoat                                      3
Parka                                         3
Photojournalist’s vest                        3
Windbreaker                                   2
Boots Good quality                            3
Boots Slavalged                               2
Boots Poor quality                            1
Water proof Boots                             2
Gloves                                        2
Gloves waterproof                             3
hand wrappings                                1

Bags And Boxes
Bags and Boxes TU
Aluminum travel case
10 lb. capacity                            3
40 lb. capacity                            4
75 lb. capacity                            4
Briefcase                                  2
Contractor’s field bag                     2
Day pack                                   2
Hand bag                                   1
Range pack
Standard                                   3
Oversized                                  2
Patrol box                                 3

Tools                       Trade Value
35mm1                                      2
Digital1                                   4
Disposable                                 1
Film                                       1
Desktop                                    7
Notebook1                                  7
Wrist                                      9
Digital audio recorder                     3
PDA                                        5
Portable video camera1                     5
Printe                                     4
Scanner                                    4
Basic1                                     2
Professional                               4
Metal detector                             4
Night-vision goggles                       11
Bolt cutter                                2
Caltrops (25)                              3
Car opening kit                            3
Chemical kit                               5
Demolitions kit                            7
Disguise kit                               1
Duct tape                                  1
Electrical tool kit
Basic1                                     5
Deluxe1                                    7
Evidence kit
Basic                                      2
Deluxe                                     4
First aid kit                              2
Forgery kit                                4
Steel                                      2
Zip-tie (25)                               2
Instrument, keyboard                       4
Instrument, percussion                     5
Instrument, stringed                       4
Instrument, wind                           3
Lockpick set                               5
Lock release gun                           5
Mechanical tool kit
Basic                                      4
Deluxe1                                    7
Medical kit                                5
Multi-purpose tool                         3
Pharmacist kit                             6
Search-and-rescue kit                      4
Spike strip                                4
Surgery kit                                5
Backpack                                   3
Binocular                                  3
Standard                                   2
Rangefinding                               4
Electro-optical                            5
Chemical light sticks (5)                  1
Climbing gear                              4
Compass                                    2
Fire extinguisher                          3
Flash goggles                              5
Penlight                                   1
Standard1                                  1
Battery flood                              2
Gas mask                                   4
Road atlas                                 1
Tactical map                               1
Mesh vest                                  3
Portable stove                             3
Rope (150 ft)                              2
Sleeping bag                               3
2-Person dome                              4
4-Person dome                              4
8-Person dome                              4
Trail rations                              4
Box magazine                               1
           Blasting cap                    2
          Radio controlled1                5
          Timed                            4
          Wired                            3
       Hip                                 2
        Concealed                          2
Illuminator                                2
Laser sight                                4
Standard                                   4
Electro-optical                            6
Speed loader                               1
Pistol                                     10
Rifle                                      11

Food Goods

Canned goods     Tiny           0.5 lb             .2
Cheer food       Tiny —                             4
MRE              Small          0.5 lb.             6
Preserved food   Small           1 lb.              1
Trade food
    (1 pound)   Small            1 lb.              1

Gasoline (1 gallon) Small 5 lb.                     1
Ethanol (2 gallons) Small 5 lb.                     1

Spare Parts                           Trade Value
Electrical Small         1 lb.                       1
Mechanical Medium        5 lb.                       1

General Goods
Ammunition kit       Medium       10 lb.              7
Battery              Dim          —                   3
Battery charger      Small        1 lb.               5
Book                 Small        1 lb.               2
Can opener           Small      0.5 lb.               3
Candle               Tiny         —                   1
Cigarette lighter    Dim          —                   2
Concertina wire
    20 ft)           Large        15 lb.              6
Electrical generator Large        25 lb.              15
Ethanol still
Small                Large        20 lb.              8
Large                Huge         40 lb.              12
Geiger counter1      Small        1 lb.               10
Lead-lined box
10 lb. capacity       Med         15 lb.              16
40 lb. capactiy       Large       20 lb.              20
75 lb. capacity       Large       30 lb.              25
Motion detector       Tiny         1 lb.              6
Mount, donkey         Large      350 lb.              9
Mount, combat horse   Large    1,200 lb.              18
Mount, riding horse   Large    1,000 lb.              14
Saddle and tack       Large       15 lb.              5
Toiletries kit        Med          1 lb.              12
Torch                 Med          1 lb.              1
Wire (100 ft.)        Small        4 lb.              1

Services          Check DC          wages( per day)   Parts required

Basic Labor            --           .5                  0
Heavy Labor            --           1                   (tools)
Domestic Service       --           1                   0
Body Guard             --           3                   (ammunition/medical)

Skilled Labor
Repair check
Simple                 10           2                   1
Moderate               20           5                   3
Complex                30           10                  6
Advanced               40           20                 10
Craft check
Simple                 15           2                    3
Moderate               25           5                    5
Complex                35           10                   10
Advanced               50           20                   20

Mild (disease Fort DC 14 or lower) Dim —                1
Moderate (disease Fort 15–18)      Dim —                3
Powerful (disease Fort 19–22)      Dim —                5
Advanced (disease Fort 23+ )       Dim —                10

Medical Care          Check DC                          Per Treatment
Simple                 10                               2
Basic                  15                               4
Moderate               20                               8
Complex                30                               15
Advanced               40                               24

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Re: gear post apoc
Modern armors are formed of light flexible materials reinforced with rigid impact plates and energy absorbent materials to protect from both Kinetic energy and directed energy based attacks.
  Advanced computer design and nano scale manufacturing techniques allow for armors to be closely fitted and modified to allow each wearer to have the greatest freedom of movement possible. as a result only the heaviest grades of military armor and powered armors require any special training to use effective

Light and medium armors require no ranks in armor training to wear effectively. Only Heavy, Assault, Powered, and exoskeleton armors require Armor Training.


      Trade Value

      DR/AC Bonus


      30 ft/20 ft

Light Armor       
Heavy Clothes6+1/1+6010%30/2010 lb
Flight Suit6+2/1+80-30/206 lb
Armor Vest8+2/1+505 %30/208 lb
Combat Fatigues9+4/2+6-110%30/2010 lb
Ship suit10+2/14-2 30/2012 LB
Protective Inserts10+1/2+4-2 30/205 lb
Medium Armor       
Patrol Armor12+5/2+4-2 30/1515
Battle Suit14+7/2+4-210%30/1515 lb
Battle Armor15+8/2+3-215%30/1520 lb
Combat Armor16+9/2+3-320%25/1525 lb
Heavy Armor       
Medium Combat Armor18+8/2+2-4 25/1525 lb
Shock Armor20+10/3+2-425%20/1530 lb
Combat Exoskeleton22+11/3+2-530%20/1540 lb
Assault Exoskeleton23+12/3+2-535%20/1550 lb
Powered Armor       
Combat Hardsuit25+14/4+1-740%40/30250 lb
Assault Hardsuit17+16/40-740%30/20350 lb
Energy Shields Bonus HP-------- 
Plasma Screen2115    4 Lb
Plasma Shield2325    6 Lb
Barrier Shield2540   +2AC    8 Lb
Plasma Barricade(immobile)25150    25lb

   Combat Exoskeleton: Lighter than the assault variant,
features similar reinforced polymer plates over a form
fitting carbon fiber frame. Interior is lined with gel
padding and is generally worn over combat fatigues.

Combat Fatigues: Standard military fatigues feature durable
composite fiber interwoven with high strength polymer threads.

   Combat Hard suit: Effectively a heavier version of the
assault exoskeleton. Full-body armor with integral helmet
providing digi-binocs, personal comm, and   laser sight.
 The servos provide Str 18. Standard heavy cell provides
48 hours of operation. Hustle 12 hours w/o rest. Cannot be
fitted with integral weapons, but gauntlet is fully
articulated for use of normal weapons. Self
contained for 3 hours.

      Energy Shields: Energy shield create a dense field of
 low energy Plasma around a person or object deflecting
or absorbing incoming attacks. energy shield are weakened
by each successful attack causing them to weaken and
collapse unless allowed to recharge for a short period
of time. While very useful Shield technology is not
capable of complete invulnerability. A well placed shot,
 or a lucky one may strike the shield during a power
 fluctuation or during a short period of time that shield
 is recycling. these intervals are usually measured in
 micro seconds but they are sufficient to allow a bullet,
 or energy discharge through unimpeded.</pre><Pre>

 <i>On a critical
    hit the shield collapses and the damage passes through
    directly to the wearer. the shield must be recharged for
    1 minute before it can be reactivated. Also, when the
    Bonus hit points provided by a shield are depleted the
    shield collapses and must be allowed to recharge for 1
    minute. .

  Flight Suit: Jumpsuit commonly worn by pilots. Light,
non-restrictive, ery effective as a form of pretection
from the environment and light weapons.

  Heavy Clothes: Includes any reinforced, durable clothing.
Including leathers, heavy dusters, and overcoats.

  Protective Inserts: Panels of rigid ballistic material
    and woven ballistic cloth inserts placed in normal
    clothing to provide protection from knives, bullets and
    environmental damage when full armor is impractical or
    discouraged. since they can not be as well placed or balanced
    as a purpose designed suit of armor they are slightly
    restricting and sometimes uncomfortable to wear for long
    periods of time.

  Ship Suit, A light reinforced jumpsuit equipped with
    sealed helmet and gloves as well as a short duration life-support
    pack and heating units to protect crewmen on space ships
    from the effects of unexpected loss of atmosphere. the
    Suit takes a full round action to seal and power up,
    provoking an attack of opportunity.

      Shock Armor: Full body composite weave suit lined with
energy-absorbent gel. Rigid polymer armor--heavier and more
extensive than that used in combat or battle armor protects
as much as possible, while still
allowing full range of movement.

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weapon quck notes

Boom Stick( melee weapon)
An unusual weapon a boom stick is a length of pipe with a 12guage shotgun shell in it's base and an impact trigger. when jabbed into a target the shotgun shell fires dealing the damage at point blank range.
reloading the weapon requires it be broken down and reloaded with a single shell. requiring a full wound action.
     (touch attack, 3d6 Crit 19x4)

Zip Gun   ( light Pistol)
A crude Hand made pistol. this single shot pistol must be disassembled to be reloading taking 1d10 rounds. on a Crit Failure the weapon explodes doing 1d4 points of damage to the shooters hand.

 Musket Pistol ( heavy Pistol )
a smoothbore pistol usually manufactured by small shops for a cheap inexpensive weapon, or due to the lack of skill, or tools to manufacture more advanced weapons.
-2 to hit, range 20 ft, Crit 20 x3, requires
1d3 rounds to reload. loose powder, shot and primer

.22 Pistol ( Light Pistol)
A simple reliable pistol for hunting and pest control. It is not a serious combat weapon although it is dangerous in the hands of a skilled marksman.

9mm Pistol    (Medium Pistol)
A rugged Semi auto pistols. Common with most folk. It is fed by a box magazine that can hold either 16, 18 or 20 rounds.

9mm "Broom handle"( Medium Pistol)
An older model handgun with a 10 round internal magazine. If reloaded with single bullets it requires a full round to reload. If reloaded with a stripper clip it requires a move action to reload.
 Very rare "Artillery Model" versions exist that feature a 20 rd detachable magazine, shoulder stock and extended barrel ( +5 range Increment) and burst fire mode. these rare weapons are more expensive ( trade value +4) and temperamental ( on Fumble weapon jams and requires 1d4 minutes to clear.)

9mm Machine Pistol( medium Machine Pistol)
a compact pistol with the 3 round burst option.and extended 20 or 30 round magazine, It is uncommon and highly sought after.

10mm Automatic( Medium Automatic +2 damage)
A common military and police pistol. It is rugged, accurate and has a large capacity box magazine. Due to the larger caliber of the bullet it deals slightly more damage than other medium pistols ( +2 damage) However it tends to be a bit bulkier and heavier than a 9mm pistol ( weight +1 pound)

10mm Machine Pistol:( Medium Machine Pistol +2 damage)
Issued originally to special forces troops the Machine pistol is almost identical to the standard 10mm except for a flip down hand grip on the front, and an extended 30 round magazine.

.44 Magnum Revolver( Super heavy revolver )
A large poplar revolver this pistol packs enough power to bring down large animals and men with ease. It's strong recoil takes a bit of strength to tame however it delivers a lethal punch.
     ( If shooter has strength of 12 or less -2 to hit)
It can be fitted with a low power scope and extended barrel making it a useful hunting weapon.
     ( +5 range Increment)
.357 Magnum revolver ( Heavy revolver)
a standard self defense side arm this weapon is reliable rugged and powerful. it can be used for defense or hunting with equal efficiency.

.44  Automatic (super heavy Automatic)
   A heavy pistol designed for self defense and hunting it was popular due to it's appearance in movies and popular culture before the fall. It is a large gun and has a strong intimidation factor. aside from it's ten round magazine and semi automatic function it is identical in performance to the revolver.

.45 Automatic( Heavy Semi automatic pistol)
One of the first semi automatic pistols issued to armed forces it has held up to the test of time and disaster. It's seven round magazine is smaller than most 9mm pistols but the increase in knock down power is enough to make up for it with most shooters.

.45 revolver( heavy revolver )
Identical in performance to the automatic the .45 ACP revolver is an accurate, reliable and rugged sidearm.

.45 "Peacemaker" ( medium revolver )
an ancient weapon that is well suited to black powder and manufacture with simple tools. It is rugged and had enough power to deal a lethal wound at close range. it is difficult to reload quickly however since it can not make use of speed loaders.

5.56 revolver ( masterwork Super heavy revolver)
A custom made pistol manufactured shortly before the fall. It's usefulness is limited by it's four round magazine. However it high velocity round tends to deal serious damage to it's target.

12mm Automatic ( Super heavy revolver )
a ten round combat pistol designed for use against heavily armored soldiers. few of these weapons were manufactured before the end of civilization. they are not for the typical shooter requiring above average strength to control.
   ( Str 13 or less -2 to hit)
they were issued standard with laser sights, although many sights no longer function properly.

12 Magnum Revolver ( Masterwork Super Heavy revolver +3 damage)
a massive hunting pistol that very few people can fire accurately due to it's punishing recoil and muzzle blast. If used properly this pistol can be deadly to even large game and armored combatants.

14mm Automatic(masterwork Super Heavy Pistol)
This pistol is the heaviest pistol built by the Pre-fall military. as large as a submachine gun it was issued to powered trooper and fires specialized ammo which is almost as rare as the pistol. the ammo is tipped with an unusually dense metal and backed by a small explosive charge that bursts after penetrating armor. the round gives the weapon a lethal punch at close range.

  ( Ignore 5 points DR, ignores Equipment/natural based AC against primitive/natural armor types)

Unfortunately the power of the weapon can punish it's shooter and requires a strong man or someone in powered armor to fire accurately.
  (str 14 or less -4 to hit, str 10 or less fort save or drop gun when fired)

12 gauge "Sawed Off"
a hacksaw, some duct tape, and a few minutes and no skill results in a lethal "pistol" it is heavy, awkward to fire, and LOUD but it puts a fist full of Boom! In the hands of anyone with the nerve to fire it.

5.56 Cut down Bolt action ( Heavy Pistol, Bolt action )
   occasionally someone decides their battered old hunting rifle would be better used for something a built more up close and personal. they borrow a hacksaw and remove the stock and most of the barrel from their rifle turning it into an improvised pistol. It's hideously inaccurate and slow to fire but it puts a fairly decent amount of damage in the hands of someone who cant afford one of the more refined hand cannons available.

.22 Submachine gun (light submachine gun)
An odd weapon manufactured in small numbers the .22 round is not powerful but it is plentiful and accurate. the weapon has a large magazine and is easy to control on full auto making it a surprise to anyone who looks at the "dinky" gun and underestimates it.

.45 "grease Gun"(Heavy Submachine Gun)
a simple cheap submachine gun manufactured in a back room shop, or from spare parts scavenged from other weapons. the Grease gun is inaccurate, but fairly powerful. It is capable of putting down a target in short order.
    (-2 to hit, range -5 feet, Breaks on fumble.)
.45 "Mac 10" (Heavy Submachine Gun)
another cheap submachine gun it can be made in a back room shop, however it is more solid and more reliable than the "Grease Gun" the small size and power of the weapon makes it a handful, requiring two hands to fire accurately. it can be easily fitted with a "silencer"

9mm Submachine Gun  (medium Submachine Gun)
Made in the tens of thousands the simple, reliable weapon puts a lot of rounds down range in a very short period of time. It is at it's most deadly in close range encounters in urban areas, or ruins. Expensive to feed most folk prefer to use it as a last resort, or from surprise counting on a few quick bursts to finish the fight before they spend their entire ammo budget on a single fight. But then again if your alive to worry about getting more ammo, you won.

10mm Submachine gun ( medium Submachine Gun +2 damage)
The heavier more refined version of the 10mm machine pistol, the 100mm submachine gun was the standard issue weapon of special forces and police units before the fall. It is unbelievably rugged, allowing it to stand up to dust, dirt, mud. It is also legendary for the fact after decades in an abandoned patrol car, or precinct house it can still fire as soon as it's picked up.

12mm Submachine gun  (super heavy Submachine Gun +2 damage)
Chambered for the same round as the 12mm automatic this monster submachine gun was made in small numbers for shock troops who wore powered armor in combat. It unleashes a storm of lead and steal that leaves few targets standing after a long burst. It is even more punishing than the pistol version and must be braced, or carried by an above average strength man to be fired accurately.
    ( if fired without bracing, or by str 13 or less character -2 or additional -2 for full auto/burst fire)

5.56mm submachine gun (heavy Submachine gun +5 range increment)
Basically a cut down assault rifle with a folding or collapsible stock this compact gun lays down a heavy volume of fire with decent range and high magazine capacity.

7.62 Submachine Gun   (heavy Submachine gun)
A heavier version of an assault rifle cut down to be used as a heavy submachine gun. it is simple reliable and can handle unnatural amounts of dirt and mud. It can be manufactured with a basic machine shop and is found almost anywhere.

Pipe Rifle
a larger version of a Zip gun, it fires rifle sized rounds, and is just as cheap, and dangerously unreliable. It only differs in range and power., but it may still blow up in you hands.

BB Gun Child's
Good for killing lizards, small birds, mice, and putting your eye out. this weapon is still around because they are so simple they usually can't break, and their ammo can be made from almost anything from glass to stone and scrap metal rounded off into a pellet., or round shot.

(dmg 1 pt, Crit 20 x2, range 20ft, 100 BB's, or single pellet, Silent -10 to spot listen check to detect when fired.)

Air rifle hunting  (light single shot rifle)
a single shot pump action air rifle used for hunting small game. It is not suitable for combat or self defense but it uses about any small round piece of scrap for ammo making it very useful for survival purposes.

.22 rifle (Sport Rifle)
found in almost every home, in the back of a car or truck, and slung over the back of a lone traveler. the cheap, easy to manufacture ammo, legendary reliability. and utility of this small rifle ,makes it a must for anyone who wants dinner, or needs to chase off a pest.

22 magnum (Sport Rifle +2 damage)
a small but powerful rifle this rifle steps up the usefulness of the .22 by making it capable of taking larger prey, or injuring a hostile stranger. Most often this rifle is kept close at hand on many farms or ranches.

9mm carbine( Carbine)
this carbine is common in the hands of guards, travelers, and bandits. It uses common ammo, and is handy in a close in fight or at longer ranges.

5.56 Bolt action( hunting Rifle)
a simple five shot Bolt action rifle. carried by many, settlers, travelers, hunters guards, and bandits. reloading from single rounds takes a full round, using a stripper clip takes a move action.

308 Bolt action (Hunting Rifle, +4 damage, +5 range Increment)
a heavy, version of the hunting rifle this weapon delivers a sizable punch at good ranges. It is powerful enough to be used as a combat rifle, or marksmen's rifle in militias who have to make each shot count.

5.56 carbine   ( Semi Auto Rifle)
A civilian weapon from before the Fall, this weapon can use 10, 20 or 30 round magazines, and any device used by an assault rifle. It fires in semi automatic only but it is still a useful weapon in the hands of a skilled rifleman.

Assault rifle
the standard issue weapon of the military most of the surviving example still have working optical sights, and muzzle brakes. However the standard issue low lite optics, and rangefinders have long ceased functioning.

Battle Rifle
A powerful semiautomatic .308 rifle fitted with good sights, and a large detachable box magazine. This rifle has been used by militaries since long before the fall, it has survived almost unchanged and can be manufactured by local machinists for sale to militias, and travelers.

Sniper Rifle
  A heavy rifle fitted with a powerful scope, and tuned for maximum accuracy, these Masterwork rifles are used to great effect from long ranges and surprise. In combat a single sniper can hold off a large body of men or make a few men seem like a much larger force.

anti material rifle
The heaviest rifle available. It is a pre-fall piece of the gun makers finest work. The Heavy .50 caliber round can punch through steel armor, walls, small trees, and even both sides of a vehicle. Stories of a shooter firing a single round and striking through one target to hit the second are sometimes passed one really believes them, but they don't say so openly....ya never know who is listening.

12guage single shot
   A simple reliable hunting weapon, this break open shotgun can take small game, big game, and prowlers. after each shot the weapon must be broken open and reloaded with a single round. (requiring a move action.)

12 gauge Double barrel
a common self defense, and hunting weapon. these simple reliable guns can be manufactured by anyone with a basic machine shop, and used by anyone who knows how to point it at it's target. Both barrels can be fired at once for more damage,. Like most shotguns it can fire both solid slugs and shot of various sizes.

( "Both Barrels" when braced the weapon can be fired as if the character had the double tap feat. all rules for double tap apply including penalties to the attack roll.)

12 gauge Pump
a common home owners gun from before the war, now manufactured by machine shops through out the settled areas. It is handy, as it can be fired several times before it needs to be reloaded. It can also be rapidly fired to lay down a withering attack when several targets must be engaged.

( "Rapid Fire" treat the weapon as semi automatic, each shot fired in rapid fire imparts a -2 cumulative penalty on the attack roll for attacks after the first shot.)

12 gauge assault shotgun
a Military issue fully automatic shotgun designed for urban combat this short ranged weapon can unleash a deadly sleet of shot or slugs, as well as firing unique explosive rounds that are identical to 25mm micro grenades.

These heavy weapons are rare and sought after, seldom sold by their owners they are usually recovered from hidden caches, or ruins of military bases.

25mm assault gun  A larger version of the Assault Shotgun, this weapon fires shot shells, and explosive slugs identical to the 25mm grenade rounds. It can also fire a special high explosive armor piercing round that ignores light armor ( -5 DR -2 to hit, Trade value +4))

25mm Under barrel Grenade Launcher
A simple breach loaded tube with a trigger and firing mechanism at one end, mounted under the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It fires once and must be manually reloaded ( move action)

25 MM grenade rifle
a ten shot pump action weapon. It was issued to shock troops and commandoes to lay down accurate close support fire to squad sized units.

40mm Under barrel Grenade Launcher
A simple breach loaded tube with a trigger and firing mechanism at one end, mounted under the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It fires once and must be manually reloaded ( move action)

40mm Grenade Rifle
a multi-shot pump action weapon. It was issued to front line troops to provide fast fire support to platoon sized units. (to reload the weapon takes a full round action)

40mm Belt fed Grenade Launcher
intended to be mounted on aircraft,vehicles, and fixed positions this weapon provides close fire support and can lay down a lethal blanket of high explosive, fragmentation,anti-vehicle, and smoke rounds to handle about any target it might come up against.

Gatling Gun( Gatling Gun )
an ancient design for a fixed or wagon mounted rapid fire weapon. this weapon was one of the first successful rapid fire guns invented, and is the ancestor of the mini-gun. The gunner cranks a handle on the side of the weapon while a loader replaces the 20, or 50 round Hoppers that feeds the weapon. If a round fails to fire it is simple ejected, and if a single barrel becomes fouled or jammed the remaining barrels continue to fire making it reliable when firing black powder brass cased shells.
( move action to reload, a loader can keep the weapon firing by spending a move action each round, leaving an attack action to assist the gunner or defend the gun from attack.)

Incinerator ( aerosol fuel)                              13
A weapon originally meant for disposing of contaminated material and dealing with infectious bodies. It  creates a short narrow jet of high temperature flame that sets flammable materials aflame and can heat metals to scorching hot, in short order.

Bazooka Homemade
A metal tube, with an electronic igniter for the rocket. this weapon has a simple sight and shoulder brace making it, almost accurate. It fires a rocket filled with black powder and scrap metal to deal with light vehicles, and structures as well as groups of hostiles.

It is unreliable, fails to detonate on natural 2-3, fails to fire on natural 4-5 and may explode ( on natural 1 shooter must make a reflex save dc 12 or have the rocket explode in his face.)

LAW Rocket ( disposable)
a single shot, throw away pre-fall rocket, it is useful against vehicles, stuctures and groups of hostiles. It becomes harder to find with each passing year since the factories that made them are long since destroyed. occasionally a large cache can be found in abandoned depots, or in the back of a truck abandoned in the ruins.

Rocket Launcher Light
A more refined version of the homemade bazooka it uses plastic explosives and rocket propellants instead of crude black powder. this shoulder fired weapon can knock out heavy vehicles, and structures, and may seriously damage tanks. and bunkers. It is fired by a two man crew, one loading, spotting, and defending the team. while the gunner aims and fires the weapon.

Rocket Launcher Heavy
a heavy artillery rocket used to bombard fixed targets or troop movements. this weapon is crew served with a loader, leader, and gunner. the loaded prepares the heavy rocket, and loads the weapon ( full round) while the gunner aims and fires the weapon. the leader spots targets aids the gunner or defend the crew with his own weapon.

A heavy rocket launcher is perfect for indirect fire and can be used in that manner by adding a spotter who can see the target and the crew signaling them to correct their aim.

Missile Launcher
a shoulder fired weapon fitted with a guidance package and fire control package, it can fire a heavy anti-vehicle round from a disposable case. Missile launchers can fire every round if carried by two men, one carrying spare rounds and reloading the weapon, the other operating the weapon.

If carried by one man it can be fired every other round with the gunner reloading the weapon on the off round.

The weapon comes in two versions, one that seeks a heat signature indicated by the gunner. ( must make a ranged touch attack to lock on) and then seeks the target with lethal accuracy ( no range penalties +4 to hit)

Or laser seeking, ( a spotter or the gunner, must make a range touch attack and maintain line of sight with target until the launcher strikes it's target.)

The missiles are fast, covering 1000 feet each round causing a slight delay between launch and impact at long and extreme ranges. However their can be used to the shooters advantage with a laser designated weapon the shooter can fire the weapon in an upward arc, then wait for the missile to began to fall earthward before designating the target and shortening the time he has to expose himself to enemy fire. ( -4 to hit, but can use full cover with a successful Reflex save DC 12)
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Re:post apoc weapons
Archaic Weapons
(require the Archaic Weapons training)







Brain buster






8 lb.


Sawblade axe














6 lb.








3 lbs


Spiked Fist








Arm Blade






4 lbs


wrecking axe




reach +5ft


8 Lbs


  ( spike ignores 2 pts equipement based)
  ( axe deal slashing damage)







2 lbs


( can be used for trip attack at range, does not trigger a return trip on failure, on a critical hit, or called shot can strangle a target)

throwing Spike 






.5 lbs

2(per 4)

Spiked Ball






.5 Lbs

 2(per pair)


save dc15 or entangled









20 (ignition)




2 lbs


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Re:post apoc weapons
Standard equipment:

Issued Yearly to each Inhabitant this standard issue is not counted afgainst a persons work Credit Balance. any items lost or dmaged must be purchased By the person, although "standard wear" discounts can reduce the price considerably.
Laundry Is conducted every three days, and clothing damaged or destroyed while on duty are replaced free of charge. ( Pending Admin approval)

Any item used up or replaced must be turned in for recycling and Hoarding is punished with work deductions or confinement.

x5       Casual wear jumpsuits, various colors                10 lbs
X3 Jump suits  (Blue with colored Panels )(sp1 Ac+0)      9  lbs
Solid Blue:                     General Population
Green:                          Medical
Dark Blue:                      Labor
Yellow:                         Technical Support
Black:                           Security ( Plus Light Armored vest )
Black and Yellow stripes:  (Illumination Panels)
White:                          Administration
X2 Indoor Boots:                                           4 lbs
X2 Fatigue Cap:                                            2 lbs
X2 Gloves:
+2 saves versus Contact toxins, Acid, Heat hands only           2 lbs
1        blanket                                                3 lbs
2        sheets                                                 3 lbs
1        Pillow                                                 2 lbs
41 lbs stored in Duffle bag or in locker.

each Dweller is issued a Hygien kit to keep themselve clean and neatly groomed, to control the transmission of illness and maintain a pleasant environment inside the Shelter, unused or damaged items must be returend to the supply offcier or the cost of the item is deducted from the Dwellers work credits. Hoarding and gray market sale of items is discouraged and can be punished by work credit deductions, punitive work assignments or confinement.

Toiletries kit   ( replaced Monthly)
1 hand sanitizer 20 uses
1 liquid soap/shampoo 20 uses
1 shaving foam
1 roll toilet paper ( replaced as needed )
1 tube toothpaste
1 tooth brush
5 disposable razors ( replaced Monthly )
1 wash cloth
1 towel
4 Underwear
Comb and Brush
Fingernail clipper/file
1 personal Hygiene Kit ( for women )

Issued as needed

Reinforced Jumpsuit:                                    8 lbs
 Sp 2 AC +1 +2 saves Versus heat, Acid, Contact toxins
(Blue With Colored Panels depending on section assignment.)
Work Boot steel toed                                    4 lbs
Protective helmet                                       3 lbs
HUD ( part of headset with radio link)
Wrist comp with scanner attached                        3 lbs
Tool Kit ( electronic or mechanical) in carry       12/25 Lbs

Emergency Exit Kit "Bug Out" pack
Each Inhabitant is issued an emergancy exit Kit this contains the basic gear need to survive if they should have to exit the Shelter in an emergency. they are required to maintain and account for their kit at all times and it is usually secured in the dwellers locker or carried with them to a work sigte and stored in thier locker at that location.

Red = issued to security Emergency services Only, With Chief Of security approval.

Web Gear                                                    3 lbs
Four Pouches (medium pouches)                               4 lbs
Breathing Mask                                              3 lbs
(protects from gasses and airborne pollutants +5 versus
gasses, airborne disease,10 minute air supply)
Multi tool                                                 .5 lbs
Swiss Army Knife                                            1 lbs
Flash Light (Maglite)                                       2 lbs
Anti Toxin                                                    ---
Anti Rad                                                      ---
Fast Use medi-pack                                          3 lbs
First aid Kit                                               5 lbs
1  Poncho with hood and face cover                          4 lbs
1  Pair Gloves                                              1 lbs
1  Pair Sun/glare Goggles                                   1 lbs
1  Pair Outdoor Boots                                       3 lbs
1  Fatigue Jacket.
Sp +2 AC 1  ( if worn over Jumpsuit total DR+2 Ac+2)       5 lbs
Blue With Day glow green shoulder patch( removable) and built
in illumination Patches. ( illumination patches give off as
much light as a chem stick, recharged by built in solar cell)
40 lbs for standard Kit in pack

Holster: Belt, Tactical, or Shoulder                   3 lbs
Standard side Arm
1 9mm Pistol                                           4 lbs
6 ammo Pouches                                         2 lbs
6 Magazines                                            1 lbs
1 Survival Knife                                       2 lbs
12 lbs carried, worn, or stored in locker

Survival Pack:
(one per person, requires Valid ID to release)
canisters can be forced open with a strength check DC 15, or opened with a pry bar or hand axe.

Hard Shell Back Pack
with solar powered Battery Charger
HP 5
Dr 2
Shell can be detached from frame for various uses.

1 One man tent                                                        4 lbs
1 Mess Kit                                                            1 lbs
 ( metal cup, bowl, small skillet/pot with folding handle,
knife fork spoon) self contained in carry pouch
14 ESR (Emergency Survival Rations) ( 1 days food )2 lbs each          24 lbs
2   2 Quart Canteens                                                  2 lb empty
Water filter with hand pump                                             1 lbs
10 Water filtration/treatment filters good for 10 gallons.              1 lbs
10 Chem Lights                                                          1 lbs
1   Flashlight ( two sets batteries)                                    2 lbs
1   Space Blanket                                                       1 lbs
1   Padded Sleeping Mat. ( insulated)                                   4 lbs
10 Fuel tablets ( one hour )                                            1 lbs
1  folding Saw                                                          2 lbs
1  Entrenching Tool                                                     3 lbs
1  Survival Knife                                                       2 lbs
1  Compass   and map of 50 mile radius outside shelter ( outdated)      1 lbs
1  Signal Whistle                                                         ---
1  Signal Mirror                                                           ---
1  Filter Mask ( +5 save versus airborne toxins and diseases)           1 lbs
5 replacement filters.                                                  1 lbs
70 Lbs

Secure Supplies: these supplies are stored in canisters that require specific ID types to access. They can be bypassed with an electronics tool kit and disable device Check DC 20 to bypass. Canisters are SP8 HP 15 and must be destroyed to break open canisters. can be opened with a successful repair check DC 15 and a plasma or power cutter.

Food Cache
In rigid canister with straps for 2 man carry.
requires Admin ID to release
50   ESRs                                                                                   100 lbs in two man carry case

Outdoor survival Supplies
One Per five people per Emergency Cache
electronically secured to prevent removing more canisters than need unless Administration override entered.

Pack One
1 Electro-optical Binoculars ( Night Vision)
1 survival rifle ( single Shot .22 magnum/12 gauge shotgun combo)       5 lbs
100 rounds .22 magnum                                                   1 lbs
20   rounds 12 gauge shot                                               2 lbs
3 camo face paint                                                       1 lbs
5    gallons water                                                     30 lbs
150 water filter/treatment filters                                    2.5 lbs
100 heat tabs for stove (1 hr cooking heat)                             2 lbs
100 chem Lights     ( one hour)                                         4 lbs
1 Portable stove                                                        1 lbs.
20 lbs In carry bag

Pack Two
2x50 foot nylon rope                                                    20 lbs
150 feet parachute cord                                                 5 lbs
200 Feet fishing line                                                   1 lbs
20 fishing hooks/sinkers                                                1 lbs
50 feet woven metal wire                                                4 lbs
1 fishing kit, lures, floats collapsible rod.                           3 lbs
20   batteries( rechargeable)                                           --
45 Lbs In case

Pack Three (Survival tool Kit )<pre>
2 Folding shovels                                                   10 lbs
2 Battery Lamps rechargeable ( 4 hours continuous use)               2 lbs
1 Pick Axe                                                           7 lbs
1 axe                                                                9 lbs
1 Hammer                                                             2 lbs
2 Hatchets                                                           5 lbs
2 lbs Nails                                                          2 Lbs
5 Machetes with belt sheath                                          10 lbs
50 Lbs In case

1 Lightweight Mechanical tool kit basic( in carry bag)               15 lbs

Pack Four
1 10x10 tarp                                                          4 lbs
5 Space Blankets                                                      5 lbs
1 4 man tent                                                          7 lbs
2 walkie talkies                                                      2 lbs
1 Flare Pistol 20 flares 15 signal (red), 5 illumination              5 lbs
1 Solar Power unit household output for one device                    10 lbs
1 Electric Water still
 ( 5 gallons per day ), requires solar power unit.                    10 lbs
1 emergency radio transmitter receiver, requires solar power unit.     5 lbs
60 lbs in pack
Outdoor survival aid kit
Stretcher incorporated into carrying case for ease of carry
5 tubes sun screen 20 applications +2 save versus heat exhaustion       2.5 lbs
5 tubes insect repellant 20 applications                                2.5 lbs
5 snake bit kits ( +5 versus poisonous Bites)                           2.5 lbs
5 tubes Burn Cream 20 applications                                      2.5 lbs
150 Nutrient bars                                                        15 lbs
( 1/2 days food requirement, without proper food treat character as
fatigued due
to hunger pangs)
 liters rehyrdration fluid                                               15 lbs
( second save versus dehydration/heat stroke)
1 mosquito netting shelter 10x20 with frame                              10 lbs
1 folding cot                                                            10 lbs
1 Folding Stretcher 250 lbs capacity, rigid cover                         5 lbs
65 pounds in case

1 per emergency Station, requires Medical Officer ID to access
Emergency Medical Kit
Pack One
( pharmaceutical Kit)

4 Injector Gun                                                           2 lbs
( ranged touch attack versus unwilling subjects can
 penetrate SP 2 clothing)
20 liters saline solution
20 anti-rad                                                              5 lbs
50 anti-toxin (Mild)                                                     2 lbs
20 anti Toxin (Strong)                                                   2 lbs
20 Anti-toxin (Deadly)                                                   2 lbs
200 Immune Booster tablets( +4 save versus disease, one check)           1 lbs
250    pain Killer tablets                                               1 lbs
50    tranquilizer Save Dc 14 or become disabled
50    Anesthetic ( fort save 18 or unconscious 1d4 hours)                1 lbs
200 vitamin Supplements; +2 survival, disease saves for one day          1 lbs
500 Aspirin                                                              1 lbs
20 Lbs In case

Pack two ( trauma Kit)
10  Skin sealer   spray 10 applications each                              2 lbs
1      medical stapler                                                    2 lbs
       100 applications  one treatment each                               5 lbs
10    Suture Kits                                                        10 lbs
200  anti-septic swabs.                                                   2 lbs
50    Large bandages                                                      2 lbs
100  medium Bandages                                                      2 lbs
200  Small Bandages                                                       4 lbs
1000 Assorted band-aids
20    feet surgical tubing                                               4 lbs
5     IV infusion kits ( one use must be re sterilized before re-use)    15 lbs
55 Lbs In carry Case

Long Basic medical Supplies
10    First aid kits                                                     50 lbs

Field Surgery Kit
1   field surgery kit in separate case.( required for surgery)         5 lbs
5   Surgery supply kits ( expended by each surgery check)             25 lbs
10  Liters plasma replacement ( does not need refrigeration)          25 lbs
10  Liters blood replacement ( Does not need refrigeration            25 lbs
10  Doses nano-surgeons( x2 healing 1 day per dose)                   2.5lbs
85 Lbs In carry case

Medical Bag
1   Basic Medical Kit In separate Kit,
 required for long term Care                              5 lbs
20 Supply kits one used per day for long term care        40 lbs
1   Medical Computer bracer/with medical scanner
( +2 treat injury/diagnosis)                               4 lbs
5   Bio-monitors with telemetry link to writ comp.
  ( +2 survival. treat injury)                             1 lbs
50 Lbs In carry case

Emergency service Kit
Requires EMS ID<pre>
1 Fireproof Suit                                              15 lbs
1 Sealed Helmet with 10 minute air supply/air scrubbers        7 lbs
 ( Fort save +5 vs gas, toxins, smoke)
1 Location transponder linked to Shelter comm                  1 lbs
  (range 1 mile outside, 100 feet indoors without system boost)
1 Therm-optic HUD built into helmet                                                            ---
 (ignores smoke,complete darkness, 1 hr battery life)
1 Small fire axe
 ( +4 to force door, or lock, counts as battle axe as weapon)
1 First Aid Kit advanced)                                         5 lbs
10 doses Stabl ( immediately stabilizes dying character)          1 lbs
1 Large Fire extinguisher ( extinguishes 5 ( five foot area)  fires)                                                            7 lbs
1 Hi-intensity Illumination Harness                               3 lbs
( Follows gaze, can be used to blind in dark areas
Ref Save DC 14 or blinded 1d4 rounds if looking directly at wearer)
1 walkie talkie                                                    1 lbs
 linked to Shelter Comm system, range 1 mile outside 100yards inside
 without system boost
39 Lbs stored in duffle bag

Tactical Kit

Security ID required
1 sealed Helmet with gasmask built in                                       7 lbs
1 Light Armored Vest
1 Riot Shield Bullet Proof transparent                                      7 lbs
 ( large shield +2 AC,SP 8 10 HP, can provide 1/2 coverage if crouching )
1 walkie talkie with headset earpiece and Microphone                        1 lbs
  (linked to Shelter Comm system, range 1 mile outside 100yards inside
without system boost)
1 10mm Pistol
4 spare Magazines
1 pistol belt with ammo pouches                                             4 lbs
1 collapsible baton                                                         3 lbs
1 combat knife                                                              2 lbs
1 web gear                                                                  3 lbs
3 Flash Bangs                                                               6 lbs
1 tear gas grenades                                                         2 lbs
1 Pepper spray                                                              1 lbs
1 taser 5 cartridges                                                        2 lbs
1 shotgun                                                                   9 lbs
20 shotgun shells (shot)                                                    1 lbs
20 Shotgun shells ( non-lethal)                                             1 lbs
50 lbs stored In duffle bag and carry case

Weapons Locker:
requires Admin Clearance and tactical alert to open
Identical to secure storage canisters however an anti tamper system releases tear gas and sounds alarm if attempt to force or cut into the canister is attempted.

1 Assault rifles
1 assault rifle with 40 mm grenade launcher
4 9mm Submachine guns (laser sights, suppressed)
2 Shotguns ( 8 shot 12 gauge)
6 10 mm Semi-Automatic Pistols
6 9mm Pistols
4 light armored vests and combat helmet
8 40mm flash Bang grenades
8 40mm Smoke grenades
8 40mm tear gas grenades
8 40mm Fragmentation Grenades
12 flash Bang grenades
12 Smoke grenades
12 tear gas grenades
12 Fragmentation Grenades
10 combat knives
2 heavy assault shields
  (wall shield Sp 8 HP 20/fitted with view port and firing port...if crouching
 character has full cover)
2 Riot shields
400 Rounds assault rifle
100 rounds shotgun
800 rounds 10mm
1200 rounds 9mm

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 GM, 103 posts
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Re:post apoc weapons

these attacks can be executed by any character even without unarmed combat traing. However these attacks will provoke an attack of opurtuity as per normal unarmed combat rule unless the character has ranks in unarmed combat training.

the standard kick or punch used for dealing damage balancing offensive power, accuracy and defense. Strikes offer no advantage or disadvantage in combat.

a more powerful kick than the standard strike. The kick allows the combatant to deliver mre power with greater range than a standard strike however it costs mobility limiting him to a 5ft free step when delivering a Kick.
 Practitioner add 1.5 times his strength modifier and 1 pt per level of technique to his kicks damage. 5ft move only

a massive all or nothing attack it is slow, inaccurate but packs an impressive punch. The character educes his initiative 4 pts, and his attack bonus 4 pts to deliver and extra die of damage with his attack. He may spend one action point to double the damage but this reduces his initiative to 1 and imposes and additional -2 to his attack.

This is an attack best suited for easy to hit, dazed or stunned targets. This attack can be combined with a power attack, but the characters attack bonus may become a negative number f he tries to get too much power out of his punch.

a martial artist may use an attack action if he has one readied or if he has nt attacked yet. He makes an opposed attack roll with a -2 penalty, if he rolls equal to or higher than the incoming attack the attack is locked and deals no damage. Blocking an armed attack unarmed may cause injury to the hand or arm. Wearing some form of armor over the hand and forearm protect the hands otherwise half the attacks damage is dealt to the blocking limb, if can not be used with other maneuvers other than  Shields can be used to block an attack gaining a +4 to the opposed attack roll.


Martial arts are refined hand to hand combat techniques developed over generations or even centuries. Like all combat skills martial arts require focus dedication and strong mental discipline to master. When the martial artist reaches the stage of master he is truly a force to be reckoned with and may become legend long after his death.

Martial arts attacks allow a wide range of maneuvers no matter what the art, while some focus on specific maneuvers and attacks others are flexible and have little form or structure. In either case they can provide a great advantage in up-close and personal combat.

Martial arts maneuvers: Usable by anyone with Weapons Training: Unarmed

This maneuver allows an opposed attack roll between combatants, the attacker ( the person attempting to bind or entangle) suffers a -4 to his roll. if the attackers roll is higher the defenders weapon or limb is entangled and can not be used until he succeeds in an opposed roll using strength, dexterity, or escape artist to free his weapon.

Of course the target could simply drop the bound weapon, and is free to attack with his off hand weapon.

 Flexible weapons do not suffer the -4 to the opposed roll, such items as a cloak, jacket, or even a blanket can be used to bind a weapon.

If successfully bound or entangled the next round the attacker can attempt a disarm, if he fails he can not be disarmed in return instead the opponents weapon is automatically freed.

Lightening Atrike:
a quick precise punch usually used to deliver damage faster than the enemy can respond: reduces damage by 2pt but increases initiative by 2pts.

Sacrifice strike: the character sacrifices his safety to land the strike, or deal more damage: he may reduce his AC 1 pt per  4 ranks in Unamrmed training,, to increase his damage, or attack roll. This can be used in conjunction with a power attack.

Spinning backhand:
a viscous punch that adds the power of the characters movement to the attack, it increases damage by +4 but reduces his AC and initiative by 2 pts each. Using a spinning backhand requires he use of 5ft of movement. Although the character does not move the momentum is used to power the punch. may be used with a power attack

Spinning kick:
the same as a spinning backhand but used with a kick. The kick requires that the practitioner can not move and des not receive his 5ft free move. May be combined with a power attack

Snap Kick:
A quick precise kick usually used to deliver damage faster than the enemy can respond: reduces damage by 2pt but increases initiative by 2pts.

Defensive Maneuvers

Defensive strike:
the character favors caution over dealing damage allowing him to drop 1pt of his attack damage, per 4 ranks of his unarmed training skill, to increase his dodge bonus.

defensvie strike can only be combined with fighting defensively, but not totaly defensive.

The defender elects to deduct from his attack bonus up to 1 per thee ranks in his unarmed training. this is applied as a negative modifier to a number of attacks equal to the number of attacks the defender has  per round.

Movement Maneuvers

Movement maneuvers are used as part of a move action. all rules for movemnt, are in effect, ( moving into threatened spaces, obstructions, etc... ) feats such as mobility may negate or modify the limits or penalties of movement.

Requring a 5ft move and using his agility a defender attempts to stay just out of reach of his attacker. If he succeeds and an opposed reflex, or tumbling check vs. reflex save, he stays jut out of reach and can not be attacked hand to hand or with a melee weapon. If flanked or surrounded the defender suffers a -4 to his rolls per person he is being attacked by.

a character may only attempt to evade a single opponant per round. and He may not attack a target he is evading unless he has a reach or ranged weapon ready.

Evading may not be effective against a reach weapon, if the reach of the weapon is sufficient to reach 5ft fromt the characters original position.

Combined with a 5 ft move this is an attempt to get in close to an opponent usually as a preface to another attack r maneuver. If the character succeeds in an opposed reflex save, or a tumbling check DC (opponents reflex save, or tumbling check.) he steps into the opposing characters fighting space, this imposes a -4 on any weapon other than a light weapon.

 Characters of a size category smaller than the creature or character they are trying to close with receive their size modifier as a bonus to their rolls to close.

If a creature two size categories smaller than its opponent closes the larger creature can not attack with any attack other than a natural or unarmed attack.

a character can only attempt to close with a single opponant and may.

Miscilaneous Maneuvers

a martial artist attempts to impress frighten or intimidate an opponent or spectator.  this is a full round action and may not be used once combat has began. to be used there must be a line of sight, and the character must be able to move freely.
Intimidate: to use for intimidation purposes the Target(s) must make an opposed will save v the characters skill check (Ranks in unarmed training+charisma+1d20) if  the will save is failed the viewer is shaken and fights at -2 o hit and damage for 1d4 rounds.

 Impress or entertain: treat the characters Skill check  (Ranks in unarmed training+charisma+1d20) as a perform check, using the perform skill descriptions to determine the results of his display.
Opposed displays:

 if agreed upon by all characters two or more martial artists may make a technique check comparing results. The highest total check is considered the winner of the contest.
All contestants must accept the outcome or face ridicule and or hostility by the spectators. If the loser of a display contest attacks any participant that rolled a higher check than his, he is at -2 to attack and damage if he fights them within 24 hrs of the contest.

A successful perform or intimidate check dc 12 grants a +2 synergy bonus to a display check.

Mental duel "Stare Down" :
a staple of samurai/martial arts movies and westerns, the Psychic duel is a test of wills where each contestant sizes up the other using his knowledge of skills and techniques to determine the others competence.  The contestants must be willing to engage in a psychic duel and are bound to the results.

Unlike a display neither contestant moves or takes any action, instead they watch and study their opponent. After 1d4 minutes they make an opposed Skill check ( ranks in unarmed training+ charisma Modifier)  check the contestant with the higher roll gains a +2 competence bonus against the losers, or losers in any combat within the next 24 hrs.

A opposed sense Motive vs Bluff Check may be made to add a +2 synergy bonus to the characters roll

An opposed Bluff vs Sense Motive check may add a +2 synergy Bonus to the characters roll

If agreed to ahead of time any conditions, requirements or penalties that were agreed on must be adhered to as a matter of honor. Failing to live up to the agreements of a psychic duel can have serious consequences in certain circumstances and will definitely affect a characters reputation in a negative manner.