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Australia Character Generation
Character generation here has two major parts: coming up with your concept and creating the character (by the numbers). Please discuss your characters in the "Character Discussion" and send me Part I in your Private Message thread. After this, I'll unlock your character sheet and you can move on to Part II and III.

I. Character Concept

The first part of character creation is the concept. Please submit to me a character concept (of at least one short paragraph in length, though the more detailed it is the better) that abides by the following rules and guidelines:

For this second set of investigators as we attempt to hit The Masks of Nyarlathotep from the back, we'll be focusing them in a more tailored manner for a specific purpose, but that still should give you a broad amount of leeway in creating a character. Here's the premise for this Chapter:

Professor Anthony Cowles has been granted very limited funding for an archaeological survey expedition into the Great Sandy Desert, the purpose of which is to determine whether the purported ruins can be discovered and whether additional funding should be granted. Your character is a member of the survey team, brought on because Cowles was looking for tough, capable people to join him and you fit the bill - and needed the work.

I have a few additional requests when creating characters:
  • Create an active character. Play-by-post games don't benefit from characters who passively wait for everyone else to do things instead of taking action themselves. I can appreciate a character that is introspective or contemplative, but in the interest of having a game that moves forward, I would encourage that even these characters post their thoughts and try to translate them into action.
  • Create a character that will have some kind of a reason to be drawn into the occult and horrible happenings that we encounter, or be able to take the character in that direction. Most people in the world would run screaming and abandon these mad pursuits, but if our characters were such people, we wouldn't really have a game. This is not a game for the "everyman," type of character, because that person wouldn't get involved; they'd just keep going about their day jobs. That isn't to say your character shouldn't be disturbed by the events around them, but that I (as the GM) shouldn't have to keep finding reasons for them to participate; that ball is in your court. If you find that a character wouldn't keep going believably, feel free to write them out; I can respect that sincerely. But please don't keep them around in a series of endless hand-wringing.
  • Globetrotting; keep this in mind. Your character should have a reason that he's able to step away from his normal life to venture upon these extracurricular activities. For some concepts, this may not be a problem, but it's something to think about. This particular adventure is in Australia, but it may beyond the borders of this continent.
  • Although it isn't necessary that the investigators know one another at the beginning of the scenario, it's certainly possible that they do and would even be helpful to the game. If you would like for them to have a prior acquaintance, discuss those ideas with your fellow players in the "Character Discussion" thread.

II. Character Creation

These are some modified House Rules for character creation (slightly different than the rules used to generate your New York investigators):
  • Take the numbers 16, 14, 13, 12, 12, 11, 11, and 9 and distribute them between Strength, Constitution, Power, Dexterity, Appearance, Size, Intelligence and Education.
  • INT x 5 is your Idea roll, EDU x 5 is your Know roll, POW x 5 is your Luck roll and your starting Sanity
  • Magic Points are equal to your current POW
  • Hit Points are equal to (CON + SIZ)/2 (rounding)
  • Income will be determined based on your profession of choice.
  • With regard to equipment, I'm not especially limiting on what you might possess. Anything that would be reasonable for someone of your profession and means to own is fair game. If you have a question on something, just ask. Obviously, if I scan your sheet and find that you've listed a Crystal of the Elder Things amongst your belongings, we'll have to talk. A handy list of equipment can be found here.
  • Damage Bonus: Add your STR and SIZ. Use the total on the following chart:
    STR + SIZ Damage Bonus
     2 to 12     -1D6
    13 to 16     -1D4
    17 to 24      +0
    25 to 32     +1D4
    33 to 36     +1D6

    (Damage Bonus is used for inflicting additional damage in hand-to-hand combat)
  • Skills: Multiply EDU by 20 and allocate those to the skill categories associated with your profession (if you don't know what these are, feel free to ask me); Multiply the investigator’s INT by 10.  These are personal interest points, and can increase any skill except Cthulhu Mythos.

If you have access to The 1920's Investigator's Companion, you may use any Special Bonuses given by that book for your chosen profession. If you don't have access to a copy, drop me a line and I'll let you know what the eligible bonuses are.

Languages: Over the course of this campaign, your character (should he or she live that long) will encounter various pieces of evidence and tomes in different languages and will travel across the globe and occasionally need to speak in some. The following is a list of (mostly complete) list of non-English languages that may come in handy for someone in the party to know. I have indicated who has 'covered' a language (meaning that they have it at 25% or higher). Feel free to discuss the selection of them among yourself:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese*
  • Dutch+
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • French
  • Latin
  • Hindi+
  • Swahili* [Covered by Walter]

* These languages have regional variants or are part of language groups. If you want more detail in your character learning them, please ask and I can go into greater detail.
+ These languages are relatively minor, and less likely to come up than some of the others mentioned, but still play a role.

Once I've added each player to the game, I will add a character sheet which will be user-editable so you can plug in your numbers, list your equipment, and include some background notes.

III. Finishing Touches
  • Once you're all done and approved, please add a description in your "Character Information". It helps give everyone a quick "snapshot" of your character.
  • As well, please select an avatar for your character. It really helps your GM get a quick visual check on who is speaking/acting in a given post.

If you have any problems with character creation, up to and including needing yours truly to generate your character for you, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

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Australia Character Generation
<b>Call of Cthulhu</b>

<b>Character Name</b>:
<b>Place of Birth</b>:
<b>Age</b>:              <b>Weight</b>:         <b>Hair</b>:
<b>Sex</b>:              <b>Height</b>:         <b>Eyes</b>:

<b>Colleges, Degrees</b>:
<b>Mental Disorders</b>:

<Blue>Characteristics & Rolls</Blue>
<b>STR</b>       <b>DEX</b>       <b>INT</b>      <b>Idea</b> (Int*5) %
<b>CON</b>       <b>APP</b>       <b>POW</b>      <b>Luck</b> (Pow*5) %
<b>SIZ</b>       <b>SAN</b>       <b>EDU</b>      <b>Know</b> (Edu*5) %
<b>99-Cthulhu Mythos</b>: 99              <b>Damage Bonus</b>:
<Blue>Sanity Points</Blue> equal to POW*5
<Red>CURRENT: </Red>
<Blue>Magic Points</Blue> equal to POW
<Red>CURRENT: </Red>
<Blue>Hit Points</Blue> equal to (CON+SIZ)/2 (rounding)
<Red>CURRENT: </Red>
<Blue>Investigator Skills</Blue>
[ ] Accounting (10%):
[ ] Anthropology (01%):
[ ] Archaeology (01%):
[ ] Art (05%):
[ ] Astronomy (01%):
[ ] Bargain (05%):
[ ] Biology (01%):
[ ] Chemistry (01%):
[ ] Climb (40%):
[ ] Conceal (15%):
[ ] Craft (05%):
[ ] Credit Rating (15%):
    Cthulhu Mythos (00):
[ ] Disguise (01%):
[ ] Dodge (DEX*2%):
[ ] Drive Auto (20%)
[ ] Electr. Repair (01%):
[ ] Fast Talk (05%):
[ ] First Aid (30%):
[ ] Geology (01%):
[ ] History (20%):
[ ] Jump (25%):
[ ] Law (05%):
[ ] Library Use (25%):
[ ] Listen (25%):
[ ] Locksmith (01%):
[ ] Martial Arts (01%):
[ ] Mech. Repair (20%):
[ ] Medicine (05%):
[ ] Natural History (10%):
[ ] Navigate (10%):
[ ] Occult (05%):
[ ] Opr. Hvy. Mch.(01%):
[ ] Other Language _______ (1%)
[ ] Own Language (EDUx5%)
[ ] Persuade (15%):
[ ] Pharmacy (01%):
[ ] Photography (10%):
[ ] Physics (01%):
[ ] Pilot (01%):
[ ] Psychoanalysis (01%)
[ ] Psychology (05%):
[ ] Ride (05%):
[ ] Spot Hidden (25%):
[ ] Stealth (10%):
[ ] Swim (25%):
[ ] Throw (25%):
[ ] Track (10%):
<Blue>Melee Weapons</Blue>
[ ] Axe (20%):
[ ] Blackjack (40%):
[ ] Club (25%):
[ ] Knife (25%):
[ ] Sabre (15%):
[ ] Sword (20%):
[ ] Handgun (20%):
[ ] Machine Gun (15%):
[ ] Rifle (25%):
[ ] Shotgun (30%):
[ ] SMG (15%):
    melee           %     damage    hnd  rng     #att  hp
[ ] Fist (50%)      50%   1D3        1   touch    1    n/a
[ ] Grapple (25%)   25%   special    2   touch    1    n/a
[ ] Head (10%)      10%   1D4        0   touch    1    n/a
[ ] Kick (25%)      25%   1D6        0   touch    1    n/a
[ ] ________       ____  ______    __  _____   ____  ____
[ ] ________       ____  ______    __  _____   ____  ____

    firearm        %     damage  malf    rng    #att   shots hp
[ ]
[ ] ________       ____  ______  ______  _____   ____  ____ ____
[ ] ________       ____  ______  ______  _____   ____  ____ ____
<Blue>Income & Savings</Blue>
<b>Annual Income:</b>
<b>Cash on Hand:</b>
<b>Savings</b> in stocks, bonds etc. (convertible in no less than 30 days):
<b>Personal Property:</b>
<b>Real Estate:</b>
<Blue>Mythos Tomes Read</Blue>
<Blue>Magical Artifacts</Blue>
<Blue>Spells Known</Blue>
<Blue>Entities Encountered</Blue>
<b>Entity:</b>                <b>Sanity lost:</b>
<Blue>Special Ability:</Blue>

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