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Thu 23 Jun 2011
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New Skills
I am going to be adding skills to the game I think are needed. If you have any suggestions for new skills please let me know.

Area Knowledge: Local taken per 2 5 mile territory.
Rev. Ability: Int
Cost: 1bp
Universal: yes (for home location only limited to a district of a city, a town or a village. or to a place one has spent at least a month of time in.)
Prereq: none
Mats/Tools: no

Trivial: Common Locations of the area. Local bar, Inn, merchant.
Easy: Knowledge of common residents, who lives where.
Average: knowledge of uncommon locations and people.
Difficult: Knowledge of Unique and/or obscure people and places.
Very Difficult: Knowledge of secret and Hidden People and locations.

Area Knowledge: Regional encompassing an area of 50 to 100 miles, city and surrounding area. a Forrest, so forth.
Rev ability: Int
Cost: 2bps
Universal: no
Prereq: None
Mats/Tools: No

Same as Area Knowledge: Local

Area Knowledge: Territorial encompassing an area of 250 to 1000 miles, a country or state.
Rev ability: Int
Cost: 4bps
Universal: no
Prereq: None
Mats/Tools: No

Same as Area Knowledge: Local

Armor repair Basic
Rev. Ability: Dex
Cost: 2bp
Univ: no
Prerq: maintenance upkeep proficiency
Mats/Tools: yes (appropriate armor repair kit)

Through the use of this Skill a Character can repair their damaged Armor. A armor repair Kit of the appropriate Type is required to preform the skill as well as the appropriate tools. 1 attempt to repair Armor takes 5 hours. if a successful Check is made, the Armor is repaired a number of Hit points based on the armor type.
Cloth Armors:  2d4+2 points. (Robes, Padded, Rope)
Leather Armors: 1d6+2 points. (Leather, Studded, Ring, Hide, skins)
Composite and Chain Armors: 1d4+2 Points. (Scale or brigandine, and Chain)
Plate Type Armors: 1d3+1 (Scale, Banded, Plate)
A Failure by more than 25 Points Leaves 1 points of Damage permanent unless repaired by an appropriate armor smith.

Novice: Can repair Cloth Type Armors and repair wicker shields.
Average: Can Repair Leather based Armors and repair wood Shields
Advanced: Can Repair Chain mail or Composite armors like Scale or Brigandine and can repair Wood and leather based shields.
Expert: Can Repair Plate Based Armors like Split, Banded and Plate And can Repair Wood and Metal Based Shields.
Master: Can attempt to repair magical Armor with out harming it. Attempts to repair regular armors receive a +2 to the points repaired.

Easy = Repairing Cloth based Armors
Average = Repairing Leather based armors
Difficult = Repairing chain or Composite based armors.
Very Dif = Repairing Plate Based Armors.

Other Mods.
For each DR lost = -10%
Working with no tools = -40%
Working with basic Kit out in the wild. = -10%
Working at home or in Civilized conditions = 0%
Working in a Fully equipped Shop. = +10%

Rev. Ability: Dex/Wis
Cost: 3bp
Univ: No
Prerq: Wood Carving 31%

Novice: Know how to use and operate Boyer tools and equipment. Can maintain Arrows and bows, make simple strings out of proper material and make crude arrows unsupervised. (-2Attack/-2Damage)
Average: Can replace fletching and arrow heads and make rough arrows and Crude Bows out of proper materials. (Bows -1 to -2 attack -2 to -4 strength rating. Arrows -1Attacks/-1 damage)
Advanced: Can produce Arrows of +1 to +2 bonus and can produce Standard bows with proper materials. Can repair arrows up to No bonus no penalty status.
Expert: Can produce arrows of +3 to +4 bonus and produce bows of +1 to +3 bonus with a Strength rating of +2 to +6 strength. Can repair arrows up to +2.
Master: With proper materials can Produce +5 Arrows and Bows of +4 to 5 bonus with a strength rating of +8 to +10. Can repair arrows up to +4.

Trivial: Maintaining a Bow or Arrows.
Easy: Attaching Fletching/Arrow heads and making Strings. Repairing arrows.
Average: Making Arrows(arrow Shafts), Make a Standard short Bow.
Difficult: Making a standard Long Bow
Very Difficult: Making a Strength rated Bow above normal A Composite or Re-curve.

Addition modifiers
Arrows (per category: i.e Attack and Damage)
-2 Arrow = +25
-1 Arrow = +10
+0 Arrow = Standard
+1 Arrow = -5
+2 arrow = -10
+3 Arrow = -15
+4 Arrow = -20
+5 Arrow = -25

Bows Attack/Strength rating
-2/-4 bow = +25
-1/-2 bow = +10
0/0 Bow = Standard
+1/+2 bow = -10
+2/+4 Bow = -15
+3/+6 Bow = -20
+4/+8 Bow = -25
+5/+10 bow = -30

Rev. Ability: Dex/Wis
Cost: 2Bp
Univ: Yes
Prerq: None
Mats/Tools: Yes

Skill not written yet

Carving (By Type)
Rev. Ability: Dex/Wis
Cost: 2Bp
Univ: yes
Prerq: None
Mats/Tools: Yes

Skill Not written yet.

Easy Dif: Possesses accurate map.
Average dif: Possesses crude map or semi-accurate map.
Difficult dif: Heavy Rain, Snowpack
Very Dif: Night.

Rev. Ability: Int/Wis
Cost: 2Bp
Univ: No
Prerq: None
Mats/Tools: Yes

This is the knowledge of how to Play and win at games of strategy and skill like chess. When one is competing in such a game this skill is handled as an opposed roll. other wise it can be used as a knowledge skill to know about games and their rules with the difficulty of the check based on the obscurity of the game.

Jewelry making
Rev. Ability: Int
Cost: 2bp
Univ: No
Prerq: Appraisal (gems and jewelry) 10 or better
Mats/Tools: Yes

Novice: Operate jeweler's tools and handle materials; finish rough gems; cut gems
Average: Repair minor damage to jewelry (usually replacing clasps and pins)
Advanced: Mend broken jewelry (crafting replacement pieces): copy existing peices (with sample in hand)
Expert: Repair a severely damaged piece; design a peice based on an existing style without a sample
Master: Design a completely new style or piece of acclaimed art work

Trivial: Repairs only / minutes to hours
Easy: x1.5 mat costs / one day
Average: x3 mat cost /2 days
Difficult: x5 mat costs / 4 days
Very dif: x10 mat costs / 7 days

Monster Lore (specific)
Rev. Ability: Intelligence
Cost: 2bp
Universal: no
Prerq: None

Must take this Lore Per Type.
i.e. Goblins, Canines, Felines, Dragons, or what ever. Can but it multiple times.

Rev. Ability: Int/Wis
Cost: 4bp
Univ: No
Prerq: Astrology 31% Cartography 31%

Skill not released yet

Rev.Ability: Wisdom
Cost: 5bp
Univ: No
Prerq: none

Novice: note subtle variations in weight or color.
Average: discern wear patterns, judge when an object was last handled.
Advanced: discover secret compartments within mundane objects, find secret doors.
Expert: note miniscule variations in weight, density, color, aroma; detect counterfeiting.
Master: Expose illusions based upon empirical data.

Rev. Ability: Wis/Dex
Cost: 2bp
Univ: No
Prerq: None

Skill not released yet.

Rev. Ability: Wis/Dex
Cost: 5bp
Univ: No
Prerq: Military history 31% skill (same costs as Ancient history)

With Time, a Military strategist can prepare his troops for an upcoming battle to give them advantages. The Time it takes to prepare depends on the size or numbers of troops being used.  Small/less than 10 = 2d4x10 minutes; Medium/25 or less = 4d4x10 minutes; Large/100 or less = 2d4 hours, very Large/500 or less = 6d4 hours, huge/5000 or less = 2d4 days
a Successful skill check means that troops gain a +1 to attack and Defense and Tenacity checks for the first 1d4px10 counts of battle. Master Tacticians give their troops a +2 to attack, defense and tenacity for the first 3d4px10 counts.

novice: Can plan tactics for a small group
Average: Can plan tactics for a medium group
Advaced: Can plan Tactics for a large group
Expert: Can plan Tactics for a Very Large Group
Master: Can Plan Tactics for a Huge Group

Very Dif:

Wagon Driving
Rev. Ability: Wis/Cha
Cost: 3bp
Univ: No
Prerq: None
Mats/Tools: Yes

novice: Can Drive a Single Animal Wagon Under normal Conditions
Average: Can drive a double Animal Wagon or a Single animal Chariot under normal Conditions
Advanced: Can Drive a 4 team Wagon or a 2 animal Chariot under Normal Conditions
Expert: Can Drive a 8 team Wagon under nomral conditions or a 1 animal Chariot into battle.
Master: Can Drive a 2 Animal Chariot into Battle.

Very Dif:

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GM Joe
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Sat 4 Aug 2012
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Re: New Talents
New Talents. If you have a suggestion for a new talent Please let me know and we'll work something up.

Armor Affinity: (20bps)
A Character with this Talent has a Natural talent for wearing a certain type of Armor. This talent reduces the Movement Penalty of the Specific Armor type by 25%.

Combat Awareness: (20/40bps)
With the first purchase of this Talent a Character can Defend against 1 addition opponent with Normal Defense. (i.e. Normally a character can defend against 3 opponents on a d20p/d20p-4. the forth and further opponents defend against at a d12. this would allow the character to defend against a 4th opponent at a d20p/d20p-4). If this talent is taken a second time for 40 more bps (total of 60bps) they can defend normally against a 5th opponent And defend against rear attacks with a d12p. (Pure Fighter class may take this talent at Half Cost.)

Fleet Footed: (10/20bps)
A Character with this talent is quicker than the average member of his race. When running or sprinting, a medium sized character can move 5' per count faster. Small Sized Characters Can move 2.5 feet faster. This "extra" movement is negated if a Character is encumbered or wearing Armour heavier than Leather. A character can take this Talent a second time for 20 more bps giving A Human a total of +10 foot movement to run or Sprint or +5 to a Small creature. If the Character is Lightly Encumber at this level of Fleet footed, the bonus is halved, any higher encumber and the Bonus is negated.

Stalwart (10 bp)
This talent offers a +1 bonius against any and all fear related saving-throws or a direct 5% bonus to any skll checks to avoid any Intimidation or other Fear related Effect.
This Talent may be taken multiple times.

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Sat 4 Aug 2012
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Re: New Proficiencies
New Proficiencies
If you would like to make suggestions for new proficiencies please do.

Shield Expertise:   12bp (6bp for fighter class) Requires Shield Proficiency (limited to Medium and Large shields)
A character with this proficiency has Further Studied the shield to make it not just a Defensive piece of equipment, but also an Effective weapon in his hands. With this proficiency, the Character may specialize in the shield as a weapon and employ it in 2 weapon offensive and defensive style. In defensive style, the character gains the benefit of the shield's normal defensive bonus plus the specialization defensive bonus and other quality bonuses. Used in Offensive style, the Character receives only the specialization and quality bonuses to defense.

Shield Mastery:  12bp (6bp for fighter class) Requires Shield Expertise
With this level of training in a Shield, the character can Now Defend in offensive style using a d20p-4 rather than a d10p. Also he can defend against 1 addition Opponent beyond the normal for the shield for each +1 in defense he has in specialization and those opponents can be to the main hand and rear positions. (A small Shield can Normally be used to defend against 1 opponent to the front and 1 additional opponent to the shield arm flank. With a +1 in shield specialization he could use the shield defense against 3 opponents regardless of position around him.)

Duel Weapon Expertise: 12bp (6bp for fighter class)
A person with this Proficiency, a Character may specialize in a greater form of duel wielding 2 weapons offensively. Expertise in duel wielding eliminates the damage penalty for the off hand and reduces the speed penalty (+2 Speed) for each weapons second and subsequent attacks to just a +1. This does Not effect the +1 on the first attack of the Off Hand. This Proficiency Must be taken for EACH Style of Duel wielding. (i.e. Duel Daggers, Long sword and Dagger, Duel Hand Axes etc.)In the case of an Ambidextrous character, It removes the +1 additional Init penalty.

Duel Weapon Mastery: 12bp (6bp for fighter class)
With this Level of Duel wielding Mastery, the Penalty to speed for second and subsequent attacks is reduced completely. Also It increases the Defense Die of the attacker, when attacking offensively, from a d10p to a 1d20p-4.

Mounted Combat Proficiency: 12bp (6bp for fighters, 4bps for Knights and Paladins)
One Must have a Minimum skill of 26 in Riding to Take the Proficiency
This Ability allows one Fight while Mounted with only the Normal Penalties to combat per the Riding skill description. Without this Proficiency, the penalties for melee (all categories) while mounted are as Follows. Novice = -12, Average -8, Advanced = -6, Expert = -4, Master = -2

Mounted Archery Proficiency: 12bp (6bp for fighters, 4bps for Rangers)
Once must have a minimum Skill of 26 in Riding to Take this Proficiency
This Ability allows one Shoot a Bow while Mounted with only the Normal Penalties to Archery per the Riding skill description. Without this Proficiency, the penalties for Archery (all categories) while mounted are as Follows. Novice = -12, Average -8, Advanced = -6, Expert = -4, Master = -2

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GM Joe
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Tue 6 Nov 2012
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Re: New Proficiencies
added Wagon Driving to the skills.
GM Joe
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Sun 22 Sep 2013
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Re: New Proficiencies
Added Mounted Combat and Mounted Archery Proficiencies