A Strange happenstance   Posted by GM Joe.Group: 0
GM Joe
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Sat 27 Aug 2011
at 16:39
A Strange happenstance
The Next morning, when the four of you gather at Linian's Home to Determine what to do with the goods, It is discovered that the Pile of "lewt" Has been Disturbed.  It is not in the condition it was Left now Having Been somewhat scattered about.
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Sat 27 Aug 2011
at 21:23
Re: A Strange happenstance
In reply to GM Joe (msg #1):

Is the Humanoid frog statue present? Does it look as if the pile was disturbed from inside out - ie something digging up and out or something tossing it looking for something?
GM Joe
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Sun 28 Aug 2011
at 04:41
Re: A Strange happenstance
Do you have tracking?

It's really hard to tell which it was, but In a search of the items, the Frog Statue does appear to be the only thing missing from the pile.