Plans agaisnt the Kobolds.   Posted by GM Joe.Group: 0
GM Joe
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Thu 10 Nov 2011
at 02:53
Plans agaisnt the Kobolds
dicuss and let me know your plans and what you might be looking for
Ben Whitetop
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Sat 12 Nov 2011
at 23:54
Re: Plans agaisnt the Kobolds
In reply to GM Joe (msg #1):

Well, we talked about manufacturing so Malatov cocktails. In our canvass of the farms, we might also fashion some body shields. It would be nice to come on them unawares, but I don't think we have magic for it and I can't think of another way.

They seemed a bit blinded by the rain, but that might interfere with alcohol Malatovs. Attacking in the dark might make us less reliable targets as well. Well, that's about all my puny brain can suggest.
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Sun 13 Nov 2011
at 01:16
Re: Plans agaisnt the Kobolds
"hmmm" Raz scratches his beard, " Tactically we need ta get to them or draw them out ta us. Best I figure is we can make some portable walls ... like a mobile tower- four sides with eye slits... we come in under cover of darkness and take the wall with us to the entrance... use fire if we can- but come to grips with the enemy as soon as possible."

"Oh an if I tell ya to hold the line we need to hold the line other wise we throw away a sound tactical position- we need to make these bastard dog men ta come ta us... or be able to ram a righteous axe through their collective little 'eads"
Linian Linrynor
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Thu 17 Nov 2011
at 01:03
Re: Plans agaisnt the Kobolds
I doubt we will find any type of incendiary devices.  Body shields will be useful when we assault their lair, until we get into the tunnels.

I say we simply ambush the patrols and basically turn their own tactics against them.