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1.70 | The Final Exam: The Hall of Death
Constructed in the era of the 4th Kazekage, the Hall of Death was designed as the ultimate whetstone for Sunagakure's dudaenn. Even now entry was normally forbidden to anyone below jounin rank.

Still tired from their adventures in the labyrinth, thhe successful genin were led through the corridors and into the basement.

The proctors from the first two exams were joined by a third and fourth. The young man with glasses stood at the centre of the room on a metal walkway. This path cut the basement into quarters and looked down into four pits.

"It would seem that this year we have an exceptional crop of genin. Congratulations to all twenty-four of you who made it this far." he said.

Mawahibi looked abashed.

"Unfortunately, it's traditional for the final stage of the exam to be performed before an audience of honoured guests. Twenty-one matches is just too many, so that number needs to be whittled down now.

Each of you will be tested in one-to-one combat against another genin. The winner will fight before the Kazekage and her guests in a week's time. We have four pits, so these first matches will occur four at a time to get it over quickly. Any questions?"

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