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Please poke me/PM me/beat me if there is anything you are waiting for or want to build into The Plan.

I have been working on the game wiki. I will leave it open for you to edit the pages for your characters but please don't abuse the space: sized down pictures are okay, but links to music should be kept in your character description here.

Most of the rules have now been written up and clarified on GoogleDrive (linked above). No password or login is needed to view. Feedback would be appreciated.

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Season 0


Bonds are forged and broken. Every genin, every shinobi, has a past whether it is inheritted or earned, whether known to them or not. There are secrets in the Sand, tragedies in the Leaf and scars in the Waterfall.

0.0 | Akira*
An infant found at the gates of Konohagakure grows to develop a peculiar ability.  To master his nature, the boy is put in the instruction of Hyuuga Junichi, a healer-nin of the hidden village. Whatever the truth of Akira's origins, one thing is certain: the future is sweetbuns.
0.0 | Michiru*
0.0 | Yoko*
0.0 | Masumi*
When Masumi is caught goosing girls with his 'perverted wind' technical, the young boy is dragged by the ear into Sunagakure's ninja academy. But while Masumi has been washing pots and sweeping floors, the rest of the class has been training since they could walk. In an effort to catch him up, Masumi's mentor Hirkani draws on the expertise of Edris Goraze, one of the villages deadly puppet masters.
0.0 | Parisa*
0.0 | Yahiro
0.0 | Kisara
0.1 | Graduation Day: Konoha
The Hidden Leaf Village enjoys a time of propserity and hope under the guidance of Kimura Yoshirou. A record number of students graduate from the academy this year, taking a number of capable jounin from the village's roster to train them for the next stage.
0.1 | Graduation Day: Suna
Sunagakure, the village of searing winds, trains its aspiring genin to exacting standards. As harsh as the desert, the Kazekage is harsher with the students of the shinobi academy and only 7 young dudaenn are chosen to begin serving Govadistan this year. The only question is whether the right teachers have been assigned for such strange hopefuls.
0.1 | Graduation Day: Takigakure
Takigakure is still recovering from the internal battle years before. Nuturing the next generation of shinobi is slow work and the village can barely spare the jounin needed to continue their training. So this year on the three best ninja are chosen to become genin and the leader of the village assigns a trusted servant to prepare them for the days to come.
0.2 | Squad 9
Iwamoto Akira, Uchiha Michiru and Senju Kumirama are assigned to their new squad leader, Yukimura Shirohiko. After a strange quizzing from the jounin, the team's strength is tested.
Shirohiko badly underestimates Akira's chakra draining abilities and calls and early end to the training session. Although impressed with the genins' skills, he remains unconvinced of just how ready the boys are to become shinobi.
0.2 | Team Storm
Team Storm has a rocky start when their own sensei refuses the job! Arash Asbahura takes his place to lead a mismatched team: an orphan, a merchant and a clan heir. But their induction at the Omidbagh fountain leaves them at least at peace, if not united, so maybe this ninja thing won't be so bad after all.
0.2 | Team Tulip
0.2 | Squad IV
Toki Honoka proves to be a playful instructor, setting the newly named Squad IV on a game of chase to assess their capabilities for themselves. Young Kisara struggles to reconcile her curse and the fate of her family with her new place. Do Honoka's words reach her through the heat of heart ache?
0.3 | Congratulations Artapana!*
Artapana returns hom to share the good news about his graduation. Despite a cool reception from his father, the Asbahura clan heir is warmly greeted by his family and invited to visit with the clan leader: the Horse Sage Piruz.
0.3 | Special Mission: Squad 9
Squad 9 are dispatched on a special mission to the homeland of the Yukimura clan. Each of the genin receives a gift of knowledge from Lady Hikari while Shirohiko retrieves information for the Konohan family branch. But the field trip goes awry with and unexpected encounter.
A strange woman and her escort attack Squad 9 without clear motive. The genin hold their own until the mysterious lady resorts to more venomous tricks to incapacitate the young shinobi. When Squad 9 wakes in the care of the Lady Hikari, Senju Kumirama is missing and Shirohiko badly poisoned.
0.3 | Special Training: Hisoka
0.3 | Emperor's New Clothes: Parisa and Rasa bond*
0.4 | Squad 9 Reformed
0.4 | Special Secret Mission: Girls' Reconnaissance*
0.4 | Capturing Hope: C-rank Mission
0.4 | Mission at Last: Team Storm Deployed!
After long dry spell or training, Team Storm may finally have their first C-rank mission outside the walls of Sunagakure. But the three boys have struggled to bond with each other over the past weeks and tempers overflow, putting the future of the squad on jeopardy.
After an argument with the Kazekage and another with his teammates outside her tower, Yahiro finds himself more of an outcast than ever. Then Akil Yamin gives him a choice: leave Sungakure to find his parents or stay and grow under Akil's tutelage as a member of Team Tulip.
0.5 | Mayhem at Maqart*
Team Storm is assigned a new member on the morning of their first C-rank mission. Maduvanthi Hayya, the daughter of two clans, greets her former classmates with cheer, but the consequences of the Kazekage's decision remain to be seen.
On the way to retrieve a package for a Sand Village elder, the Suna-nin rescue two young women from bandits. This charity is betrayed when Ensi reveals herself as a thief and with her brothers robs Maqart's treasury. In the following pursuit, most of the gang are taken down and Lord Yamin's shipment retrieved, but Ensi escapes with a cask.
0.5 | Fledgling
0.6 | Sunagakure's Deadly Flowers

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Season 1


A new generation of shinobi is emerging at the beginning of a turbulent era. Genin are gathered to Sunagakure to face the Kazekage's infamous chuunin exam. Surprises emerge as unexpected faces arrive and young shinobi demonstrate their potential.

1.0 | Deliberations: Konoha, Sunagakure, Takigakure
The time of the chuunin exams is approaching and the jounin of the hidden villages gather to decide which genin are ready to face the challenge.
1.2 | The Chuunin Exam Begins! Arrival of the Rivals
Genin from across the world gather at Sunagakure for the chuunin exams. For better or worse new connections will be forged in the coming days.
1.3 | Registration Booth A, B, C, D, E, F
The teams are separated as the instructions for the exam are delivered, but will the genin be able to find the exam room in time?
1.4 | Riddles and Strife, Sunagakure's Secret Revealed*, and How About the Hammam?
Riddles in hand, the genin begin their search for the exam room, matching their wits against the first proctor.
1.5 | The First Test
The first exam comes to its conclusion and the list of competitors is cut down. As the next stage begins the genin will face greater challenges and greater threats
1.6 | The Kazekage's Labyrinth: 1st Gate*, 3rd Gate*, 4th Gate*
The remaining genin are sent into the depths of the 1st Kazekage's labyrinth beneath Sunagakure. The maze is an ancient prison intended to contain some of the village's most dangerous weapons.
Team Storm enter a tentative alliance with the genin from Kirigakure, one which the foreign shinobi seem only nominally interested in maintaining. Then the six genin walk into a trap and Masumi unlocks a hidden power.
Squad 9 and Squad IV temporarily join forces to delve deeper into the maze, becoming separated in an ambush.
Likewise Sunagakure's Team Rose and Team Tulip explore the depths until they meet with a strange opponent.
1.65 | The Cunning of the White Devil*
The greater part of the exams is over, but more is still to come. When the proctors discuss the results of the initial exams, what rising stars will be revealed?
1.70 | The Final Exam: The Hall of Death
After surviving the Kazekage's Labyrinth below Sunagakure, the genin are brought together in the Hall of Death to begin the final stage of the exam. Who has the strength left to get through the preliminaries and earn the title of chuunin?
1.73 | The Hall of Death: Parisa vs ???
1.73 | The Hall of Death: Masumi vs ???
1.73 | The Hall of Death: Akira vs ???
1.76 | The Hall of Death: Rasa vs ???
1.76 | The Hall of Death: Artapana vs ???
1.79 | The Hall of Death: Maduvanthi vs ???
1.79 | The Hall of Death: Yahiro vs ???
1.79 | The Hall of Death: Michiru vs ???
1.79 | The Hall of Death: Yoko vs ???
1.80 | The Final Exam Begins!
After Edris' preliminaries, the last genin have the chance to recuperate before the day of the final exam. The audience gathers, including guests both prestigious and dangerous, but will other affairs interfere as our stars face their destiny?
1.81 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.82 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.83 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.84 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.85 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.86 | The Final Exam Round 1: ??? vs ???
1.87 | The Final Exam Round 2: ??? vs ???
1.88 | The Final Exam Round 2: ??? vs ???
1.89 | The Final Exam Round 2: ??? vs ???
1.9 | The Final Exam: The Proctor's Judgement
After much deliberation, the proctors announce the exam results. The teams are re-united with their jounin and reflect on their performances. Some will celebrate, others will learn how much farther they need to come.

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Season 2


Konoha continues the search for Senju Kumirama and answers behind his abduction. Who is the hooded woman and what is she seeking?

Takigakure's past bleeds through cracks. The full consequences of the village's civil war and Boumaru's victory are yet to be seen.

And Sunagakure must face the machinations of both the Hidden Dawn and Hidden Mist as two villages move pieces over the sands of the Wind Country.

2.0 | Lost Souls
Team Tulip receive a mission to investigate strange activity in the ruins known as "the City of Lost Souls". Old wounds open with fresh blood and spectres of the past awaken.

2.0 | Thunder in Thieves' Kingdom
A mission goes awry when a missing-nin takes refuge in Thieves' Kingdom: a bandit den hidden on the edge of Gavadistani sands. Team Storm are deployed to clear the path, but can Artapana keep his focus when faced with his deepest fears?

2.0 | Ripples
A crew of rogues has kidnapped the daughters of a town in the Waterfall Country. Squad IV have a simple enough mission: deliver the ransom and get the girls home safe. Things get more complicated when Kisara notices a familiar face.

2.0 | Akanorou
Konoha catches the trail of the missing genin Senju Kumirama: one of the shinobi involved in his abduction is spotted in a town not far from the Land of Trees. Squad 9 race to capture the swordsmanand his partner, only to uncover the truth behind Kumirama's fate.

2.0 | Tantalising Aroma
A decade has passed since the secret harvest of the Land of Honey has ripened. Team Rose and Akarui Yoake are dispatched to retrieve a gift for the Kazekage, but the power of the Dawn Dew Pear is also sought by others.

2.5 | Shadows of the Moon
Something Haunts the Waterfall Village at night. A strange creature has been glimpsed in the abandonned Shikitei buildings on the edge of the village. Takinoue Boumaru dismisses the apparition, but someone is hiding in the ruins and Squad IV are determined to get to the bottom of it.

2.5 | Sanctuary
After many years of near hermitage, Kirigakure is moving abroad once more. Sightings of Mist ninja outside the Water Country are on the increase. Whatever it is the Mizukage is planning, the Kazekage intends to be ready. Team Tulip are sent to intercept two shinobi of Kirigakure and learn their mission, but the answer may not be what Sunagakure expects.

2.5 | ???
On a solo mission to deliver medical supplies to a mountain village, Akira is sidetracked by a peculiar encounter. An old tower and a shadowy presence threaten to change the course of the young shinobi's life.

2.5 | ???

2.5 | ???

2.9 | Irsabanu
Teams Storm and Tulip receive a peculiar summons. Both teams are assigned on a critical mission, the details of which are known only to Akil Yamin. What have they been selected for and why is this mission a secret even to them? Who is the mystery contact Akil must meet and who - or what - is Irsabanu?

2.9 | Kumirama
The search may be over. Konoha has found a facility which appears to belong to the woman who abducted Kumirama. Squad 9 is dispatched with support to bring the lost genin home and resolve the mystery behind his disappearance.

2.9 | The long Shadow
Noborou Renmu is missing. Takigakure's fuinjutsu master is a key asset to the small village and the only man who can free Kisara from her curse. Squad IV scour Takigakure and the surrounds to find the jounin's trail with no clear motive or suspect.

2.9 | ???

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