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Fri 17 Jan 2014
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0.4 | Mission at Last: Team Storm Deployed!
The Kazekages' tower stood central to the Rejinnqeshlāq, rising high above its rooftops with the wind whirling around its curved sides. Inside the tower was filled with a low-levvel hum, occassionally peaking into a whistle or moan.

When the boys reached the office Arash stood outside speaking with a younger man who managed to be simultaneously over and underdressed. He wore saffron silk robes, lovingly embroidered, lazily as though they were no more than night clothes or rags.

"This is everyone now?" He nodded, apparently not needing an answer, and entered the Kazekage's office. A moment later he returned to open the door for them.

Talayeh's office had been smothered in regal decoration. Thick drops of fabric hid the corners of the room with bookshelves or tapestries between. A rug covered most of the floor between the door an the desk. She sat at her desk on a wooden throne carved into swirling patterns which she shared with a graceful female puppet draped across the back rest. Sand piled up at the corners of her desk and chair.

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Talayeh Avin
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Sun 19 Jan 2014
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Re: 0.3 | Mission at Last: Team Storm Deployed!
The kazekage's philosophy of 'if you've got it, flaunt it' was used no less for her personal appearance as it was for the rest of her office. Truly a remarkable looking woman even at the worst of times, she wore the robe which was usually so unflattering as if it were a fashion statement. The neckline dipped down as to leave nothing to the imagination, the waistline tucked close to accent her frame. A white scarf wrapped her throat but offered little dignity.

Since the fourth shinobi war, the wealth of the village had increased steadily - with a few dips which had long been recovered from - until Talayeh herself inherited a village which was richer than it had ever been. Using her particular brand of cunning, she had somehow managed to double it. There had been many improvements to the village which reflected it, acting as much as a deterrent to potential enemies as it did as an advertisement to many who would seek their services.

She flamed them all a pretty smile as they entered, giving their sensei a particular look.

"Hello Asbahura sweety, what an adorable team you have!"

Arash looked uncomfortable.
Artapana Asbahura
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Tue 28 Jan 2014
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Re: 0.3 | Mission at Last: Team Storm Deployed!
Artapana walked in behind his uncle and stood neatly to one side of him. He kept his posture straight and his attention fixed firmly on the kazakage. Even so, he didn't carry the virgin nerves he had in their earlier mission briefings. Talayeh Avin may be the strongest shinobi in all of Govadistan, but shovelling sand out of derelict buildings, hauling stone across the savannah back to town, and hunting down escapee goats were not tasks which delivered so much honour that he trembled under their weight.
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Tue 28 Jan 2014
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Re: 0.3 | Mission at Last: Team Storm Deployed!
Yahiro stared at the Kazekage for a while. This was the most powerful shinobi of Sunagakure? This was the person, who was pretty much in charge and taking care of the entire village? Another lesson for him that screamed "do not judge another person by their appearance"...
"Hello Asbahura sweety, what an adorable team you have!"

...or by your first impression.

Yahiro didn't say anything and silently stayed behind the Ashbahura's. His sensei would do the talking and he would listen until he had a reason to retort or to object.