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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 15:27
Souls-like table top
So I have an idea for a Dark Souls-like game/story. I've started looking at hero system to see if I can make it work and was hoping I could get some thoughts from more people.

Here's what I have so far, it's by no means finished mind you.

Equipment slots;
Head, chest, legs, hands, 2 rings, 2 weapon/shield slots per hand (4 total)

Armor increases rPD while decreasing DEX

Shields provide % damage reduction with the amount absorbed taken as END. Blocking with a shield halves recovery. Activating a “block” takes a half-phase action and prevents attacking. Absorbing more damage then the character has available END deals damage equal to the difference.

Switching equipment is a half-phase action that can be combined with a move. Changing equipped gear cannot be done in combat.

Aborts are not allowed. Instead a Dodge skill roll may be attempted after each attack, the degree by which the roll is made improves DCV 1:1, the roll must be made before damage is rolled. Dodging costs an amount of END equal to the improvement made to DCV.

Combat order is determined by rolling DEX, Lighting Reflexes improves DEX for the roll, it is not available as a conditional effect (all actions only). Roll is made each Segment more than one character acts.

Recovery actions are not available, instead of post-Segment 12 recovery characters recover at the end of each Phase. END cost changed to 1 CP per 2 END.

No natural healing (characters do not recover BODY from REC), healing is instead handled from outside events (resting) and items (potions).