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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 22:54
Interest check for SCP meets Better Off Ted game.
Hello All,

I'm a long time GM and player, and have been without a game to play or run due to being a new father. I'm finding myself with more time, and am wanting to start running games again.

One concept I've been stewing on is a game that takes in elements of the Popular T.V. Show "Better Off Ted" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvkr8AFqEBM) and Elements from the SCP Foundation(http://www.scp-wiki.net/).

If you are not familiar, Better Off Ted is a office place sitcom comedy about a research and development team at a large faceless mega-corp. SCP, Short for Secure, Contain, Protect; is a fictional, clandestine paramilitary organization committed to keeping the supernatural secret, securing entities for-profit, and containing potential threats to the world at large.

My Head-cannon, is that Viridian Dynamics, the faceless mega-corp in Better off Ted, is the Commercial face for the SCP Foundation. while the employees at the company don't KNOW they work for this para-military organizations, some of their best technological and medical advancement have been in part to their supernatural interactions.

The game system would be in "Monster of the Week" (https://img.4plebs.org/boards/...65/1401659317494.pdf). Monster of the Week is powered by the Apocalypse, meaning if you've played Apocalypse world or Dungeon world, you'd know the system. the system is focused on more of a every man thrust into the supernatural world. Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire slayer, and the Dresden Files are heavily mentioned source materials.

I'm committed to running this game, but I need to know what kind of interest for this style of game there is, before I start investing time and energy in making the game and starting to recruit players. Thoughts and advice are welcome as well. Have a favorite SCP article you want to share for game inspiration? please share for future plot fuel!
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Thu 12 Apr 2018
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Interest check for SCP meets Better Off Ted game.
Let me see if I'm following along properly.

The PCs work for Faceless Corp. in the R&D division. Making all sorts of new tech, running experiments. They are (initially) unaware that all the ideas and starter tech is coming from things scraped out of SCP vaults, likely at an extreme (and, to the PCs, unknown) cost.

Then something breaks loose, and the PCs have to whomp something together to rein it in.

Sound about right?
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Thu 12 Apr 2018
at 03:30
Interest check for SCP meets Better Off Ted game.
Pretty much the plot of session one, yeah. after the PC's prove themselves (by being alive), they are given provisional agent status, and have fun going on missions and continue advancing in the company, but in the know

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Thu 12 Apr 2018
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Interest check for SCP meets Better Off Ted game.
I have a hard time picturing Hunters (I've played Dungeon World a couple of times, but never Monster of the Week) in an office setting, but I'm intrigue.

Well a office without a coffee machine: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-294