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Mon 30 Apr 2018
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[GURPS Lite] Cthulhu End-Times: The Reaping
The Basics:

My proposition is fairly straight forward: A GURPS [Lite] adaptation of the Call of Cthulhu Setting "Cthulhu End Times: The Reaping". Some of you may be familiar with the setting, but if you aren't the quick highlights are as follows:

  • The stars were right, and the Elder Gods reclaimed what was their's and consequently, the world was bathed in fire/snow/etc./etc leaving behind the post-apocalyptic ruins of Earth we now inhabit.

  • The Elder Horrors are now no longer beasts hidden in the obscurity of the vastness of our universe; they wander our husk of a planet freely.

  • The crazed cults who previously followed the Great Old Ones have now risen to prominence, like a phoenix from the ashes, and believe that humanity's last sole true purpose is to serve them to the bitter end.

  • Every day is a constant fight for the few pockets of sane humans who remain; between bloodthirsty Elder Horrors, sacrificial cults, and mind-melting insanity around every corner, there's little room for a "normal" life.

There's a couple different dominant ways that this particular setting can be run, and that'd ultimately be up to majority interest (I run what my players want the most) as to which we'd end up playing:

  • SEEKERS OF THE ANCIENT LORE: The glimmer of hope continuously passed around the nooks of sanity is that there is a book, an ancient one, capable of banishing the Elder Gods from Earth for good. It's been called by many names, some were entirely wrong, and all were held precious by their owners. Some say the book is held by a powerful cult leader, others say it lay buried at the feet of a living god. Care must be taken; the more we learn of the Mythos and its secrets, the closer we come to becoming the monster we were originally fighting.

    ^ ^ ^ This would be a fairly roleplay heavy game, with an emphasis on infiltration and treasure hunting, with combat playing a more minimum role unless the PCs incite it, either directly or through failed plans. ^ ^ ^

  • ESCAPE TO FREEDOM: As opposed to Seekers of Ancient Lore, the rumor is instead that there is a place untouched by the scourge of the Elder Gods, known only as the "Orchard". Nobody truly knows what the "Orchard" is, or if it even exists. Our road ahead is long, fraught with danger, and every step can bring humanity closer to salvation... or damnation. Only one thing is certain: If there's even a possibility the Orchard exists, this is a road worth traveling.

    ^ ^ ^ This is also a very roleplay heavy game, with an emphasis on exploration and discovery, searching for the famed "Orchard". Combat would likely be more present and a looming threat (as is to be expected for a traveling party). ^ ^ ^

  • TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY: Every last cultist shall burn. No more hiding in our holes, deep in our bunkers, or behind our walls. Those who oppose the cultists' and their gods' reign... We aren't alone; we are fractured and scattered, but many, and the cultists shall soon know it. If we are to go down, we will go down fighting, and take down as many with us as we can.

^ ^ ^ This is a combat heavy game, with less roleplaying than the other two. Tactical battles, well executed chases, and bloody combat will be the key elements of this type of campaign, pushing the PCs to the human limit both physically and mentally.

How This Will Be Run:

As you may have guessed from the proposition and the title, this will be a GURPS game, and specifically using the GURPS Lite version of the rules. If you haven't tried GURPS and want a good introduction to it this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to try it out. In conjunction with the basic rules, we will also be using the GURPS Character Sheet (AKA GCS) character creation program for ease of character creation. Both of these are free and will be provided as necessary.

For those of you who are familiar with GURPS, you may be asking about what extra rulesets or sourcebooks we'll be using. For this particular game, I will be splicing in rules from the After the End sourcebooks. While the sourcebooks will not be provided, the rules spliced in will be. Beyond that, I don't plan on incorporating much more in order to keep this ruleset as light as possible for ease of play.

Tactical combat will likely be forsaken in favor of more abstracted combat unless "TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY" is selected as the main campaign style. The general feel of the game will be primarily determined by the players with a default lean of more gritty, less pulpy. The more gritty a game we decide, the less character points you'll have to make your character and vice versa.

Any Questions/Suggestions/Comments?

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Tue 1 May 2018
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[GURPS Lite] Cthulhu End-Times: The Reaping
I'd be interested.  I have not played with any recent versions of GURPS, so the character generation tools would be a help.  My preference in order are:

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Wed 2 May 2018
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[GURPS Lite] Cthulhu End-Times: The Reaping
I would be interested of course. (Made an account for it and all)
As for myself my preferences are in the same order as bzr above.