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Mon 2 Jul 2018
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Thoughts please?
So I recently created this (not Candy Land itself but the horror take) and ran it at my local Con and it was really popular. So, I would like to see what you guys think as well.

With Candy Land being a very magical place, one day a mysterious curse was bestowed upon it. Nobody knows who or why but needless to say, it’s not the same Candy Land you read about or played as a child.

So the question remains, who placed this nasty curse upon the once beautiful Candy Land?

King Kandy: Nothing is known about him. Due to the fact that everyone who has ever met him has never been seen or heard from again, he is a mysterious figure and some even say that he never existed in the first place.

Princess Lolly: Princess Lolly is said to be the sweetest in the land. One day however, she simply disappeared and about that time, the once beautiful Candy Land started to become warped and twisted. Is her disappearance the curse? That’s the question!

Mr. Mint: Mr. Mint is a Lumberjack of the Royal Peppermint Forest. When the curse broke out however, Mr. Mint grew to seven feet tall and began encasing children inside of the trees where they would eventually become the tree. Should anybody enter his Forest, Mr. Mint will immediately go on a bloodthirsty rampage and start chopping down trees. The catch being that whenever a tree is chopped at, you can see the insides of the child as well as hear their screams and cries.

The Greeter: The Greeter sits at the gate of Candy Land and welcomes any new children. Coming across as overly happy, almost too happy, The Greeter has another side the moment you enter Candy Land. With two different bodies stitched together, back to back, The Greeter has one brain that both bodies share and once the children enter into Candy Land, they better escape quickly before the “other” Greeter awakens and decides to take them to Grandma Brittle’s orphanage.

Plumpy: Plumpy is a large, round Troll who resides in the Forgotten Circus. With there being tents, animal cages, and the works — Plumpy has a very foul smell that you want to run from. When looking at him, his extremely round belly has a nasty grayish tinge to it, that and a liquidy look as you can see through it. With his flesh rotting, you can see some of his innards hanging out of his stomach. Should Plumpy find any new children, you can rest assured that they WILL certainly be his next meal.

Grandma Brittle: Grandma Brittle runs the one and only orphanage where she takes in stray children. Upon going to the orphanage, it is extremely old and rundown. Should you go inside however, you can hear children laughing and playing but when you go into any of the rooms — you can see that while they are still decorated, they are now nasty and in each of the beds and cribs? A dead child lies there, all covered up and forever asleep. Should Grandma Brittle catch you in her orphanage, you may as well say goodbye. Grandma Brittle has very brittle bones and every time she takes a step, just one, you can hear her bones cracking, popping and even breaking. Grandma Brittle has very long fingers, walks bow legged and has very little hair as well as teeth. So beware of the popping sound for it could be your last.

Lord Licorice: Lord Licorice is a middle aged man with well, very bad intentions and tendencies. Running his own “candy shop”, if you go inside then you will see that it is really a child slave labor plant where he whips and tortures the children. Should one of the children die or become too ill to work however then well; needless to say that Lord Licorice prepares them for dinner, eating the flesh as an appetizer before enjoying the organs as the main course.

Queen Frostine: Living way up in the mountains, in seclusion, Queen Frostine has her own ice castle. Having never seen her before, that’s because she tends to freeze the children before anyone ever sees her. Upon entering the frozen garden, you will see many different children, frozen in place as if they were playing on a playground. Nobody has ever made it inside the castle however so nothing else is known.

The Molasses Monster: Way out in the swamp, which you must pass through if you want to enter the gates of Candy Land, there’s a large lake of Molasses. With a very sweet smell, should any of the children get close enough then they can see dead bodies floating in it where other children have died. With cries all around, most people, or children rather try their best to avoid the Molasses lake to the best of their ability. Should you get close enough however, a large face will jump out and try to consume the child. Should he succeed then the child will be dragged into the Molasses where they will discover that it’s boiling hot and ready to melt off and eat your flesh.
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Mon 2 Jul 2018
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Thoughts please?
Looks like an interesting setting and plot for a one shot convention game, but it does not indicate what system mechanic framework is used to actually run the game.
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Mon 2 Jul 2018
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Thoughts please?
In reply to Hendell (msg # 2):

At the Con, I used a homebrew system but for the most part, I left it system less on purpose in case I or anyone else wanted to try it with a different, generic system. Thank you for the response.