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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I am looking for interest in a Xianxia style game using the Pathfinder rule-set. For those not familiar with Xianxia, think wuxia with high-magic fantasy elements, where the characters are cultivators of various sorts attempting to walk the path towards immortality. Comics and light novels that serve as examples include Spirit Blade Mountain, Tales of Demons and Gods, Martial God Space, God of Martial Arts, Volcanic Age, Red Spirit and many more.

I'm considering using Pathfinder for the base rules, and then using Gestalt (at least for PC's and select NPC's) as well as the Mythic, Spheres of Power/Might and Paths of War rulesets to further flesh out the abilities of people trying to ascend to immortality. There will be a big emphasis on ki, and while there will still be a distinction between arcane and divine magic it will be considered 'arcane ki' and 'divine ki' rather than through concepts similar to western magic. The same will apply to other supernatural or psionic (if somebody wants to go that route) abilities, as everything is interpreted as a form of ki. Everything comes back to ki in some way, as it is how you advance your cultivation. Ki feats will also exist to permit non-ki using classes access without needing to dilute class levels.

Cultivation realms (levels) will be acquired as level increases (about 1-3/1-4 levels being in a single 'realm'), with each realm of cultivation granting additional specific bonuses. Penalties will also accrue when attacking someone of a higher realm, while they gain bonuses to attack you, underscoring the fundamental difference between cultivators in different realms. This may include penalties to saving throws, and higher realm cultivators having damage reduction and spell resistance boosts vs lower realms.

The game would be fairly growth driven moderately paced game, with a 60-65% combat, 25-30% roleplaying and 10% puzzles split approach to the game-play. Time-skips may occur between some levels, particularly when ascending to a higher realm.

I will include some elements of western fantasy, but this will still primarily be eastern focused to the best of my ability. Some exceptions may include some of the western fantasy races included (elves and dwarves, still undecided on halflings/gnomes), even though humans will still dominate. I may reject concepts if I feel they lack the flavor I am looking for in the game. I am not looking for people poised to take advantage of all the rule-sets I'll be permitting, I'm looking for people with a genuine interest in playing the setting and developing character. I know the genre itself can be a bit one-dimensional in this aspect, so I consider it a challenge that we need to hurdle to make a fun game.

Players would all be a bit unique, as I would utilize another common trope of the genre, reincarnation/memories of different era. Everyone would be a reincarnated soul from the our own time and place, either born with their complete memories of the 21st century, or suddenly jammed into an older body (no more than 5-15 years of age at this point) that has undergone trauma and had the reincarnated mind take over, with access to the memories of the old self. The PC's would have had some a fair time to adapt to their current situation in the latter case, and PC's would either know of each other prior to beginning to game, or realize this fact about one another relatively quickly. It appears to be a very uncommon but not entirely unheard of phenomena. However each such case in history was previously an isolated one, nobody has ever heard of a group of souls reincarnating in the same time and place. We can even discuss everyone reincarnating after dying together in the same event, so people might even have known each other prior to reincarnation.

The world itself would be similar to many of the comics, with martial sects occupying positions of power both political and military in and amidst the existing kingdoms, while the wilds and sub-dimensions and alternate dimensions teem with monsters and cultivators of sources initially unknown to you. All the PC's would belong to the same sect, and would presumably have just been elevated to a division of their sect together, and be placed under a master. From there, it will be a struggle to advance yourselves as you make relationships with people around you who could just as easily seek to either bully you or outright kill you for their own advancement or purposes as help you. While societal rules exist, the one rule in this word of martial arts is that strength is the underpinning of everything, the one who has strength can make the law. People will often turn a blind eye to the actions of those stronger than themselves, for fear of retaliation.

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Sat 7 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Sounds interesting
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Sat 7 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I'm always interested in Xia-style stories, but does Pathfinder mechanically support the kind of combat you want to portray in 60% of your game?
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Legends of the Wulin does, at roughly Pathfinder's crunch level.  LotW is honestly designed for this kind of play, at a lower starting level, and you could scale it up pretty readily.  Exalted pretends to but never really delivers on that.  Godbound is the current quick-play darling for these kinds of hijinks, and probably the best choice with care taken about the Words.  But Pathfinder sounds like it would be a hard modification.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I have experience with Exalted, it doesn't fit with what I am going for, but I am not familiar with Godbound or Legends of Wulin, and don't have the book materials. I'd definitely take a look if I had access to it.

Pathfinder as is is not necessarily the most optimized system for it, but I am very familiar with it and am confident I can tweak it sufficiently that I'll be satisfied. It doesn't have to be perfect, just... close enough. The tweaks will involve powerups and realm bonuses, as well as in-game opportunities to expand your foundational training (training will grants feats, spell-like abilities, and more).
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
It's the precursor to Legends of the Wulin, but Weapons of the Gods has a highly entertaining introductory scenario which is free on DriveThruRPG. A way to get to know the system (or an early version thereof) and see if it appeals. You can find it at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/pr...uspicious-Beginnings

There are multiple schools of martial arts, which teach their own techniques - you can (and to some extent must) mix them to get your own style. More advanced martial arts schools give you access to better techniques, though the basic ones are never useless. Characters all start with the ability to run on walls, water, and so on because they are heroes (and can get better at it).

There are tiers of ability with one's chi which reflect power to a fair extent - you can beat someone with  higher tier, but they have a lot of passive bonuses as well as (typically) access to better techniques.

There is mechanical incentive to mix up your techniques a bit rather than always use the same attack combo - and a way to build up to an overwhelming attack after having spent some time in combat.

On the minus side, it's very easy to develop characters with wildly different combat skills (primarily by investing in skills and contacts versus investing in martial arts and Weapons of the Gods). The ability to build up more powerful attacks does not reset between fights, so you may want to go out of your way to beat up minions in order to have an alpha strike available when meeting the big boss (there are limits, though). And the non combat system exists but is rather open to interpretation.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I took a look and its definitely the flavor I am going for, for certain, but I can't glean enough of the mechanics from it to decide whether its something I'm willing to work with.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Godbound has basic rules available free on DriveThruRPG.  Every roll in that system is 1d20, and characters are assumed to have quite broad areas of mastery where there's no need to roll at all.  They are gods reborn, afterall.  Character advancement is more in the vein of how long you can keep up the miracles, not how big they can be.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
The Spheres of Power/Might rules-set has a lot of stuff to support the flavor I am going for as well, and the Ki feats from Heroes of the Jade Oath offer a lot of stuff as well, some of them will be incorporated into the realms to represent the basic xianxia abilities, like the wall-walking/water-walking, getting permanently ki-infused organs at higher realms etc etc, whereas most of the other ki feats would be available through leveling up/training/cultivating.


Check the Sage class from Spheres of Power/Might, it fits really well, whereas the Spheres of Power correspond to 'natural laws' or 'worldly principles' for the most part with little adjustment necessary. On the side-bar you'll also find the Heroes of the Jade Oath ruleset, but I am only really interested in the ki/chakra ruleset from it.

Something I'm also considering is the inclusion of gunpowder technology as well, with little emphasis on its technological development, so basic firearms being available (and gunslinger classes as well), with perhaps the most advanced pistol being a 3-shot cylinder revolver. It would be typically seen as a lesser weapon for a cultivator, but atypical examples have existed, and a few rare techniques of melding ki and fire-arms would exist.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
The introductory scenario has sections showing how the mechanics work, albeit a bit at a time.

Basic mechanics are simple:

1) roll Xd10, where X is your skill (almost - you get a bonus if you have a high attribute or an applicable specialty), where skills go up to 5 dice maximum (so you can have at most 7 dice, from skill 5, a specialty, and a superhuman attribute).

2) Look for rolls with the same number. For instance, if you roll 4 dice and get 2, 5, 6, 5 there is one pair (the two 5s).

3) Pick one of the numbers you rolled - you usually want the number that you rolled most often, and the highest one in case of ties.

4) Get a two digit total where the tens digit is the number of times your number is represented and the units is the number you rolled (10s count as 0).

So if you picked the 2, you'd have a total of 12 (one die rolled 2, so 10 to start with, and 2 for the die value)
If you picked the 5, you'd have a total of 25 (two dice rolled 5, so 20 to start with, and 5 for the die value)
If you picked the 6, you'd have a total of 16 (one die rolled 6, so 10 to start with, and 6 for the die value)

     2.1) If you pick a value you only rolled one, you get 10 + the die value
     2.2) If you pick a value you rolled twice, you get 20 + the die value
     2.3) If you pick a value you rolled three times, you get 30 + the die value
     2.4) If you pick a value you rolled four times, you get 40 + the die value

5) If your total is more than a threshold (or beats an opponent's roll in opposed tasks), you succeed.

6) If you're just rolling to see how well you did, it's a "Style" roll, which lets you look awesome or not but cannot be farmed for bonuses. If it doesn't matter to the overall plot whether the townsfolk think you're a master martial artist or a clumsy fool, a style roll can be used to show off. If it does matter, you may come to regret revealing your secret techniques or failing to get the support of the common folk.

If tasks are challenging or easy, they can get bonuses or penalties: +/- 5 for easy things, +/- 10 for notable ones, and +/- 15 or +/- 20 for extreme factors. The nice thing is that only the largest bonus and penalty count. If you're trying to perform archery blindfolded (-10), it doesn't matter that you're on unstable ground (-5) or not.

Players get to mess with things a bit more via the River: when you roll a double or more, you can store some of the dice you rolled in your River, and use them later.

So you could put both 5s in your River, and keep the 6 instead - rolling 16 rather than 25, but the next time you roll even a single 5 (or none!) you can use the dice you have stored to get a really high roll. With just a single 5 rolled, you could use both dice from the River to get a 35 instead...

As your Chi develops, the number of dice you can put in your River increases. You cannot use stye rolls to fill your River, though you can spend your River on boosting a style roll.

Players can also benefit from joss: if the die roll you picked uses 10s, you get some good or bad luck to use later. If the task succeeded, you get good joss, which you can spend to roll an extra die later on. If it failed, you get bad joss, which you can spend to remove one die from the pool of someone opposing you. You cannot get joss from a style roll, though you can spend good joss to boost one.

It's also possible to create chi conditions, beneficial or otherwise, which unbalance your chi flow but can give nice benefits (improved attributes, faster chi recovery, bonuses to specific tasks) or penalties. Scholars can curse their foes or bless their allies and courtiers can inspire and demoralize people. Warriors 'just' use awesome martial arts.

Combat gets a bit more complicated, but it's basically opposed attack / defense rolls, with your chi mastery granting some damage soaking if you get hit. Techniques give you bonuses to this by spending chi - you have five colors of chi, and your pool in each color is equal to your attribute. You only regenerate chi of the colors you don't use on a given round, so having techniques that use different colors is important!

The characters provided in the introductory scenario should give you an idea of what different techniques allow. Note that having a weapon is usually worthwhile, barring extreme martial arts.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Spheres isn't a bad adaptation, true.
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Legends of the Wulin is a strict upgrade from Weapons of the Gods, having played both.
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
very interested.

finding a system for this flavor is difficult, tho. I'd suggest also looking outside the common ones (and the suggested Weapons of the Gods, Qin, Wu Xing, Legends of the Wulin...), or using a much simpler system (like TWERPS, Microlite20, or Searchers of the Unknown) and adding specific rules as the need arises (so the Supreme Yin Palm can reroll when opposing the Verdant Art of Bountiful Forest and so on).
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Very interested as I devour this theme like some sort of ancient Eldritch Horror!

I've played through a short campaign of Legends of Wulin and think that it does the best for the flavor with minimal work since this is the kind of theme it was designed for, but I don't mind doing whatever the GM wishes to do for the scenario.  The caveat I have is: as long as it works for the scenario.  I'm more into the RP than the crunch, so my only request is that the mechanics aren't so convoluted because they were bent over backwards trying to shoehorn them into the system.  When that happens it tends to interrupt the immersion and RP, which I really don't like.  That would probably ruin it for me.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I'm definitely interested as well. I would be fine with Wulin/Weapons of the Gods, Pathfinder, or any other flexible system. In most situations, I would question Pathfinder's viability for such a setting, but it should be perfectly doable with PoW + Spheres.

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Fri 13 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Sounds fun! I would be interested in this using Pathfinder w/changes. I don't have the bandwidth to learn a new game system right now.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 18:41
Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I'm very interested in Wuxia games.

I'm running a RPOL game at the moment using 'weapons of the gods'. It is working OK on RPOL, but the die system is too complex in my opinion. I am using a slightly simplified version and even that's too much much. The rules are perfect though

I don't think pathfinder does wuxia at all well (or I'd be using it). I agree with the comment about 'shoehorning': it really isn't great for this. I think you will struggle getting the feel right

Another really good option is Feng Shui. This takes about a couple of hours to learn (it's really simple), and is seriously fun to play.
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Well, I've had a bunch of you recommend different systems, none of which I have access to. I get that Pathfinder might not work for everybody, but given that I actually have access to it and an understanding of it, I think I can make it work if people are willing to work with me.


Here's a work-in-progress model of how I am going to treat cultivation levels in terms of levels in pathfinder. Each realm encompasses 4 character levels with a total of 7 realms, progressing into epic levels and finally reaching Immortal Ancestor Realm at level 25.

I figure starting a game at either level 4 or level 7, for people to have an idea, so either at peak Houtian realm or at Late-stage Xiantian.

It may also help to think of non-cultivators as not even worthy of possessing class levels. Anybody who does is a cultivator. Even NPC classes are cultivators, as there are many many paths to immortality. Regular folk (non-cultivators) are like cannon fodder before cultivators, and can only hurt them utilizing advanced tech (firearms) or battle formations designed by cultivators/strategists to permit trained military units to engage cultivators. Even then, the loss of life is typically high, as these battle formations are treated more like monster swarms with a massive area than they are groups of individuals, and a simple attack on a formation will kill many at once.

Cultivation levels and Benefits

- Early-stage Houtian / Body-Tempering Realm

Awakening the body's meridians and aligning one's Essence, Qi and Spirit, tempering the body in preparation for further cultivation.

Character Levels 1-4

Immediate Realm benefits:

 - +2 realm bonus to Constitution and +1 to any physical attribute.

Bonus Ki Feats:
 - Ki Awakened - gain 2 Ki points - If a character gains a ki pool from a character class whether at character creation or later, this feat transforms into the Extra Ki feat.
 - Speed of the Wind - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested.
 - Footsteps of the Dragon - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested.
 - Leopard Jump - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested.
 - Vertical Prana - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested.

Ascending Realm benefits:

Level 2 - Mid-stage layer Houtian - +1 to any physical attribute
Level 3 - Late-stage layer Houtian - +1 to any physical attribute
Level 4 - Peak layer Houtian - +1 to any physical attribute

Early-Stage Xiantian / Heaven & Earth Realm
Character Levels 5-8

Involves establishing bridge to connect body with the 'Heaven and Earth'

Immediate Realm benefits:

 - 1st mythic tier
 - Gain access to Joss (IE: Action/Hero point system)
 - +2 realm bonus to both one physical and one mental attribute
 - Either +1 Strength Rank OR +1 Speed rank

Bonus ki feats:
 - Sense Ki (from secondary ki feat list) - This feat is adjusted as following: The range for blindsense (including bonus range gained with ki expenditure) is doubled, and at every realm increase gained thereafter, the previous sense ki range is doubled again. A successful perception check is still required to locate people. Example: A Peak Layer Sage Realm cultivator (CL 16), would have a base sense ki blindsense range of 80ft, and can increase it by 80ft per additional ki spent. Upon reaching Great Sage realm, this would double again to 160ft base range as well as per ki point spent.
 - Ki-infused organs - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested.
 - Heart of the Dragon
 - Flight of the Dragon - at Xiantian realm and each realm after, this ki feat gains a permanent bonus ki feat permanently invested in it that cannot be expended, and does not count towards maximum ki invested. Special: Once in Qi Condensation/Truth Realm, another tier of flight ability occurs when 6 ki are invested in this feat, permitting the cultivator to fly indefinitely as long as he retains ki focus.

Ascending Realm benefits:

6 - Mid-Stage layer Xiantian - +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool
7 - Late-Stage layer Xiantian - +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool
8 - Peak layer Xiantian - +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool

Qi Condensation Realm/Truth Realm

Cultivation which involves absorbing Qi from the natural world and refining it inside the body.

Character Levels 9-12

Immediate Realm benefits:

 - 2nd mythic tier

 - Ascetic Control (as Enhancement Advanced Talent from Spheres of Power: by spending a ki point during 10m of meditation the cultivator can suppress his bodily functions of bleeding, eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping for the span of a month)
 - +4 to one physical attribute, +2 to a different physical attribute.
 - +4 to one mental attribute, +2 to a different mental attribute.
 - +1 Speed Rank
 - +1 Strength Rank

Ki Feats:
- Spiritual Pressure
- Body Control (from secondary ki feat list)

Ascending Realm benefits:

10 - Mid-Stage layer Truth realm - Extra Ki feat, +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool
11 - Late-Stage layer Truth realm - Extra Ki feat, +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool
12 - Peak layer Truth realm - Extra Ki feat, +1 to mythic power/zhenqi pool, 3rd mythic tier

- I am working on the remaining realms (Foundation Establishment/Sage Realm, Core Formation/Great Sage realm, Nascent Soul realm and finally Immortal Ancestor realm) to make it looks coherent as well, with the hope of getting a game to the point where it reaches these stages, but given the place I'd like to start, this is probably enough of an example of what my thought process has gone into.

Being attacked by someone/something with a lower cultivation realm grants the following bonuses:
+3 realm bonus to AC per realm difference.
+2 realm bonus to all saving throws per realm difference.
5/- damage reduction per realm difference which stacks with other damage reduction
+2 per realm difference bonus to any spell resistance innately possessed. Alternately, if no spell resistance is possessed, the cultivator gains spell resistance equal to 10 + character level versus all spell/spell-like abilities/ki attacks of his lower realm attacker.

Mythic power pool would be understood and referred to as Zhen-qi, purer than regular ki and required to utilize some mythic path and feat abilities. I am considering a higher realm ability or feat that would permit transferring zhen-qi to ki and vice versa, probably on a 1/2 or 1/3 exchange ratio.

The ki feats that people might recognize (or not) are mostly from here:
Note that I am only using the Chakra/ki feats listed from this link

Here are the rules supporting these ki feats that I plan on also using. The ability to meditate and recover your ki should be noted in addition to using ki focus to utilize your chakra feats. The Ki Meditation feat from the above jade feat lists allows to to acquire ki focus as a move action instead of a full-round action, and I am considering a further homebrew feat that might permit it as a swift action. Might even just build the feats into the realm layers.

Speed and Strength ranks are shamelessly lifted from the Naruto d20 system, which I played ages ago, and is the only thing I plan on lifting from said system, the rest of it being hugely complicated relative to the rest of the d20 systems. Essentially you get speed and strength related bonuses when you are not suppressing these ranks, but it uses up your ki (chakra in the Nd20 system) at a specific rate dependent on rank. I'm not going to post the list of benefits here, but it would obviously be posted for the game.

More supplementary ki feats from the following link will be considered for PC's to take as well. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats...dary-games/ki-feats/
 - This is where you will find the Sense Ki and Body Control feats from above.

A complete list of martial art style feats available, which can be used along-side Path of War stances (Path of War includes a feat enabling you to enter one of each simultaneously)

If someone wants a specific kind of bloodline, a variety of templates can be used, but would of course require approval.

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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Something else I am strongly considering is adjusting the perception of the core races as not actually being separate races, but instead human variations, most just extreme expressions of specific bloodline traits.

Gnomes/Halflings might originate from same ancestors but have split into two different  noble families, each with branch families below then with same racial traits.

Elves and Dwarves would each come from their own set of noble and branch families as well...

And then lastly I decided Half-Orcs would be anomalous and rare, renamed to Titan-blooded, individuals actually born regular human (would be rare in the gnome/halfling/dwarf/elf families) but are inheritors of a rare bloodline transformation that turns them into a titan-blooded at the ages of 5-7. Instead of reviled, these individuals are honored as being blessed, believed to have distant ancestors of great power, easy to believe as every single titan-blood grasps the essentials to cultivation upon completing their transformation, possessing the talent to walk the path to immortality.
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
More and more loving this concept. The stuff lifted from Naruto would take me a minute to understand exactly what you're talking about, but this looks great!
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 of awesome.
Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
While I myself would make mortals a threat at the Houtian realm and make the power curve between realms less steep (for example, the bridge between 4 and 5 suddenly makes the latter nigh-impossible for the former to beat), this is sounding like an interesting system and development of the D&D "level" system. Will be watching.
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
I would be very interested in this.
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Fri 3 Aug 2018
at 08:45
Interest Check - Xianxia-style game - Pathfinder w/changes
Ok, so while I am not yet ready start the game, I am still working on this. I've done some work on the setting, and am still finetuning the ruleset.

People who are interested in still following this, and would like to discuss setting and characters with me and others can head over to the game I have created and ask to join. I have included basic RTJ info for the access request, but if you let me know you were following this from here, you do not need a fully fleshed out character yet at this point, since I am not officially putting out a call for RTJ quite yet.

link to another game