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Mon 9 Jul 2018
at 17:53
We're All Going To Die! (RPG System Questions)
So, I stumbled upon this RPG system earlier and I'm already in love with it!

It's an extremely simple system where there is only one player who will survive the game, designated "The Survivor" and is chosen at random by the GM. No one knows who the survivor is or will be.

Now, this doesn't mean everyone else is doomed short term, it just means your character very well could be killed at any minute, or they might survive!

Now, for those who decide to tempt fate and attempt suicide to see if they're the survivor,the GM can decide to kill you for testing fate(even if you are the survivor!), in which case then everyone dies.

So it creates this tense mood because you know beyond a doubt you will die, unless you are the survivor. Now, there is another cool feature...if the survivor sacrifices themself to save someone or the others then the GM can rule those people survive the story. But, you still don't know if you are the survivor so you could sacrifice yourself for nothing in the long term. The GM can also mess with the players by allowing their characters to survive deadly scenarios, causing them to wonder if they are the survivor or were merely lucky?

The game is otherwise pretty freeform, players all choose threee things they are good at and two things they are bad at, which help the GM determine the results, or he could set up a simple dice system(maybe like the 5e advantage and disadvantage rolls system).

So, the question is does the system interest anyone? Anyone have an experience with it?

I have been looking for a good system for a game where the PCs are lowly individuals who hope to survive or somehow accomplish a mission despite overwhelming odds. Which also allows for easy character creation since the players will die often.

Think like Halo Marines(Or even Spartans on Reach), Imperial Guard, or Starship Troopers.

Thanks for reading!
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Sat 14 Jul 2018
at 19:08
We're All Going To Die! (RPG System Questions)
I have seen more complicated versions of the general "survival is unlikely" concept, but the complexity was a bit of a turn-off.  The simplicity of this intrigues me, particularly because I have this bad habit of becoming overly-cautious.   I am interested to see how I would play if freed of the notion that my survival is up to me.
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Wed 18 Jul 2018
at 06:57
We're All Going To Die! (RPG System Questions)
How interesting. I've seen something similar before and I love the freeform nature of it. Love the idea of a GM screwing with my head too.