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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 10:53
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
I am thinking about starting a Traveller based adult themed game. I have a couple ideas I would like to submit to see if there is interest.

1. Omega Team - Sometimes there are missions that the Imperial military isn't suited to handle. Sometimes a team is needed to work outside the framework. Join a team of diverse specialists who are sent on high risk missions that are off the official record.

2. Smuggler's Blues - The crew are members of a small cargo ship trying to make ends meet on the edge of the Spinward Marches. In addition to cargo hauling, they have to deal with pirates, running contraband, and the occasional side mission.

3. Pirates in Space - Seeking a life of Fortune and adventure? Take wahat you want and defy the Imperial Navy. You and your hearty crew are pirates destined to become famed throughout the Space Lanes.

Would any of these appeal to anyone? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 14:08
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
In reply to Gamergirl (msg # 1):

I'm interested in Mongoose Traveller and any of those scenarios. What about them would be "adult"?

Something I always wonder about Traveller, since it's supposed to be dangerous, particularly when weapons come out: how would character replacement be handled?
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Thu 6 Sep 2018
at 03:14
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
  #1 and #2 are probably easier to handle from the standpoint of allowing more diverse jobs. In the case of #1 this comes from the fact that if they're going to be deniable then they'll have to be given plenty of free time to run a more typical operation as a cover, and #2 has this baked in. #3 is liable to be more limiting in that regard since they can't very well visit most places... *unless* that's actually their cover for #1.
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Thu 6 Sep 2018
at 05:43
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
I'd be interested in any of those options, especially #2
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Sat 8 Sep 2018
at 20:56
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
I'd be interested in #2, but I could see myself playing #1.
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Sat 8 Sep 2018
at 20:57
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
i love those ideas
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Wed 12 Sep 2018
at 08:03
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
All of those scenarios sound interesting.  I haven't played Traveller before, but I have a copy of the core book.

Also curious to know what the adult nature of the game would be.  ERP isn't my thing.
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Sun 16 Sep 2018
at 14:18
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
In reply to Gamergirl (msg # 1):

Sounds like a romp in the Trojan Reaches! :)
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Tue 18 Sep 2018
at 06:59
Mongoose Traveller Interest Check
I would be interested, too.  Regrettably, my time is not my own these days.  Here's wishing you every success.  If I can be of assistance in terms of resources, etc., please rMail me.