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Sat 6 Oct 2018
at 21:00
IC my Criminal Sandbox game in Saints Row 4 v. 2
So I've got an RPG I've been wanting to test for a while for running criminal sandboxes, but I was drained of ideas and rpol specific motivation for a while. I've been thinking...

It occured to me that part of the reason I wrote the game the way I did was because of unhappiness with Saints Row 4. I get why they went that route, and even why Agents of Mayhem came about. I don't have objections to either of them as games, but they feel much less "Criminal Sandbox", and more specifically, much less "Saints Row". As a result, I want to set up a game with certain design intent:

  • Saints Row 3 happened.
  • Saints Row 4 was a TV show, and Gat out of Hell was a halloween special mini-series.
  • Agents of Mayhem is a spin-off TV series from the combined conclusions of both.
  • The real "Playa", and his closest lieutenants come up missing.
  • The characters in this game go to an alliterative city... tentatively called San Angelos. I dunno, something with an S in it.

Intended rating is ADULT because I hate censorship, although if you're worried about sexuality you should be aware you clicked on an interest check about the tabletop version of a video game featuring a weapon sized sex toy.
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Tue 9 Oct 2018
at 15:46
IC my Criminal Sandbox game in Saints Row 4 v. 2
I'd be interested in this!
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Wed 10 Oct 2018
at 05:18
IC my Criminal Sandbox game in Saints Row 4 v. 2
Awesome! I will take anywhere from 4-6 players, because I feel like there's always gonna be people who don't follow through, and I would prefer at least 3 PCs so I don't have to make a GMPC.

I wrote it with the intention that if GMs get bored, they can actually write up a character that will be something akin to Kenzie from SR3+ or Lester from GTA V and not interfere with the characters in any way. So even if I did use the name Kenzie Kensington (because she's the only one probably crafty enough to not get lost amongst the ones our group would be looking for) It'd be just as likely as the name I'd assign the GM role as an actual character.