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Wed 17 Oct 2018
at 19:57
Interest check: Trapped in Another World
Hi everyone,

I was thinking on how much I would like to GM a Trapped in Another World type scenario, using a light set of rules.
I was thinking that a solo game would be ideal for this, though I am willing to make it two or three players as well, but not more.
I would be posting on Wednesdays and in the weekends to advance the story, and maybe small posts in between to clear things up where needed, but no promises on that.
I notice and acknowledge that I just started every scentence with I, and that is shoddy writing, but its almost bedtime and this is not the ingame story, so Im sorry, but Im not re-writing it.

Would anybody like to be an Alice in Wonderland, a Chichiro from Spirited Away, or any of those types of characters? And would you be willing to suffer through my slow posting to get there? Leave me a note here or give me an rMail and well see from there, ok? Sweet. :)
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Fri 19 Oct 2018
at 03:50
Interest check: Trapped in Another World
There has been enough interest in this for me. Any more askers will sadly have to be declined.