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Tue 13 Nov 2018
at 05:50
Universalis system
I have had the Universalis system for awhile, it is honestly a little bit out there and experimental.  However, I just picked it up and looked it up again and it got me interested.  Has anyone ever tried using it on RPOL?  I feel like it would either be brilliant (a single player able to narrate a good chunk of a scene in one post), or would be impossible (since player interruption would be difficult given the asynchronous nature of posting here).  Or would it essentially be a free-form RP with an unnecessary set of rules?

For reference, I was considering a Greek Mythic Heroes game, along the lines of The Illiad, the Odyssey, or the Aenead.
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Wed 14 Nov 2018
at 06:55
Universalis system
Player attrition was worse than usual, as people would drop out when the game took a direction that didn't interest them, and if one person is dictating the premise and setting in advance it truthfully ceases to be Universalis.