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Sun 2 Dec 2018
at 14:32
The Last Kitsune (Tiny d6 / Anime / IC)
Years ago, using M&M (1st edition) I tried to create a game about teenagers fighting for survival - oh and they were kitsune's lost children.  It never got started due to a number of reasons but the idea was a fairly good one.

A couple days ago I picked up Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition and - I have to say this - fell in love with the mechanics.  I hate in PbP games where the mechanics of the games slow play to a grinding halt. I've tried a couple of fast-paced systems but this has a 'feel' about it that makes it play like a serious RPG, unlike Risus, for instance (good system though).

As we all do when excited about a project, I had to poke at it and see what came out.  And what came out was the idea for a kitsune game with a smattering of setting material, a map, a pintrest board, and a google doc.

I'm appending the google doc to this post for people who are interested in taking a peek - its not anything dodgy.

Basically, I'm wondering if people would be interested this game...
Never trust a Kitsune, the saying goes, for they will devour your chickens. Then they will drink your milk. Then they will raid your kitchen. And then they will devour you. Nobody trusts the kitsune, the fox-spirit people who used to inhabit the islands of Agasha. Thanks to the efforts of Emperor Wu, though, they have been hunted to near extinction. Everyone knows they can take human form, but there are means by which their true nature can be revealed. Under Wus direct supervision, his personal Night Samurai have tortured thousands of people and discovered dozens of kitsune. And when they are found, they are never seen again.

The Goddess of the Moon, Inari, was devastated by the sight of this treatment of her children. She charged one of her monks, Tsunkage, to find and protect all the kitsune children he could before Wus Night Samurai destroyed them. Tsunkage took each child from their home in the middle of the night, explained their fox-spirit nature and awoke them to their true identity (for Fox Spirits rarely raise their own children). And now they live in a remove temple, high in the remote mountains in the middle of Agasha.

Everything went wrong when a band of samurai on ponies troted up the long, winding track towards the temple, carrying flags with the Mon of Wu the Wolf Emperor proudly and openly.

For those who want to know more, the setting is a little more defined here: https://docs.google.com/docume...XNWMO2GGyKrkuQ/edit#
Map: https://drive.google.com/file/...ge_QRtifMZsPOzR/view

Please let me know any thoughts or general interest.
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Mon 3 Dec 2018
at 22:31
The Last Kitsune (Tiny d6 / Anime / IC)
Reading through your doc it seems like you've put a fair amount of effort into it, and the setting is very evocative. I could easily see the setting and the kinds of characters that would populate it in my minds eye and there's clearly plenty of scope for both action and drama in it. I'd be pretty interested in giving it a crack if you got it up and running.
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
at 05:51
The Last Kitsune (Tiny d6 / Anime / IC)
This seems like it could be lots of fun, if we could get it moving at a fast pace.
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
at 21:55
The Last Kitsune (Tiny d6 / Anime / IC)
Since not everyone hates it, I popped open a General Rated game: link to another game.  Feel free to RTJ with any concepts you have guys.  Thanks for the interest.