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Sun 11 Dec 2016
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Mutants and Masterminds 2nd ed IC (Freedom City)
I've had a request for a game in the style of:

Fantastic Four
Doom Patrol

Now obviously this requires a little cooperation to the theme from the potential players, and really that first one is a pretty open theme (Fraction and Netflix have almost diametrically opposed concepts on the Defenders, but strangely complementary)

So to save myself some hiccups on my first return to game running in a while, I'm running a Freedom City game set in the far off distant world of . . . 2017! Time marches on, the setting stays much the same but previously canon characters all get aged 12 years with all that entails. A lot can happen in 12 years (especially if like me you're ignoring the Worlds of Freedom timeline (overly dark and cynical) and doing your own thing) and your characters could literally be anyone or anything!

The team will take something of a street and weirdness approach to the game, leaving the big world spanning traditional superheroics to the Freedom League and possibly the Atom Family (and whatever Claremont's current crop is) and instead dive head-first into a combination of . . . I'm not sure at the moment.

So firstly I'm checking, are people more wanting some strangeness, fights with cosmic foes, and reality warping enemies, or do they want to do a game that deals with street level foes (not necessarily weak though), challenging crime, picking at the darkness and fighting the threats before the Freedom League becomes aware of them (and before it's too late)?

Looking forward to hearing about interest!

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Sun 11 Dec 2016
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Re: Mutants and Masterminds 2nd ed IC (Freedom City)
A good street-level game would be fun.  Iron Age-y (tone wise) is fine, or not.

What I'd actually like to see is a game set in the FCU where both the players and the GM are all-in on it.  IOW, the GM doesn't let in non-FCU concepts (that have nothing to do with the setting, and aren't tied in somehow) AND the GM actually uses the setting as written.

Too many times it starts out advertised as FCU and it's not delivered on.  Players will say they don't know the setting (and yet still want to play, often running roughshod all over it by introducing their own background interests), or the GM does the same.

What makes the FCU fun to play in is the shared experience.  You've read about SHADOW and now you get to fight SHADOW, etc.  We have a fight in actual FC locations, etc.  It makes the campaign feel so much more alive when everyone's on the same [map] page.