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Sun 18 Dec 2016
at 11:34
Interest Check: Mutant Chronicles 3E by Modiphius
I recently took the time pick up some Mutant Chronicles books and start looking through them, and have to say that the game appeals to me on a lot of levels (Shadowrun meets Warhammer 40K by way of 2000AD? Yes please.) and would be interested in running a game despite my inexperience with the setting, having never played any of the previous editions or the various spinoff products. I've heard mixed opinions on the 2d20 system used in the game but as a cursory overview it doesn't seem particularly clunky and there are definitely some neat bits to it.

So my questions are: Are there any players interested in a Mutant Chronicles 3E game? Is there a preferred era of play between Dark Symmetry (Dark Legion's first emergence, no real Brotherhood, Whitestar, or Cybernetic faction presence) and Dark Legion (Tail end of the 2nd Corp Wars and the start of the Dark Legion's resurgence)? Is there a strong leaning towards either a Freelancer, Luna PD, Corp vs. Corp, or Corp vs. Dark Legion focus?
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Mon 19 Dec 2016
at 13:30
Interest Check: Mutant Chronicles 3E by Modiphius
I recently came across the first two Editions and, like yourself, found the D20 Mechanic to be to my liking; not clunky, and fairly well done for a D20-ish game.  I do not have the 3rd Edition, nor have I read all of the material at the start of the book (which is a lot of information to take in), but, I am interested in this if it gets off the ground.  In basic premise, it reminds me of a game called Obsidian.
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Fri 23 Dec 2016
at 20:13
Interest Check: Mutant Chronicles 3E by Modiphius
I'd be interested! Played the 1st and 2nd editions a bit back in the day. Not a whole lot though and I've always wanted to explore the game more.

I'd really be up for anything in the setting but brotherhood vs. dark legion would be fun I think.

I have the core book, players guide & brotherhood source books.
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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 03:31
Interest Check: Mutant Chronicles 3E by Modiphius
I would be tentatively interested in this, depending on the details. I have the 3E book, and the sourcebooks for the Brotherhood and each of the Megas (Capitol, Bauhaus, Cybertronic, Mishima, Imperial).

I'm pretty familiar with the source material, I've followed the game since 1st edition, although I've had precious few chances to actually play it in any edition.