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Mon 26 Dec 2016
at 09:01
Italian Mafia/ Organized Crime Game
 So, I'm interested in running a mafia game, and I have two concepts that I'd be okay with.

1. (And this is my preference)
 This would involve a large number of players vying for position among the criminal hierarchy. There would be a limited pool of resources, which you would fight, scheme, and betray for. Player deaths can and will happen, but the ultimate goal is to achieve the position of boss, and head your own family.

Alternatively, I'd be willing to run a story oriented campaign centered around two or three main characters trying to survive in the underworld, or achieve... well, whatever you please. Again, player deaths will happen, so be wary.

Would anyone be interested in playing, and are there any systems that would be ideal? I'm not opposed to free-form either.
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Tue 27 Dec 2016
at 10:54
Italian Mafia/ Organized Crime Game
What years would you set it in?  What type of mafia are you interested in?  If you were going to use a system, which do you prefer for it?
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Mon 16 Jan 2017
at 09:43
Italian Mafia/ Organized Crime Game
I imagine Prohibition-era, or even earlier. I'm open to systems; however I do enjoy the storytelling aspect of free-form. Is there a particular system you feel would either of these scenarios?
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Wed 8 Feb 2017
at 16:53
Italian Mafia/ Organized Crime Game
I tried a prohibition-era game with FATE before. I thought it would be good, because working to uncover your rivals' Aspects would make a good mechanic. Didn't really get off the ground, so I can't say one way or the other.

Depends if we're looking for a high-action pulp-style adventure, or a more thoughtful, character-driven narrative.
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Wed 8 Feb 2017
at 17:08
Italian Mafia/ Organized Crime Game
Fate would save us from the risk of godmoding, which is a good thing. That would give it an interesting twist, since you could never be entirely certain, you will succeed with the task you are attempting, which would provide some interesting narrative.