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Fri 30 Dec 2016
at 05:52
IC: The Mutant Epoch
Alas, while I would love to play in a TME game, it appears that there is minimal interest by folks in running such a game. Therefore, I will throw my hat in to GM a game of TME! Ive been fleshing out an over-arching plotline that can be set aside or taken up as desired.


Gamma World has nothing on the Mutant Epoch! Well take your Badders and raise you Coma Inducement! Come all ye mutants, clones, cyborgs and crazy masses! Fine, you non-deviants can come and hang around also.

Our goal is to use TME to explore the humorous and dark side of the New Era and loot ruins, kill wacky stuff and get rich or die trying! I love sandbox-style games but they bog down in PbP so there will be an overarching plot line involving the discovery of something awesome/horrible. The campaign would use a combination of original and published adventure content. The characters will move about the Crossroads Region seeking fortune and/or following clues to a haul of epic proportions. Opportunity to go off on tangents or loot-centric ruin runs exist but the setting dynamics are definitely something that interest us and so exploring alternate plot-lines would be supported. If the characters get involved in something not involving the central plot that would be fine so long as everyone is having fun. The game itself may require multiple characters per player depending on interest. Casualties may be heavy, loot will be shiny, and there will exist many fates worse than death.

The game would likely be Mature/Adult due to themes omnipresent in the TME setting such as slavery, ultra-violence and squicky monsters. It would not be M/A for any other purpose and I have no interest in even hearing ideas about other purposes.

Any interest?

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Fri 30 Dec 2016
at 22:10
IC: The Mutant Epoch
I love the game and have both run and played it but over Skype and Maptools/Roll20. Knowing what I know about the game I don't know how well it would work over PbP, there is a decent amount of potential crunch to combat that can bog a PbP down.
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 05:05
IC: The Mutant Epoch
I don't see TME as a very complex combat game. It's fairly straightforward and with good guidance, combat I see as going smoother than quite a few games I've run on PbP. That being said, the frequency of combat is a concern to me. TME is pretty combat-heavy and that's what makes it fun/dangerous but that can take quite a bit of posting. So I have some ideas for streamlining modifiers, rolls etc. Just have to see... but I don't see it as any more complex than Atlantis/Talislanta (since I know you're familiar with those).

On a sidenote, why are we always into the same games, Xhaos?
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 12:08
IC: The Mutant Epoch
I would like to get in on this. I missed Gamma World back in the day but have been itching for a game of TME for a while now.

I agree sandbox in pbp format is hard and usually results in early attrition and eventual game death. I am ok with an overarching plot, but also would not mind a tighter storyline with open-ended resolution to various conflicts (not just combat but things like investigation, overcoming physical obstacles, etc)

Aside from that I would prefer deeper roleplaying than just one liners, and non random character generation. (I would like to play a mutant)

TME also has a couple of official adventurers we could play in, as well as One Day Digs which are freely available at online retailers. Quickstart rules PDF is also available for free.
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Tue 3 Jan 2017
at 04:02
IC: The Mutant Epoch
Not sure if Xhaos was actually interested so we'll say it's a maybe... not quite crickets!

All right, I have set up a game and hopefully that will attract some more players. It's easier to recruit once something is set up and I can advertise in the Players Wanted forum. We'll throw out a few lines and see if we catch anyone. I think a minimum of 3 players would be best.

The game, as mentioned, is Adult for humor, violence and thematic reasons only.

It's bare bones for now and I'll keep adding things as time passes. Just need to clean up my notes and such.

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