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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 09:29
IC: D&D 5e Legendary Games Kingdoms
I am really thinking about putting together a 5e game mashing your regular story driven quest adventures as well as the Kingdom building/management concept from the Legendary Games Kingdoms book?

I'm wondering if this would even go over with players or if I'd be wasting my time putting effort into this idea?

Feedback would be great Thanks -
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 10:10
IC: D&D 5e Legendary Games Kingdoms
Definitely interested. Would everyone build the same kingdom, or would there e multiple groups. Where would be start - in positions of power or move into them during the game? Is it a new or an existing kingdom?

These are general points of interest, I would probably play any combination of them.
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 11:47
IC: D&D 5e Legendary Games Kingdoms
In reply to Rinandien (msg # 2):

Here is my idea - I feel like I should share this to answer your questions as well as to get a better form of feedback -

I have a world already - The concept for the game you are sent from "LAND A" to settle on "Land B"

 Land B has settlements on it - and plenty of adventure and politics but lots of areas to settle your kingdom.

  The size of the party/settlement size will depend on the number of people that I into this idea.

 Less then 10 (the party will work 1 settlement starting out.

 if I get 15+ I may break it up into groups of like 7 or so. Really that depends on interest for this game.

Also there will be adventures in the game as well so it isn't just the city building aspect of the game.

As for position of power will again depends on character creation and development so its hard to say right now.

Hopefully this answers some questions
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Tue 3 Jan 2017
at 01:37
IC: D&D 5e Legendary Games Kingdoms
I don't have the source material you cite, for reference, but the concept is something I'd be interested in.