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Fri 3 Mar 2017
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IC: Time Travel - War in Prehistory
I'm probably not the best person to bring this story/game to fruition but I recently picked up the game "Original War" on Steam and I've been captivated by its setting and its potential as a campaign.

In WW1, while intervening in the Russian Civil War, the US discovers two things - a mysterious crystal with the potential to make cold fusion a reality and a seemingly alien time travel machine. They manage to take back the machine, dubbed EON, back to the US, with a small amount of crystal, Siberite. The rest is left behind and as the Cold War goes on, the USA has no way of obtaining the rare Siberite locked behind the iron curtain.

By 2001, America has worked out how to operate the EON effectively. A covert team is sent into Russia with the EON to mine enough Siberite to achieve their real mission - heading into the distant past to mine out and move all the Siberite across the Bering Strait bridge that existed 2 million years ago into Alaska!

You play a member of the latest American team to be sent through the EON and into the past. It's a one way trip, you'll never see home again. If you succeed, however, America will be the dominant power on the planet. But when you arrive 2 million years in the Siberian past you find things radically different than you expected. You're immediately attacked by entrenched Russian forces and scramble to meet up with your fellow soldiers and work out what the hell is going on.

Long story short, these Russians come from the timeline that you would have created. With America the dominant power, using its advanced "Alaskite", Russia feels the squeeze. It is shocked to discover fossil evidence of advanced US machinery... as well as the EON, which was never discovered by America. Realising that the Americans travelled into the past and stole their birthright, the Russians send their own teams back through the EON to stop them!

And so, Americans from one timeline and Russians from another fight it out in the distant past. Technology and resources are sparse and reliant on shipments and troops from the future (some of whom are from futures drastically different than the ones you remember), that may arrive anywhere and any time! Will your side go as far as to train and conscript an army of early hominids? Maybe there are other factions in play, who knows? Will you carry out this insane temporal war fought in the proxy battleground of the past for a future that's changing constantly? Or will you try and forge your own path in this madness?

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Fri 3 Mar 2017
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IC: Time Travel - War in Prehistory
This certainly sounds neat, count me interested
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Fri 3 Mar 2017
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IC: Time Travel - War in Prehistory
Wow, that does sound like a neat concept.  Is it possible the EON is operated by an advanced Quantum Computer?  (That would theoretically make it possible that those alternate timelines are in parallel universes, opening up a whole 'nother can of worms.)

I'm probably too booked up to play, but, man, does this sound interesting.