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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 11:30
Palladium Fans
Are there many Palladium fans here?

Can't seem to find many games. Just curious if it because there aren't alot of GMs or is there no interest?

I have a few campaign concepts that I would love to run but only if there is interest. Here they are, at least a very basic breakdown...

Cursed Earth(Judge Dredd 'verse) game using the Heroes Unlimited system.

Rifts Japan game where the PCs are all demigod children of Amaterasu battling the chosen of Susanoo, something akin to Horsemen of the Apocalypse but with an oriental twist.

A Rifts Megaverse mega scale game wherein the players are cosmic level heroes of the Forge battling an ancient evil that seeks to destroy creation itself.

A Palladium Fantasy game where the players are "locked" in a settlement by a sudden blizzard and dark things start to happen...

If interested in any of these, please let me know. I could easily have any of these games up and running within a few days depending on work.
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 Better The Devil ...
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 11:46
Palladium Fans
I wouldn't say I am a fan (I have many of the books but have not read a single one right through), but I do like a good Palladium Supers, or occasional (very occasional) Night Bane game.  Not really into Fantasy, but the first three concepts have me intrigued.  Is there any way you could elaborate on them a little without giving too much away?
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 12:02
Palladium Fans
Does this help?

For the Cursed Earth game, I was planning on going with a true sandbox style game so could have Judges, Gangers, Mutants, etc all with their own tales. There would be a high chance of overlap and I might even throw in some events that will have the pcs working together.

For the Chosen game, everyone would be rolling a human(Japanese) demigod(Pantheons) character. I want to play on the isolation of Japan so OCCs would be limited to Rifts: Japan, some from base book and Rifter 29. I "might" consider some other occs but want to keep it as pure as possible.

The Megaversal game is cosmic level, so characters on par with Cosmo Knights etc, battling a super villain.

If you have any specific questions, I would be more then happy to answer them :)
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 Better The Devil ...
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 12:12
Palladium Fans
No specific questions.  I trust you have something in mind and like to be surprised by what transpires in game, especially if I know next to nothing about the setting.  I guess what I really want to know is, which books would be used for which concept, just so I can get an idea of what type of Character I might be able to come up with.

So, with the Cursed Earth game, I am guessing Palladium Heroes?

You already mentioned which book(s) for the Chosen game, thank you.

The Megaverse game would be a combination of books, or is there a specific one I should be looking at?

Thanks.  :)
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
at 23:40
Palladium Fans
There are a few of us, but getting characters complete often takes so long that interest seems to die out, or people forget to post etc. That I have seen.
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Wed 29 Mar 2017
at 04:12
Palladium Fans
The Fantasy concept appeals to me. I am/was a fan, but I haven't played in so long. It's hard to find good GMs around for the long haul, and the inherent problems with the system tend to scare many people off. Palladium was my first real foray into RPGs those many moons ago, so it has a special place in my heart.
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Thu 30 Mar 2017
at 04:49
Palladium Fans
The settings are written with a real charming enthusiasm, but unfortunately, they lack consistency.  The system is unequivocally a hot mess.

Our tabletop group really grew up around Rifts, and we tried to come back to Palladium Fantasy recently.  The issues were just too glaring.

I'd really recommend taking the pulpy settings, writing over some of the inconsistencies (or just contextualizing it as a pulpy setting that doesn't make a lot of sense), and completely junking the mechanics.  I've heard some good things about the Savage Worlds conversion of Rifts.
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 Captain Oblivious!
Sat 1 Apr 2017
at 08:04
Re: Palladium Fans
The settings are written with a real charming enthusiasm, but unfortunately, they lack consistency.  The system is unequivocally a hot mess.

It's pretty much this exactly.   The earlier version of Palladium World and Rifts are basically re-skinned versions of AD&D.
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Wed 5 Apr 2017
at 15:02
Re: Palladium Fans
Which edition of Fantasy? I would love to see a 1st Ed game. (Black & Red book).
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Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 02:04
Re: Palladium Fans
Personally, my favorite game from palladium is Dead Reign.  But I do like playing the others (on rpol).