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Thu 30 Mar 2017
at 13:14
[IC] One Piece inspired game
Welcome, one and all, to this wonderful thread! Full of mystery, drama, and adventure as we see if there enough brave souls to venture forth into another great age of piracy?! But that is not all, join now and you will help me try and figure out (or perhaps suggest) a form of light rules to fit this concept.

*Takes a bow to the thunderous applause of the audience (i.e. his own madness)*

On less joking note I am contemplating starting a one piece inspired game, that will take place in the world of it. For the specifics of the story I am still kicking around two main ideas of either place you in a universe where the straw hat crew never happened, or alternatively that the group has already made it to the new world and you are part of the great pirate surge after the assault of Marineford. From that the group be starting at the beginning of the journey, a small group, making their way first to the grand line.

Now I have said this is a very bare bones concept, but before I invested a great deal of time I was seeing if anyone else would be interested in this and willing commit to it. A few extra details that I do have worked out are as follows:

1. There would a be light system the limited growth and rewards completed island quests and missions of sorts. So the character would progress in this way, and help to prevent the free-form tactic of all powerful PCs in the sense of these types of games.

2. This would be a long term game and be split into books in a essence with chapters for example: The West Blue Book with maybe 2~3 chapters/islands before reaching the grand line. Each of these would end with rewards which feed into the light system and growing bounties.

3. I haven't decided whether this would be a mature or adult game

4. I would set a limit on the number of powered people from fruit and ask what you want at the start and look to grow into.

5. The captain would have to be filled by a very dedicated player that seeks to stay, baring that a GM PC of sorts would have to do as we can't handle a lot of switching.

These are just general rules I am thinking about to make it fun to play, reduce god PCs, and still have a simple conflict system that gives rewards and progression. So what do you people think?
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Sat 1 Apr 2017
at 00:41
[IC] One Piece inspired game
Top suggestion goes to OVA. Most other systems I can think of are pretty crunchy.
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Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 02:34
[IC] One Piece inspired game
I was actually not thinking of using most prebuilt systems as they still are too complex in advancement and rules. I am more looking for a system that favours free-form or very light rules to still keep it fast paced and easy to manage.
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Fri 7 Apr 2017
at 16:42
[IC] One Piece inspired game
I'm interested. You could always use The Window, a personal favorite of mine. The rules are very simple and free to download.